58 Days left and I have good news! Starz updated the OFFICIAL TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY PAGE. Oh yes they did, we got all sorts of treats. If you click around you can find a lot of cool things, let's walk through it.

The HOME PAGE has the updated synopsis, a "playing next" square that tells you the next airing of Torchwood: Miracle Day (including repeat airings) and you can watch the preview (what you all know as the second released teaser).

The next tab is the SCREENING ROOM. Presumably as the series goes on there will be several clips and previews housed here. As is it's only the preview shown on the home page. They seem to have removed the first teaser from the site, which is odd. I wonder if they'll only ever have the most recent available, that seems off. Hopefully not.

Next is the CAST section and this is my very favorite. The top of the page has 8 click-able pictures of the main characters. Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman), Jilly Kitzinger (Lauren Ambrose), Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins), Dr. Vera Juarez (Arlene Tur), Rhys Williams (Kai Owen).  Assuming I did all that right each name is a link to the corresponding page. Click on the character names for descriptions (and a shiny new promo photo - oh yes) and click the actor names (in parenthesis) for their bio's. I love, love, love (as JB would say) this part of the site. Not only do we get a better idea of the characters, but we get to see their actual looks and we have further information about the actors. I think this is the first official acknowledgement of the full names of Jilly, Esther and Vera. Am I the only one that laughed at the name Vera? (think "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"). Also on this page of never-ending greatness is a section on the main production team with bios of creator and producers, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter.

The final page is titled COMMUNITY this is pretty much what you'd imagine, links to the official Facebook, Twitter and Message Boards. ALSO, a nifty little something, you can sign up for the official Torchwood Newsletter! I somehow missed this before, maybe it wasn't there, so I haven't got one yet, but why not sign up? Sounds good to me.

Go ahead, click on every one of those links, I'll wait...

Done? Great! Now lets gossip! Holy cow those new promo pictures! I am in love with them!! So good to see the gang officially pictured and as we'll see them in the series. I LOVE John's picture, I may be a little biased but the blue shirt red braces is just...perfect. It's actually my computer desktop right now. I admit I took them off the site but for now I am going to refrain from posting them here as I don't think Starz intended them to be taken. Maybe if they start popping up everywhere anyway I'll add them in later, but you have all those links! Those links are great, which you know, cause you clicked every single one, right? Most of them I think are just great but I will say, Lauren's doesn't seem to do her justice. I saw her in person when I watched Torchwood filming at City Hall, I think she's prettier than that picture. Also, Rhys, LOVE Kai Owen, love Rhys, but...why does he look so sad?? I hate sad Rhys! I know he can't be super smiley, none of them are, it's dark ,I get it, but...he could have been a little less kicked puppy looking. Am I right? And Eve, every glimpse of her from MD so far I think she looks both better and worse, it's so weird and I can't put my finger on what it is. It's almost like she's prettier but she always looks like she's had a rough day. I don't know.

Then there are the descriptions and bios. Just gonna post a few quick quotes to discuss.

Jack looks like a hero. He's handsome, witty and subversive with a killer smile.

I love that the very first description of the character is all about his looks. This is just too perfect, like they are warning you "hey by the way, you're gonna fall in love with this guy." Love it.

Barrowman is also well-known in the UK for….

The entire second half of his bio starts with well known in the UK and keeps reminding that he is HUGE in the UK and makes him seem virtually unknown in the US. It's really not all THAT bad. I love him...I'm in the US. I know at least like 10 others. He's a big deal!

…Gwen…(will) make the most terrible decisions, on behalf of all mankind.

Oh really? Sounds like sacrificing a baby to me eh? Or her family? I can't imagine how her choice is going to impact the world but s'pose we'll see. Really now I am imagining using baby Anwen as a transmitter to kill the 456...I mean, oh wait. That's not cool. No more baby killing, yea?

(from Esther's description)It's a tough, brutal, hard lifestyle where survival is hard won and life-changing choices have to be made.

Again they bring up choices. I really wonder how the choices and sacrifice of one or two people can impact the world outcome. Not in general but it this specific scenario I can't imagine how that will play out. Guess we'll have to watch the show now. I wasn't planning on it but...OK.

And these two in conjunction from Gwen and then Rhys' descriptions I especially love because it brings up a lot of things I talked about in my 61 days blog.

...(Gwen) lives in seclusion, with her devoted husband Rhys and baby Anwen, knowing that one day trouble will come calling again.

(Rhys is) Unafraid to tell Gwen when she's out of line or to say family sometimes needs to come first…

Seriously, I'd just be repeating myself  3 days later, go read that blog, if you're interested.

Ok wow, that was a bit much, but there was a lot to cover and I was really excited! I hope you didn't think a blog touring a site was stupid, you could just as easily just have clicked the first link and gone from there. Either way, check it out, it's a great resource. So what are your thoughts? Do you love the new promo pictures? Do the character descriptions intrigue you or worry you? Doesn't John Barrowman look lovely? Did I use the word love one too many times? xx


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Those promo pics are amazing and yes it is great to meet the cast at last as they will appear. And Jack...what can I say? My "Man-Crush" looks stunning!!! *grin*

I love Jacks description...but I did notice one thing that has always been mentioned before...one word...just oen simple word...Omnisexual! Where is it? And it doesn't tell you he's originally from the future...Maybe I'm being picky but I think those are important because he's a hero..yes and he can't die...yes! But those other things are also important, especially if you don't know Torchwood.

I love what it says about Ryhs...he's a great guy who has NEVER feared her and will always say what he thinks!

"Gwen…(will) make the most terrible decisions, on behalf of all mankind." Errrm...yes a bit worrying IMO...The baby?...Rhys?...ooooh!!! Eeeek!!

"Barrowman is also well-known in the UK for…" I had to laugh here...I have NEVER seen John refered to as being a muscian...I know he can play instruments such as the flute, but I've never seen it as part of his bia. Singer yes yes yes...but muscian?! lol

And yes John is best known in the UK...but me thinks THAT is about to change as it will for Eve and Kai! lol

I think these choices will have something to do with when it all ends and is solved or kind of solved. Or possibly the choices could be part of the solution...It even says Jack has to fight for his OWN life...eeep!

*sigh* getting VERY excited now about the series...even more so that befor...if that was at all possible!

Make up proud guys!!!

Mickie x


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