62 Days left in it's a Doctor Who day! I've just watched the new episode and I wouldn't normally mention it but today it's kinda relevant. The following blog CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR WHO: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK SPOT, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET READING THIS WILL SPOIL YOU. I'll understand if you don''t want to read this now but feel free to read it later one you have watched.

So I happened upon an article online today, a review of the latest Doctor Who. See that blue text? You can click it to see the review I'm talking about. In case it wasn't obvious. So I am working on the assumption that everyone reading this blog has seen the latest episode to save time if you are still reading and you haven't seen the episode check out the episode Wiki. See? More blue text, it'll explain it better than I can anyhow. Ok, moving on. The article I read came up in a Google search for Torchwood. I was curious what one could have to do with the other so I read and if found the following excerpt:

"The Siren’s efforts to maintain human life, but without being able to heal people properly, seem (perhaps) to foreshadow the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day (which, being a spin-off from Doctor Who, is set in the Whoniverse), which apparently concerns what happens when, all of a sudden, everyone all over the world stops dying."

Oh. I see. That is an interesting though, but I don't think it's right. As cool as it would be, I really don't see the cause of TW: MD being part of Doctor Who. Not only because such a major DW/TW cross-over would be impossible  to keep under wraps but because making all of TW: MD be a fallout from DW would be very messy for new Torchwood viewers. The idea is to attract new viewers by making it need no previous knowledge of the series so if they make it so the Miracle Day Dilemma (MDD) is a direct result of an episode of Doctor Who it makes it more work to get into as a new viewer.

But you know what? This has brought up a cool idea anyway. What if the MDD is a result of someone trying to help not harm the human race? A lot of bad things come from good intentions and I think that would be a great. I would love it if a world-wide epidemic is because someone what only trying to help. Oh the fun we could have with that! Ok I am gonna cut the blog here I have a busy day ahead and I may not be home to post this otherwise, forgive me.

But what about you? Could Doctor who be foreshadowing events that lead to the MDD? Would you like that to be the case? Or do you think it's too messy? What about someone doing harm with good intentions, good idea or bad? xx


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Btw, is it just me, or was it kindof a *FINALLY!* moment that Doctor Who did a pirates episode?


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