91 Days left and it's April 8th, which means if we're going by the date of the month, we're 3 months away from Torchwood: Miracle Day! 3 months doesn't seem as long does it?

I woke up this morning to find that yesterdays 92 days blog got a couple of comments. Not out of the ordinary, I get a few each day which is lovely because I like to hear what you all have to say. Why I'm bothering telling you so is because what I had hoped would happen has. Your comments on that blog gave me something to talk about in this blog, keeping the conversation going and writing about what you want me to. I think that's how this should work. This blog is just as much about keeping you all distracted for the duration of our wait as it is for me.

If you haven't read it,  yesterdays blog was about illness and injury in a world without death. I discussed the tag line "Death is not an option" and my supposed implications for the human race living with disease and no relief. What the comments brought up is what the cause of Miracle Day Dilemma (henceforth MDD) could be and what the alien connection is.

I am getting more and more curious about the source and really that's the point of the series right? Torchwood has to discover the source and fix it. I think we're in for a great mystery. As for the alien aspect, I think it'll more likely be something like an alien device in the wrong hands than some massive alien take-over. I can't seem to reconcile the idea of Miracle Day and alien meddling but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is a massive alien attack and they have a good reason for the aliens to want to keep everyone alive. Maybe they're like the 456 (see COE) in that way, they feed on living energy so they need people alive. Only time will tell.

Enough about what I think, what about you? How big or how small do you think the alien involvement in Miracle Day will be? How do you think it'll come into play? Will we actually see an alien during the series? xx


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4/8/2011 08:19:58 am

I'll go out on a limb and say It's possible this has NOTHING TO DO WITH ALIENS! Lol
I know Torchwood is all about the team hunting aliens, but I got to thinking after hearing the premise, and what I came up with is totally left field and likely 100% wrong. But bear with me.
This nobody dies thing strikes me more like a spell gone wrong than an alien thing. Imagine a bunch of amateur spellcasters who plan to make big bucks by perfecting a spell for immortality. They could sell that for millions! But they screw up...
But that said... it probably IS an alien thing.

4/9/2011 02:06:44 pm

@Jac - Ha! Thanks for saying it! I have to be honest I almost put that in the blog, it seems to me that this could have some other explanation entirely. That being said I ultimately decided against it because Torchwood is involved. That's not to say that Torchwood couldn't deal with other things but the fact that Rex actively seeks out their help or at least more information about them implies to me that the threat is alien in origin and he's looking for answers from a authority of sorts.

Then again, they have done non-alien in the past, think Countrycide, so who knows, I guess we'll see :)


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