75 Days left and it's Easter! Happy Easter to all celebrating. To the rest I'll say happy bunny appreciation day, tell the bunny in your life you love them. 75 is quite a milestone isn't it? We've made it through a quarter of the wait. Well done us!

Coming into this blog today it was pretty obvious what I was going to write about. I mean, it's Easter right? Jesus came back from the dead, Jack does that as well, clearly there is a topic stirring in my head but I haven't worked out the specifics just yet. I bet there are some serious nods to the Jesus thing in Torchwood that I don't pick up on because I am Jewish and just don't really know much about all that. I'll have to ask my expert interpretation literary friend sometime, she'll know.

There actually has been something on my mind concerning Jack's...what shall we call it, FPP (Fixed Point Predicament ). To devoted Torchwood fans and even the casual viewer it's common knowledge about Jack's FPP, he can die but he can't stay dead because he's a fixed point in space and time. However, Torchwood is going to be getting a lot of first time viewers for the new series so the creators of the show are going to have to include a reveal for those not in the know.

I've been pondering what would be the best way to do this. There are a couple of approaches. They could bring it up in conversation, they could do a flashback or we could see it in action. I guess the decision will come down to how much time they want to set aside for the explanation of Jack's past, what tone they think that moment ought to have and at what point in the series they want it to be known. I'm sure the writers are aware that a lot of people going in know about Jack's FPP and that new viewers might find this out with the slightest bit of research. So I wonder since that's the case if they will try to surprise the audience with it or the reveal will mainly be to inform the audience and shock the characters.

If I were in charge the approaches I would consider would be the following:

~The Audience is in on it:  A sort of light approach. We find out about Jack's FPP early on in a conversation with someone in the know or we see a death and he comes back. Then we either find out the whole story as discussed in the conversation or we find out more as the new characters do. Maybe Jack is discretely dying the whole series and towards the end someone who doesn't know see's him die and there is the big reveal. Of course we laugh because wasn't it obvious? It's certainly one idea but for some reason I feel like it might be a bit too casual for the tone of this story.

~Mention and move on:  Jack loves to shock people with impossible and inappropriate things, so I can entirely see him just mentioning it in passing and then acting like it was no big deal. He tells the new crew, says he doesn't want to get into it or they don't need the details and that's it. There is room then for similar speculation amongst the supporting cast about Jack's past and the the nature of his FPP as was done with the Cardiff team. This, like the first option leaves a lot of room for a lot of Jack deaths through the series.

~The build-up and reveal:  And this one seems most likely, or at least what I would most likely do. Go through the whole series without it being mentioned or known and then kill him towards the end, when it's possible they would kill a main character and play up the shock value. As I said, I cannot imagine many viewers won't find out sometime over the course of watching about his FPP but if they didn't it would be a cool reveal. And it would definitely be a great moment for the new characters, if they don't know, have gone through this huge ordeal with Jack and then he seemingly dies, that could be, pardon the pun, killer.

You know, about the middle of that second scenario something occurred to me that honestly never has. If no one can die, then Jack can't die. We're dealing with a whole different thing here and how silly of me not to think of that! Jack won't be dying and coming back, will he? He just won't die. Oh that's good! We could go a whole series without him dying, without anyone ever knowing he can't stay dead. I am almost certain they'll still opt to inform the audience because they'll want to play with the emotional impact a world where everyone can't die would have on Jack but that is an interesting thought. Also, I take back what I said before, I would only try to shock the characters in the third scenario, the audience has to know so we can see Jack struggle through the implications of the world and how it effects him.

Maybe they'll wait until after the thing causing Miracle Day is fixed and then kill him off immediately. Or maybe it won't have any effect on him at all and he'll be the one person who can die. There are a heck of a lot of ways they can choose to go and I wish it were July already so we could start to find out. I am wondering as the series unfolds WWJD (What Will Jack Do)? Sorry, couldn't resist. How about you guys? How would you introduce a new audience to Jacks FPP? Would you drag it out or get it out of the way? Should it be a funny moment or a dramatic reveal? xx


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4/24/2011 11:57:09 pm

I don't know about you Dana...but my head hurts now! lol I also thought of the 'killing him at the end when problem is fixed' scenario lol

As we know in the series it just kind of happened. He dies in front of Gwen and she almost doesn't believe it! Even ion front of the others he died at least 3 times in 'Cyberwoman' and they just thought it damned good luck! lol Took owne filling him full of lead to believe in it! lol And they still had their doubts after Amidon, in 'End of Days' sucked the life out of him!

I do think that his FPP will have to come up at some point in the series, just as if did in season one...It's just the how...And has you say given the subject of the story it's going to be virtually impossible whilst NOBODY can die...so it'll be interesting how the writers will deal with the subject.

Now my head REALLY does hurt!

Still love you though! lol

Mickie xxxx

4/25/2011 04:56:16 am

*head spins* wow, woman, you are GOOD! I didn't even think of the 'Jack can't die, cuz no one else can' angle. It will be intersting to see how it all plays out. I try not to speculate about anything, I have enough expectations for this Series as it is!

As to FPP, I prefer the mention and move on option, but only because I am so not a new fan and don't want to see valuable ep time taken up on explanations, unless it is due to an awesome storypoint.

I just absolutely can't wait to see Series 4, period!


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