Hey #BarrowFans!!

Let's start out with HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN BARROWMAN!! What a great day, JB's been making the world a happier place to be in for 45 years now!!

Now onto the #TwitterParty! This is going to be pretty much 24 hours of high intensity #BarrowmanDay! The party is going from 12am-12am GMT which is 4pm-4pm PST (if you're in California like me) or 7pm-7pm EST if you are in the current Barrowman time-zone. Just follow @BarrowmanDay on twitter to join in!

If you don't want to read all the details below all you need to do to participate is tweet about John Barrowman and tag it #BarrowBirthDay, maybe we could get it trending!

Last year we listed 44 reasons we love John Barrowman - posted at the bottom of our 2011 Twitter Party Breakdown. I thought instead of just adding another to the list or coming up with 45 more reasons (which I probably could do) a fun way to celebrate would be to share 45 fantastic BarrowFaces. Fans are often discussing the phenomenal expressiveness of John's face, it's part of what makes him such a great entertainer and a joy to watch, so I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate. I'll be posting screen grabs and photos of 45 Barrowman looks. Just 45 of the countless many and they are in no particular order. I'll be tweeting them over the 24 hours, some shortly followed by links to their source videos or photos. And when the party is over I will post the completed collection here for everyone to see. I'll tag the tweets #45BarrowFaces so you can check them out there as well. 

To make this as interactive as possible (after all BarrowmanDay is all about encouraging fan to fan interaction) we'll also be playing a #BarrowGame. It'll be straight forward but certainly something we can do throughout the day. The name of the game is #NameTheBarrowFace. I'll post a photo and the goal is to either name the source or come up with a name to describe the look, or both. Or you can just chime in to chat. It's as always just a day to share in the #BarrowLove with other fans. Oh and if you are playing the game you are encouraged to describe the #BarrowFace with a #BarrowWord - and example tweet could be:

John looks #BarrowBright in that picture #45BarrowFaces #BarrowBirthDay


That #BarrowFace is from The Producers #45BarrowFaces #BarrowBirthDay 

(ps I really wanted to include Producers in the 45 but it didn't work out)

Remember the #45BarrowFaces tag or to put @BarrowmanDay at the end so I can read all your tweets and RT some. The tweets can be serious or silly, obvious or random. Just any thought you may have and as many as you want to share. The fun will be as with every #BarrowmanDay all of us fans sharing in conversation about how we adore John!!


As you may know we get a lot of tweets from everyone and it's GREAT, so much fun to hear from all of you and by all means tweet @BarrowmanDay all the time we LOVE to read your thoughts and #BarrowGame posts. BUT it's simply not possible to respond to you all or for each tweet. We'll be talking and RTing as usual but if you don't hear back from us, we HAVE seen your tweet but we are doing our darnedest to avoid #TwitterJail. If we tweet too much they freeze our account and we cannot tweet at all. But if you talk to us on non #BarrowmanDay's we will ALWAYS respond. And we read them all I swear.

I think that'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect for the #TwitterParty - it'll just be me probably as Mickie is still on her extended break from #BarrowmanDay, but who knows she may pop by. Let's all just have a lot of fun. Happy #BarrowBirthDay! xx 


PS - As stated most of the photos are screen grabs and the others are as far as I know things we have permission to post - but mistakes happen, if I accidentally post something that is yours let me know and I'll be happy to credit you and link to the source - we are not claiming ownership of any of it and we are certainly not making money using these photos, or on this site at all. 
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