99 Days left!! Check that out we made some progress!! Oh yes, I am almost certain writing this blog everyday and having a record of the time passing will help it pass all the faster. Imagine in a week we'll have survived 8 DAYS of Torchwood anticipation!!

So...I say it's 99 days until the premier of Torchwood but as I've explained that's 'til the US premier (specifically in Los Angeles, time zones and all). However, a good amount of you reading this are probably in the UK and wondering, "When do we get Torchwood?". The answer is, we don't know. For some reason there has been an announcement for the exact time and date for US audiences (July 8th, 10pm) but no one has said a word about the UK schedule.

A LOT of my friends in the UK are concerned about this. And this is not without reason. If you've never had the issue of watching other countries' shows, let me explain. Depending on where you are in the world, and what country produces the show, air dates can be weeks apart. A good example of this is Doctor Who, which airs 3 weeks later in the US than it's UK release. That being said, this series of Doctor Who will air the same day in both countries. The bottom line is the US has a release date and UK fans are wondering if there will be a delay to them.

Since we used the example of Doctor Who before let me tell you what I think we'll happen. I THINK Torchwood will follow Doctor Who's example and fix the problem of the delay by having the same air date. In fact I vaguely remember some official word that, that was the plan. If that happens UK fans will be happy but....


When something airs the same date in the UK and US you have to consider the issue of the time change. Having dealt with the time change for the Doctor Who Christmas episode let me tell you, we get screwed over. The UK is 8 HOURS AHEAD! That means, for 8 hours before me everyone will have seen the latest episodes, been talking and tweeting about them and as a result I don't get to take part in the conversation and I have to avoid the internet unless I want spoilers galore.

It's a crap situation any way they do it. Ideally they would air them the same time but that's not practical because it would be some odd hour one way or the other. Know what would be cool? If they had the same air date AND they had the option of internet streaming. If the US could watch the episodes online while it airs in the UK and for the hours before it's on our TV screens. I know that won't happen for a whole mess of reasons but I wish it would. NO! I take it back. Here's the solution, ready? Make UK TV stations available in the US, so we can watch it, on your channels, at your times. I wouldn't mind paying for an extra station to be in sync. 

The way I see it, any realistic outcome will be just dandy for those in the UK and as always a little crappy for the US. Suppose that's what we get for being involved in a UK based fandom. Oh well, no more pouting, I'll be happy to have Torchwood on my TV at all. Here's my question for you: What do you think the schedule will be where you are? And if you were in charge how would you deal with the time difference? xx



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3/31/2011 16:00:18

Bravo! Good blogging Dana. I'm sure it will all work out for UK fans!

3/31/2011 16:03:47

@Naomi - Hooray for blog approval!! I did it in a 30 minute writing sprint, those are always good. Yes, they will be fine but us poor US fans may suffer. S'pose we'll see.


3/31/2011 17:01:35

In France we have usually to wait between 3 and 12 months to get something to air...

3/31/2011 17:03:49

@Gravitule - That's insane!I hope Torchwood reaches you sooner than that! I feel a little better about the 8 hours - 3 weeks LOL.



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