I've been thinking a lot about what to write regarding my weekend at Gallifrey One, the L.A. Doctor Who convention.  Part of me thought I should slip on my journalist hat and do what comes naturally and what most expect, giving you all the scoop about discussions or news from the weekend.  But another part of me, the part that eventually won out, thought that's not the story I have to tell.  If you've read my past blogs you know that's not really what this site is about to me. It's not spoilers, it's conversations with you about John Barrowman on a fan to fan level.  So "if you're interested" join me in a journey through Gallifrey in the eyes of a BarrowFan.

Going into the weekend I was beyond excited. I can't adequately express what it's like being a BarrowFan in the US and then spending a weekend surrounded by people who all know and love John Barrowman. For 3 days out of the year, everyone gets me and it's brilliant.  My first order of business on Friday morning was hitting the dealer’s room where I spent an exorbitant amount of money on BarrowMerch. It's just too hard to resist. This is stuff you would never find in the US apart from online.  I could tell you how much I spent but a 3rd world country with starved children would likely take offense.

Once that was done I spent the majority of the convention geeking out with fans and immersed in panels.  As with any convention, certainly a Doctor Who convention, I was torn between which panels and events to attend.  I wanted to see EVERYTHING.  My strategy I decided would be just to just do any and all Torchwood events I could manage unless they conflicted with something I was really desperate for on the Doctor Who end.  Part of that decision was the fact that I'm in the minority who prefer Torchwood to Doctor Who and part was that I adore John Barrowman and wanted as many BarrowRelated moments as possible. Can you blame me?

The panels all had a very fan fan-friendly vibe, encouraging questions and discussions and not very heavy on news and spoilers.  That may sound like a criticism but for me that's the ideal interaction between creators, actors, and the those who enjoy their work.  I think most of you know I am anti-spoiler as a rule; I like to experience things as they come and as they are intended.  Any potential spoilers I heard were told to me in confidence or mentioned at a Kaffeeklatsch (a gathering between a small group of attendees and guests).  I got to experience two Kaffeeklatsches, one with Gary Russell and Phil Ford and a second with Jane Espenson and Doris Egan.  Both were mostly insightful concerning the past rather than revealing of the future and in both cases those in attendance were asked not to share any of the discussions.

What I can share with you is bits of a panel that made it online, specifically Jane Espenson and Doris Egan: The Gallifrey Interview.  Barrowman Day friend @aznjackfiend2  posted a WRITE UP and @LilFerret got my question on VIDEO.  Also, I had a couple of chances to talk to Gary Russell about the wonderful Mr. Barrowman.  I mentioned Barrowman Day and asked if he had any thoughts about John I could share with all of you.  Below are the quotes I managed, one of which I wrote across my arm in sharpie because I didn't have a pad.  It made a good weekend tattoo.

"One of the nicest people I have ever worked with."

"Bizarrely having been a script editor on Torchwood for an entire year, the amount of times I've spoken to John could be counted on the fingers of one hand.  He certainly wouldn't have a clue who I am.  I did direct him once, did some audio work with him…all I can say is how lovely he was."

"He was just lovely and great fun to work with.  I mean, just funny… He's a walking laugh factory.  I really like his company.  I think he's a nice guy.  I wish I got to know him better."

So it's official,  John Barrowman is a hoot and everyone loves him!  I've talked to so many people who have met him and everyone only has the nicest things to say.  If you've been keeping up with my TW4 Blogs you'll remember me going on about meeting him and how he lived up to all the praise.  Isn't it nice how sometimes the people you admire end up being just as great as you think they are?  Well, I don't have to tell you…

I bet by now you're wondering about the title of this blog, “Confessions of a BarrowFan.”  Sounds a bit like there's more to the story doesn't it?  There is, and really, this is what came through reflecting on the weekend.  I had a great time at Gally. Everything was aces.  I've been before and I'll continue going but the one lingering feeling at the end of it all was "I miss John Barrowman's face".  

Before you write me off as a creepy stalker type, hear me out.  I did just about everything there was to do in the way of Torchwood and…it just wasn't enough.  Looking back at the schedule there was maybe a lack of Torchwood specific stuff but there certainly were a fair amount of opportunities with Torchwood related guests, and writing this now, I feel like maybe that should have been enough.  But it wasn't.  I had this moment, at the end of the day on Sunday, when a couple of friends talked me into going to Live Commentary: "The Lodger," and while it was fun, the whole time I thought, "I miss John Barrowman's face."  And and I found myself regretting being there in lieu of going to the video room to see the screening of "Ghost Machine."*.

SOMEHOW, surrounded by Doctor Who and Torchwood fans and talk of virtually nothing else I was desperate for it to be Barrowman Day again.  I can't say for sure why I felt that way but I really did. The only thing I could think to make it better would have been a BarrowPanel.  No really though, if they can have a panel called "Tennant, Beloved" why can't there be one called "Barrowman, Barrowman, Barrowman"?  I am seriously going to pitch it to them for next year.  Maybe I can even get myself on the panel as a BarrowExpert?

Of course it wasn't a completely Barrowman-free weekend.  There were some great moments with people getting excited about John as Jack and quite a few folks who appreciate his other work.  The following are little things that made me BarrowSmile:

*Buying and wearing a John Barrowman button on my badge...which made people stop me to ask, "You like John Barrowman?"  Yes...I do.

*Having a hand in various convention guests on stage at karaoke singing Barrowman related songs such as "Copacabana" and "Any Dream Will Do"

*Someone singing "The Doctor & I" at karaoke, even though I was bitter she got to it first and I had to change my song.

*The countless innuendos uttered by panelists and fans alike which I dare not repeat.

…And so much more.  I could go on but this blog is quite long enough. Apologies and love to those who read it all the way through.  Can we still be friends?  xx


* "Ghost Machine" in the convention program was listed as "Ghost in the Machine."  I know it was a silly oversight but it irked me so.  (Yes, it's a footnote, footnotes are cool)

Time Hound
2/25/2011 02:19:24 pm

Fully enjoyable Dana. Nice rememberance and references. I hope you do get a chance to do a Barrowmanx3 pannel.

2/25/2011 02:35:18 pm

Hey hun, glad you enjoyed it. I hope so too, it could be like BarrowmanDay live! Really any excuse to chat about JB with like minded folks I'd take. :)

2/26/2011 05:41:01 am

Dana, very glad you enjoyed yourself. I've never been to any of these and I'd love to some day. I can appreciate your wanting a lot more JB and Torchwood events. Still, think it's a great opportunity to chat with other Doctor Who and Torchwood fans. Any time you're able to chat about JB with other fans well..that's a huge plus. :-)

2/26/2011 07:21:13 am

Thanks, it was great. I hope you get a shot to attend this convention or another like it, it really is fun chatting with so many like minded people, it's why I love being a part of Barrowman Day! JB fans are the best :)

2/26/2011 07:29:51 am

WOW! Dana I love reading your blog posts. It's nice to have our own little BarrowReporter out there it the land of the sun (and occasional rain; according to Kai).
Anyway it sounds like you had an awesome time, keep up the good work x

2/26/2011 07:33:10 am

Haha glad you enjoyed it dear, I will keep you all in the loop as much as possible, so exciting to have JB out here so I'm glad to share any experiences :) Thanks for reading

2/26/2011 07:36:21 am

Also forgot to put... wouldn't it be AWESOME if JB went to a Con while he was there. Bonus for you.

2/26/2011 07:40:16 am

I was secretly hoping he'd be a surpass guest, but no such luck. We know he's keeping busy though! Hoping he'll end up at ComicCon again and maybe there will be a Torchwood panel too! Would be awesome and of course I'll tell ya all about it if there is :)

2/26/2011 06:05:36 pm

hi hun i really loved this i'm in the same camp as you i love torchwood more than who and john is amazing

i met him at collectormaina he's amazing and so thoughful

anyway ace blog
keep up the good work
maz x

2/26/2011 09:26:00 pm

Hey dear glad to have your company on team Torchwood! Don't get me wrong, I love Doctor Who as well but yea TW wins my heart and not just because there is more Barrowman, not that that hurts LOL.

That's great that you got to meet him as well! my overall impression of him that night and from other's stories is how he hoes well out if his way to be good to his fans and have moments with all her can, gem of a man, just lovely.

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it I'll do my best to keep it up :)

2/27/2011 04:58:54 am

Hi Dana enjoyed you blog very much. I wish I could have been there. I too enjoy discussing JB with other like minded fans. My family are getting fed up with me talking about him. Maybe someday I will be able to attend one x

2/27/2011 05:04:01 am

Forgot to say love your pic in the tardis. Totally agree John is lovely when you meet him he is a real genuine guy. Just love him so x

2/27/2011 08:36:06 am

Hey sweetie glad you enjoyed it :) I'm sure you'll make it to a similar event one day. I know, we are constantly chatting about JB! The great thing about Barrowman Day is getting so many fans together and just enjoying each others company. Thanks for thinking the pic is ok, I actually think I look sort of funny but it came out better than the others LOL. He is the sweetest guy really I hope all BarrowFans get to experience him in person someday. I also love him, duh xx

3/2/2011 08:25:00 am

Aww honey that blog was amazing and I SOOO wish I'd been with you guys to share in the fun! And WE'D have gone to see the screening of Ghost Machine!!! lol

I couldn't agree more about 'Barrowman, Barrowman, Barrowman!'

Maybe one day you and I will go wearing our BarrowmanDay staff tees!!!

And when we next chat, you must tell me what you spent your cash on!

Love & hugs

Mickie x

3/26/2012 05:21:06 am

Fine info bro


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