Let me first start of by saying ' Happy New Year' to all of the barrowfans. I must say it is a bit late of my behalf and I am sorry for that. I wanted to write a piece, seeing how it's a new year and at this time we tend to look forward as well as with a turned shoulder to the past.  We all seem to speaking about what would be a dream project for John Barrowman. In regards to piece of music, we wish he would preform or even stages and materials that we would wish to see him grace.  So let me take you on a trip to the past. With a turned shoulder, let us look to the past and think.  My question to you all is this. What is your favorite piece of art that our dearest John has preformed, recited or created.  Has something touched you more than anything else? Was there a moment that made you stop, and in that second you saw things much clearer? Even if that was for just a single moment.  If so, I would love to hear about it. Share you stories of inspiration and clarity that may have arisen from his words.

My moment of inspiration first came from the song  ' I Am What I Am' . It was April of last year, that I found myself standing in the middle of a room with his words flowing over me like a fresh spring shower. It was there, that I understood  I had been living my life  closed away. Afraid to share who I was or even to embrace it. But it was within those words that I saw what only I could teach myself. A lesson that we all must learn at some point in our lives, we can only hope that lesson is not learned too late in life.  " Life's not worth a damn, until you can say ' I am what I am ' " . Those words are a mantra to live one's life by.  If you hide yourself away, ashamed of who you are because everyone around you is different , you aren't living your life. You are living a lie, a painful lie that you will regret when time moves forward. Life is scary and sometimes you have to take a leap forward and embrace yourself. For until you do, no one will.

As time moved on, I have found inspiration in both his written words and the words of the songs in which he sings. Songs that carry such a strong and passionate message, that most today would have never heard if it was not for him.  As talented as he is, you have to also give him a true appreciation for taking a risk and embracing a series of messages that have been forgotten. 

So, I ask you all to share what your moment of inspiration or favorite piece of art created by our dear John Barrowman.  I look forward to hearing what has either inspiration you or just what you favorite piece of work is. 

With much love, Christina
2/2/2011 01:19:13 pm

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