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46 Days left and today AfterElton.com posted their yearly Hot 100 list, a countdown of the 100 hottest men as voted by their readers. There's good news and bad news. The good news is, that the ever HOT John Barrowman ranked #5 in this yeas list. And really, #5 out of a hundred is quite the accomplishment! The bad news is, last year he was ranked #3. What could've caused this slide down the list, I don't really know. Someone miscounted something, clearly.

So why am I bringing this up in my Torchwood blog? Well other than the obvious fact of John Barrowman being in Torchwood there is the fact that I was just a bit bummed that John Barrowman wasn't #1. So, i thought to myself, why don't I make my own list? A list of the hottest Torchwood men and rig the results. No voting, just...John Barrowman wins! So, that's what I decided to do. Sorry to give away the ending but, yea Jack is going to win this one. Below are my Torchwood Hot 10, sure I could've gone for 100 but we would've had to get really random and then include aliens. Top 10 seemed better:

10. Gray (played by Lachlan Nieboer) - Gray made the list but juuuuuuust barely. While the family looks are definitely there you also have to take into account that he's not a particularly nice guy. Some folks like the bad boys, but killing Tosh and Owen...not sexy.

9. Dr. Owen Haper (played by Burn Gorman) - While Owen doesn't have what many people would consider classic good look, in fact a lot of people are downright mean, I think he's...cute. I think there is something endearing about his look and his character. Like Gray he lost rank on the list because he was  mean to Tosh. And I love Tosh.

8. PC Andy Davidson (played by Tom Price) - Andy. Oh Andy. Andy is adorable and Tom Price is sexy and I don't think there is anyone out there who hasn't had a moment when they realized how great Andy is. He's sweet and loyal and quirky. I like Andy.

7. Captain Jack Harkness (the real one - played by Matt Rippy) - After writing about Andy I almost feel bad about putting Jack ahead of him. Almost. But he's a pretty pretty man. And he's a brave leader and good person. He's the guy you'd want to bring home to mum. If he weren't dead.

6. Tommy Brockless (played by Anthony Lewis) - Tommy is Tosh's brave handsome hero and mine. He's, I don't know how do describe him. He's sweet like Andy, he's brave like Jack and I think physically he's a little better off than that pair. That's enough to get him number 6.

5. Rex Matheson (played by Mekhi Phifer) - I know what you're thinking. We know almost nothing about Rex. I'm gonna be honest here. I just think Mekhi Phifer is incredibly sexy. I'm willing to give him number 5 in hopes that his character is half as attractive on the inside as on the out.

4. Rhys Williams (played by Kai Owen) - Rhys is the guy you cannot help but fall in love with. Average looking but he's funny and he loves Gwen. He loves Gwen in  away every girl dreams o being loved and that makes us love him. He's a bit of a pushover at times but when he gets fired up, that's a bonus. And really would you fault him for being too supportive? I won't, he's hot.

3. Captain John Hart (played by James Marsters) - Yes. Everything about this character is sexy. The mystery of he and Jack's past, his many bad habits, and his concealed weapons. Mind out of the gutter people! He's the kind of bad boy that you can get behind. He's maybe too charming and quick and dangerous. Yup, 3 sounds just right.

2. Ianto Jones (played by Gareth David-Lloyd) - I don't, I mean, and then. I could list all the things that make Ianto sexy. I mean, he's gorgeous for starters. He's got that whit about him that is charming and alarming. He's a bit reserved but you know he's got more to him. He's clever and funny in a subtle way as well as sweet and attentive. He's more than just a tea-boy, but that cup of coffee is appealing. The suits and his willingness to take on any opponent head on. He takes care of the team, he takes care of Jack and oh my god that accent. And if we are talking just looks. I might have to give it to Gareth over John. Ok I said it, lets not talk about it again.

1. Captain Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman - who wins) - Jack wins! John Barrowman's Captain Jack is the dashing hero that you cannot help but fall in love with. Everyone he comes in contact with does and he's loved a lot of them back, if you know what I mean. He's a charmer to the extreme with enough charisma to light up the universe. He's a natural leader, brave almost to a fault and he loves his team. And while he has bedded many strangers he's actually very good at monogamy. He may flirt even accept a kiss or two but Jack was always Ianto's. He's the perfect man, he's sooooooo sexy, the body, the face the hair all of it, he's stunning. Fans all over the world have fallen for Torchwood because they fell for Jack,  Oh an then there's that coat...Jack's number 1!

That's my list. Hope you agreed with some of them. I'm sure you don't protest to my number 1. What do you think? Did I leave anyone off? Are they in the right order? What do you think makes each sexy? xx


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Tammy a.k.a SOUL1essHarpy
5/24/2011 01:53:07

"3. Captain John Hart (played by James Marsters) - Yes. Everything about this character is sexy. The mystery of he and Jack's past, his many bad habits, and his concealed weapons. Mind out of the gutter people!<-You say this-- u know me 2 well, btw!

LOL--yet follow it with this?!-> He's the kind of bad boy that you can get behind. He's maybe too charming and quick and dangerous. Yup, 3 sounds just right." *snort*

As for #1 ~ I am equally enamoured with BOTH John and Gareth, so picking one over the other is difficult. I do so love James and have for longer.(keep in mind trying VERY hard not to insert innuendos) Um...yeah, with them it's near impossible,(not to mention my dirty mind) So, on my list, maybe it's a 3-way...um, tie for 1st, that is. DAMN! I said it was impossible! ;P

That would make Kai #3 Lachlan Nieboer #4 Matt Rippy #5 Mekhi wouldn't make my list, sorry. He hasn't really played many characters that I like so it kinda put me off. Plus, I actually am gonna stop at top 5.

As always, great blog, annwyl!

5/27/2011 04:20:01

Firstly..agggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh I didn't know you also got the same tee as me!!! lol

Now I'll read the blog! lol

From #3 to #5!? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Ok...I agree on your 9 & 10...I also love Tosh!!!

I agree about Mekhi..he's a very attractive guy and I loved him in ER!! Great actor!

Actually I agree with the list totally!!! lol A hard list to make!!! lol What no Bill Pullman?! lol

Mickie xxx


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