71 Days left and I'm wonder about the gap, no, not the one in Gwen's teeth. I'm wondering about that gap in time between COE and MD. Miracle Day's July 8 premier comes almost exactly 2 years to the day after Children of Earth originally aired. There has been speculation as to the on screen gap in time and I seem to recall a RTD interview saying a similar time will have passed in story.

So we think 2 years has passed since Jack left Earth, right? I mean even if it's not that long we know Jack didn't just leave and come right back. So for argument's sake let's say Jack was gone for a short time, 3 months, as long as he was gone with the Doctor between series 1 and 2 (in team TW time). Go back with me, imagine what that time would have been like if it was shown on screen. Imagine Gwen, Owen, Tosh and Ianto going through the sorts of things they did in series 1 and having to deal with them without Jack. Surely that's not unreasonable and they all managed to live through it, which is good. But...

That was only 3 months and there were 4 members of the team. Owen is fairly replaceable (in skills - not our hearts - see Martha series 2) and Gwen, really is just a member of the team who is physically competent (again not Gwen bashing, just saying she's a bit ordinary in skill set but isn't she supposed to be? Isn't she meant to be the average girl we relate to who meets her full potential blah blah blah) but Ianto and Tosh are certainly specially qualified and irreplaceable. I swear there is a topic that's going to sneak up on you any second here. My point, after COE, the Torchwood team is down 2 specialized operatives, a replaceable medic and Jack who is replaceable in his role as leader but his alien knowledge makes him valuable.

What I'm saying, through all the ramble is this: Gwen has lost all those members of her team and while she can certainly find more bodies to fill the numbers, she's not going to be anywhere near the combined brilliance that Tosh, Ianto and Jack bring to the team. No way. AND that is assuming Gwen even puts a team together (which it seems she hasn't from what we've heard). You guys, answer me this…how is it, that in 3 months-2 years the world without Torchwood (as we knew it or even near) hans't ended? By all means, pause your reading, ponder, draw a graph, but tell me, HOW Gwen pulled it off.

Think back to every moment where the world was really in danger (within Torchwood - Doctor Who aside) think of the aliens faced and think of how the team defeated them. It wasn't Gwen. I am sitting here writing this trying to think of even ONE instance where Gwen saved the day. I've just opened up an episode list so I can mentally remind myself of the outcomes and most of the times Gwen was a big part of the win, she lucked into it or she was just very brave/careless and it worked out in her benefit (a trait that bites her in the ass just as often). The only real moments of "good job Gwen" are "Random Shoes" where she did good really just by being persistent and COE, talking Lois into helping, which again is more persistence than anything extraordinary and was a nice outcome but didn't directly save the day. I swear to you if I just wanted to write a Gwen bashing blog I would, but this is about something else, and I'm not sure it's coming across right.

I really don't think Gwen Cooper and team could keep the earth safe from alien threats, even factoring in UNIT and the Doctor. And if Torchwood isn't actually around anymore, as the fact that it has become a sort of myth in Miracle Day suggests, then HOW??  How after everything we've gone through over 3 series of Torchwood are we supposed to believe that the rift just behaved while Jack was off? While Gwen was left pregnant and mourning the loss of everything that was Torchwood. I am thinking and rambling and I am just looking for answers. What is the explanation you have for why the world didn't end? Is UNIT just stepping up their game? Has the rift gone quiet? Did Jack do that trick where he left for 2 years and time-travel  came back just in time for the next crisis? xx


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*ouch* told you making me think makes my head hurt, but here you go again! LOL

He can't have been gone for more than 6 months time here on Earth, because you see him, Rhys and Gwen with tiny baby in tow. I have no idea how long it may have been in off-world time, could have been centuries. It probably will be a case of 'just got back in the knick of time'.

Honestly, I don't think she'd even try to put together a new team. She may just go back to being PC Cooper, or even just sitting on the sofa doing nothing...we shall see. Not soon enough however!

All I'm sayin' is he'd better come back *alone*. I really think it would be a shame for them to go against Jack's character and have him just come back as if Ianto didn't matter. I'm not quite sure if I explained that last thought right, but...whatever.


Interesting question. I personally think that after CoE Torchwood ceased to exist. Gwen didn't take over for whatever reason we will learn in Miracle Day and the books that will be out this fall. I think Torchwood becoming a legend is Jack's doing. He closed it down as it had killed all the people he loved. John said something like that in this interview with Richard Arnold: "Jack is guilt-ridden over the death of his grandson and his lover. When we find him, he's back on Earth making sure any trace of Torchwood is eradicated. It has hurt so many people, but Jack is forced to bring it back."

As of who's taken care of alien threats, I suppose that UNIT or some other agency has taken over monitoring the Rift or other alien activity. Torchwood never was the only organisation handling these problems. The only one in Cardiff but not worldwide.


I don't think Jack has been away all that time. According to most of what we've read he's been keeping an eye on Gwen & co and been hiding, keeping a low profile. So that says to me he's been on Earth hiding! Is that at all possible? Can Jack REALLY hide? lol

Anywhoo....I agree with what you said, but again going by what has been said Jack isn't the only one who's been hiding. Gwen & Rhys have tried to lead some kind of normal life. I don't think they've been fighting aliens etc...

Did I read somewhere that the rift was sealed when the Hub exploded? I'm sure I saw something about that somewhere in all the Torchwood hub-bub! lol

That is one big disapointment...that we don't see Lois again in this series. Given what she did in COE it would have been nice to have had her on board!

Mickie x


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