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Just a quick update to let you know we've added a new gallery to the site. Check out our shiny new Hub 7 Gallery with pictures sent to us by my dear friend Lorraine. If you don't know Hub 7 was a 3-day Torchwood convention - so wish I could've been there but of course I am stuck in the US for the most part. A lot of my friends went though and Lorraine and my friend Anne were even kind enough to get me a lovely picture of John as Jack from the event.
_That made me very happy. And what makes me even happier is that Lorraine sent me not only those fabby pics but the story of the weekend in her own words. So if like me you missed the show, or you want a stroll down memory lane feel free to click the "Read More" and read all about it. Note: Some of the pictures included are not in the main gallery because they don't include John Barrowman and you know, he's sort of a theme around here. xx


PS - The Following recount is split into days JOHN BARROWMAN appeared only on Day 3 of the convention.

25/11/11 – 27/11/11

DAY 1– 25/11/11

Arrived with Ann at approximately 2:30 pm after my lovely hubby gave me a lift to the bus terminal to pick up Ann and drove us to the hotel.

We checked in and found our rooms we then found out where the Hub registration desk was and registered for the weekend and received our registration pack and bought an extra John Barrowman Autograph, (we couldn’t resist).  We had a quick look in the dealer’s room and saw lots of photos that we wanted to buy over the weekend.  We then headed downstairs to the lobby and took a look in our registration packs to discover some nice TWMD coasters (not going to use them they are too nice LOL). And a couple of other TWMD surprises’.  We put on our HUB passes and we were all set for the weekend.

At 6:30pm I met up with Ann to go to the Opening Ceremony which was at 7:00 pm.  On the stage were three chairs with names on.  One was Kai Owen, one was   Daniele Favilli and one for Joseph Lidster.  Two crew members appeared on stage and told as that Kai was on his way but he was delayed and so was Joseph.  However, they introduced Daniele who came onto the stage.  He spoke briefly and I got a couple of photos: 
Ann and I met up with Bettina and After the Opening Ceremony we had a drink in the bar.  We then went to investigate the party but we did not attend.  Instead we sat in the Atrium and had another couple of drinks.  Kai had arrived as we saw him speaking to a few of the other attendees.  However, whilst we were having our drinks he walked past us.  I said ‘Hi Kai’ and he came over to us and shook our hands and stopped and chatted to us for a short while.  This was the highlight of the evening.

DAY 2 – 26/11/11

Day two was absolutely amazing:

After breakfast Ann and I went to stand in line ready for the photo shoot with Kai Owen.  I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time.  (Didn’t have any cause to be nervous) as Kai was a real sweetheart.
After the photo shoot with Kai Ann and I got in line again for our photo shoot with Daniele.  Again, he was really sweet and literately welcomed you to the photo shoot with open arms.
After the photo with Daniele, we queued again for our autograph with Kai.

The morning flew past.

After lunch it was time for the talks:

These were Kai, Daniele and Mark Lewis Jones (who played John Ellis in the Torchwood Episode Out of Time).

The afternoon also had a screening of the Torchwood Episode Dead Man Walking where Joseph Lidster commentated on the episode as he had written it.

Kai came onto the stage to give his talk and do a Q&A.  He was absolutely hilarious it was really great.  Especially when Kai sang ‘Barrowman’ (with a little audience encouragement LOL)

Next we had the Torchwood Episode with the commentary given by Joseph.  To be honest my first thoughts’ were that this was going to be a bit boring.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was very entertaining, insightful and in parts really quite funny. 

After this there was the talk with Daniele and Mark Lewis Jones.  This again was very entertaining and at times poignant and also funny.
Kai singing Barrowman
This day was absolutely fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

Ann and I finished the day off with a meal and then we went to have a couple of drinks in the bar.  When we were there KAI, William Thomas (Gwen’s’ Dad) and Joseph came to sit at the table next to us.  When it was time for Ann and me to go to bed we said ‘Nos Da’ (Goodnight in Welsh) to Kai and Kai introduced us to William.

It was one terrific day.

Day 3 – 27/11/11 – last day (Sob Sob)

The best yet

This was the best day of the weekend.  This was the day that John Barrowman came to the Hub. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE.

Needless to say that after Ann and I had had our breakfast I was getting hyper as I love John to bits.  The excitement was mounting.  First thing on the schedule for that morning were Autographs with John.  However, we had a little wait as groups were being called in order.  So first on the agenda for Ann and I was going to be getting Daniele’s autograph.  We were going to have this done on the photo which we had had taken at the photo shoot the previous day.

We queued up to wait for Daniele and whilst we were waiting John came into the hall with his mum (who sat behind him the whole time).  He sat down and started to sign straight away.  So whilst waiting for Daniele we got to look at John (sigh) LOL. 

When Daniele had arrived Kai (who was sitting at the table next to him) chastised him for being late LOL.  There was not long to wait for our signatures as Ann and I were near the front of the queue  Daniele is really lovely he put something different on everyone’s photo.

Next Ann and I went to queue for Sharon Morgan and William Thomas’s autographs (Gwen’s mum and dad in Torchwood).  As if you didn’t know LOL.

Finally, it was time to queue for our autographs with John AAAAAHHHHH.

Ann was in front of me in the queue and had John’s cookbook to be signed. 

When it was my turn to have my items signed by John I said to him that I had cooked some of the recipes in the book.  I told him I had cooked the Roasted Veggies and they are lovely and John said ‘awesome’ and they are his Sister’s favourite.  It was wonderful standing there in front of John, and when he looked up after signing all my items, I said thank you, gazing into those blue eyes (sigh).

Ann and I then went to get something to drink as we were both getting thirsty.  We met up with Teresa and Carole (from John’s Web team) and Teresa’s husband in the lobby and we had a chat with them for a while.  (Teresa and Carole are really lovely).

Then it was time for our photo shoot with John another AAAAAAHHHHH moment.

Ann went first and then for her additional photo John put his leg over Ann’s arm LOL this was funny and John had a wonderful expression on his face.  Ann and I then had a photo together with John (John was in the middle) heaven (sigh).

Then it was my turn.  I had a big bear hug with John it was wonderful, double heaven.

John then asked what I wanted for my second photo and he said ‘do you want the leg as well’ and I replied ‘yes please’ the photographer then said ‘who wouldn’t’ LOL.

It was the most WONDERFUL experience ever.  I never ever imagined that I would one day have the pleasure of having John Barrowman’s leg over my arm LOL.

When leaving the photo shoot John’s mum and his Manager Gavin where sitting near the exit I said hello to them as I passed and John’s mum said hello and smiled.  I was in such a state of ecstasy from the photo shoot that I did not notice Gavin’s reaction LOL. 
After lunch (the morning flew past) it was time for the talks.

First was John, followed by John and Daniele, then Kai, Sharon and William and finally there was a panel with all the guests which was Daniele, Joseph Lidster, Sharon Morgan, John, Kai and William Thomas.

The panels were great fun and at times so funny we were nearly falling off our seats with laughter. 

A few photos follow:

NOTE FROM DANA: No photos here because they are all at our Hub 7 Gallery I set up and I don't want to upload each individually, go click and look - tons of John Barrowman.

All too soon the afternoon came to an end and John and the rest of the panel left the stage waving goodbye (sob sob).  The day had flown past as had the whole of the weekend.  This was the best day ever and the best weekend ever that will remain in my memory for a very long time.  Every time I look at my photos it brings a smile to my face or even a little giggle thinking of it and the stories that were told in the various panels.

It was also an opportunity to meet other fans and friends from Facebook and Twitter from all over the Globe.  It was lovely to be able to chat with other fans who love John and Torchwood as much as I do.  It was an awesome experience and I am so pleased I went.

It was brilliant meeting and speaking to Kai, Daniele and John, but, it was also lovely meeting old John Barrowman friends and making new ones.


DANA AGAIN - And that's quite literally all she wrote. Hope you enjoyed the read and the pictures. Thanks for all to Lorraine who helps me more that you know on Barrowman Day. xx
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