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23 days left and we're continuing on my countdown to Miracle Day, Torchwood re-watch! I'll be watching an episode a day and blogging bits and thoughts. With any luck this is gonna read like an episode guide and commentary. Let's dive right in!

Episode: Out of Time (Series 1 Episode 10)

Written By: Catherine Tregenna

Original Air Date: 17 December 2006

Sentence Sum-Up: Three travelers from 1953 come through the Rift and struggle assimilate.

Notable New Characters:

Diane Holmes (Louise Delamere): A pilot who came through the Rift in her plane. Her and Owen fall in love. Rather quickly.

John Ellis (Mark Lewis Jones): Shop owner and family man who came through the Rift in Diane's plane. He has a particularly hard time with the current state of the world. He doesn't see the point in living if it's not in the life he's built for himself.

Emma-Louise Cowell (Olivia Hallinan): A young woman who came through the Rift in Daine's plane. She has a passion for fashion that she puts to use in her new life in the 21st century. I'm obsessed with her pink coat. And her lapel pin.

Favorite Quote:

Diane amazed at the door opening: "How did it do that?"
Ianto: "It's automatic. It knows you're there."
Diane: "But how?"
Ianto: "There are wave bouncing detectors which emit high-frequency radio waves and then look for reflections—"
Diane: "Bananas!"
Ianto: "Of course bananas are far more interesting."

Never Noticed:

Let's start with what is now my new favorite scene in this episode. It's just random and adorable. I am posting the YouTube of it below it starts at 8:50:

It's just a scene that needs to be in there to get the story from point A to point B but the actions that go along with the words are enjoyable! I'm gonna walk you through the breakdown.
Jack hops out of his hatch.
Jack answers the phone in his office.
It's Ianto calling from the floor of the Tourists Information Office.
Ianto stands to reveal a photo of a random child on the TIO wall.
Ianto teleports to Jack.
Jack runs away, but not without his coat.
In the first scene we see letters on the Sky Gypsy and when I went to read it one character or another kept getting in the way. And all I could make out with the start and end of it. The start was G and the end was DL. GDL. I thought I was seeing things. For the record the full letters on the plane turned out to be G-AIDL.

Emma is wearing a lapel pin. And it looks a bit like a larger version of the pin Ianto's been wearing. It will haunt me forever. Someone ask Gareth what the story is!

Tosh and Jack. Over the last few episodes whenever Jack is struggling he ends up with Tosh and he acts differently around her. In the episode with Estelle you see him drinking. In this episode after John dies, he is lounging on the couch in a way that is very stripped away from his Captain persona. It's subtle but he's getting used to confiding in her and when she asks questions he tends to answer. I like their relationship.

WTF Moments:

I have none. This episode is wonderfully written without any major flaws or upsetting moments. I suppose my new favorite scene I discussed before could be slightly WTF. No, not really, just the picture on the wall. No idea what that's about.

Random Rants:

Owen in this episode. It's the first episode we really get into Owen and it's the first time we see the more redeeming qualities he has. I think most Owen fans starter to really like him in this episode. As Cyberwoman and Greeks Bearing Gifts where introductions to the depths of Ianto and Tosh, this was Owen's coming out, so to speak. Upon reflection the episode doesn't feel as much about him as it does about Jack but it is the start of Owen's development as a character and an Owen-centric story arch.

Really lovely acting by Burn and Louise (Diane). Their on-screen chemistry is phenomenal and their characters really challenge each other. I think it was a surprising relationship but one that really worked. Ultimately I think they had to get rid of Diane, I couldn't see her as a constant presence on the show or in Owen's life. She works better as a tragedy Owen has lived through than a brightness in his life.

Gwen in this episode, part 1. This writer really likes to put Gwen in her place and focus on the flaws in the character. She has Rhys call her out for lying and he makes a statement about how easy it is for her to lie. And during a talk with Emma about the 21st century and sex Emma says "I'm really not the kind of girl who sleeps around"  and Gwen goes sheet white. It's sort of brilliant. I think the writer really wanted Gwen to feel like shit for what she's done. Let me get this right, we're supposed to relate to Gwen and like her because she's flawed? I am not that flawed.

Gwen in this episode, part 2.We see in her protectiveness of Emma the starts of Mama Gwen. We see that she is over-protective and controlling. Emma is no one to her but she's trying to police her life. I think this is exactly what Anwen has to look forward to. "Don't talk to strangers, call me when you get there" and a sex talk about how it's ok to sleep around for fun but that sex should be special. And poor Anwen is going to be locked up as soon as she's old enough to walk. If she has a prayer of a life outside Gwen's meddling it's via intervention through Rhys.

The next paragraph has SPOILERS FOR CHILDREN OF EARTH I feel sort of silly putting spoiler alerts on COE forever but I know some STILL don't know. I am being over-cautious because it's such a huge spoiler.

The scene where John and Jack die in the car. They are gassed to death....in Ianto's car. If I didn't know better I would think that was tragic foreshadowing for what happens to Ianto in COE. I so know better because we know they kept meaning to kill Ianto and they only finally got around to it in COE. I belive he was supposed to die in Cyberwoman and I know for a fact it was supposed to be him rather than Owen dying and returning. The just kept keeping him longer because they loved him. And then...well, day 4. Just a funny observation.  Also, do you think he kept that car? The car his (maybe) lover and another died in? It's a bit disturbing.

MVC (Most Valuable Character):

Know who I really love who always stands out in this episode? Emma. Emma is a great gal who really takes control of her life and adapts to the situation well. She's cute as a button and she's spunky. She really makes the worst of a terrible situation and she' the poster child for Rift victims. Olivia plays her brilliantly and it's just a stand-out role.

MVA (Most Valuable Actor):

I want to be fair but I want to be honest about my feelings. It seems like I'm supposed to give this to Burn Gorman and he did have a great episode but as I mentioned before I think Jack stands out more and John definitely does. I don't know how many will agree but I think John Barrowman is a scene-stealer in this even if most of his scenes are him reacting as opposed to acting. I think that's actually much harder to act and the complex array of emotions Jack went through really pushed John. I love seeing Jack's reaction to people from that time. He's so nostalgic and also sad. He's struggling with their difficulties and trying to avoid those dilemma's within himself. John asks Jack to not condemn him to live. Talk about on the nose. I think this is an episode we got to see a lot of the sadness to Jack's character just by his response to the guest characters. When thinking back on this episode, my thought's linger on Jack, not Owen and that's down to John I think.

Episode Grade:

This episode is nearly flawless. I can't complain about anything. I think it's just great. I had the hardest time writing this blog because I had no idea how to narrow down towns of brilliant moments, quotes and performances. I have a talent crush on Catherine Tregenna, she's killed it. It's easier for me to go on about things I hate, when I love something this much I just have no words. End.

Tomorrow's Episode: Combat (Series 1, Episode 11). Remember, I'll be live tweeting my re-watch on the @BarrowmanDay twitter at 12:00am PST (US - West coast) and 8:00am GMT (UK). Hope you all can watch with me and chat.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my run down. What did you all think of this episode? Did you notice anything new? What grade would you give it? xx


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