1. The living dead aren't doomed
Rex spent the first three episodes gimping around with a hole in his chest, but a mortality-restoring end to "Miracle Day" won't necessarily kill him. He's getting better. "My bodily functions were still working," explains Phifer of his skewering in the premiere. "They were able to fix me up. So throughout the series, I am healing -- as fast as you can heal with a hole through your body."

2. We're going back in time
The Aug. 5 episode, "The Categories of Life" sounds like a bit of a standalone compared to the rest of the season. In addition to exploring the dynamic between Jack and Gwen, a past love story of Jack's will be told, via flashback, for most of the episode. "The only real-time stuff that you have is between Jack and Gwen," says Barrowman. "What happens with them is very quick... It's a story that's being told while this other one that's going on. We're in two different places at once -- very confusing -- but it is science fiction."

3. Gwen and Jilly will probably throw down
Lauren Ambrose's delightfully cutthroat spin doctor Jilly Kitzinger will cross paths with the Torchwood team eventually -- and when they do, don't expect hugs and puppies. "Those two storylines are on a collision course," says Espenson. "They will meet, and there's a Gwen moment with [Jilly] that you will enjoy."

4. Get ready for Esther's emo sister
Esther alluded to troubled sister in episode 3, and you won't have to wait long to meet her. She appears in the July 29 episode, "Escape to LA." "We touch base in and out over a few episodes," Havins says of her character's recurring sister, who adds that we'll see more of her and Rex's family as the season plays out. "It humanizes the whole situation. I think by introducing the family members you can really connect and understand why people react a certain way."

5. Gwen hits PhiCorp where it hurts
That epic explosion depicted in the latest teaser trailer? We're going to go out on a limb and say it's something that belongs to menacing pharmaceutical giant PhiCorp. "It's soon," Myles promises. "It's very soon. It's one of those moments were you go, 'Yes, Gwen takes on the baddies!'" As for the scene itself, it sounds like one of the most stressful days of shooting. "We had one go at that," she adds. "It was about 3:00 in the morning, 80 miles an hour winds, rain, it couldn't have been worse... and it's up to me to time it. I thought, this could be the end of my career if I get this wrong."

Source: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/07/torchwood-miracle-day-5-things-to-expect-from-the-next-7-episodes.html

Take a look as there's a great pic! Didn't want to post everything! lol Mickie x
Hey guys I bet you're looking for the pictures we posted earlier this week from Episode 3 of Torchwood: Miracle Day.  I've just been informed that these images were not supposed to be released and that they were not authorized by Starz. If you guys visit this site a lot you know we're very keen on keeping content appropriate and above board.

To that end I've removed the pictures, sorry about that, but we'll all get an eyeful soon enough when the episode airs. "Dead of Night" will air on the 22nd, 23rd and 28th depending on where in the world you are. Everyone tune in for what I'm sure will be an incredible episode from the genius Jane Espenson. Please be considerate and think before posting anything without consent, I should have been more careful myself and looked into the source.
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