Dana's TW4 Blog - Barrowman Day
55 Days left and Starz keeps giving us presents this week! Starz has been running a new teaser on their channels between programs and of course it's made it's way online for everyone to see. Ok watch and then we'll talk...

Yes! I am loving it! I am completely and totally biased but I am thrilled to see Jack with words and everything! My favorite bit is Jack and Esther

"Is he gonna die?"
"No one dies these days"

LOVE IT! I seriously got chills.I was totally there the day they filmed two of those scenes! That is so exciting! The coolest thing about going to the locations (other than getting to meet John Barrowman, let's be serious) is seeing snipits of things and finding out how they turn into Torchwood. I recognized buldings and moments and I can only imagine it's going to be like that watching the show. How cool is it that they filmed in LA? I hope they are back next series, and there will be a next series.

Ok I'm done gushing, did you guys like the clip? Still need more Barrowman? xx


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5/14/2011 10:54:50

What a brilliant video to wake up to! And OMG! Jack TALKS! Thanks for posting it on the blog Dana. You're the best!

5/14/2011 12:02:56

Excellent clip!!! Though it did go VERY quick! lol *sigh* soon...soon it will be here!!!

Mickie xxx


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