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Hi there BarrowFans

Firstly I wish to apologise as this blog is in all tense and purposes and big fat RANT!!! Lol

Like many Torchwood fans, I’ve been enjoying the many teaser videos released by Starz. Obviously they must promote the series heavily because of how much it has cost, I believe I read somewhere it was around 8 million pounds! Eeeep! So BBC Wales, BBC International AND Starz need to get their pennies back and then some! Hmmm I suspect this blog is going to be a tad serious, so I shall apologise in advance. Though saying that Dana had a Rant blog not too long ago. Though Dana’s was aimed at another blog! Lol And she was well within her right for her big rant!!!

So, as you can tell by the title of this particular blog, I am a frustrated UK fan! Why might you ask. Well if you are in the US, you have little to rant about. And as I said, what Starz has been doing is truly amazing. Where my rant is aimed at is the other two who put money …no wait they’re the SAME companies, just two different branches. So this rant is aimed at Aunty itself! (Errrm sorry US friends, Aunty is what we in the UK affectionately call the BBC no idea why).

Torchwood has been off our screens for two years now. That’s a long time to be out of the TV spotlight! Russell has said they not only want the old fans back watching, but new ones too. And I would like to hope that Starz will have succeeded on both counts there. But the BBC has done naaaaathing!!…..Shame on them!!! At first, when the BBC showed some Miracle Day clips in one of their trailers, I thought we were in for a good thing here, after all at that point Starz had only shown the series title and date with some none visual news reports playing in the background. The BBC actually showed us some footage! Now they have let us down! Nothing on the radar at all. I have been watching my Yahoo John Barrowman news group pages for something popping up; some interviews or something……nothing! Not a peep! All we have had to date is the excellent article by SFX and even that was mostly a RTD interview with a couple of snippets from JB and Eve!

Do the BBC want this to work? Given how easily they seemed to drop Torchwood after CoE I do wonder. This behaviour from the BBC is starting to scare the hell out of me! This is a series that spawned from the brilliant Doctor Who, it’s not a nothingingness series. It wasn’t badly written and produced, they put as much care and thought into it as Doctor Who. This series is special, just like The Sarah Jane Adventures was. It’s a spin-off that has worked and worked bloody well. But just like the BBC it seems to mean bugger all in their eyes!! They should be promoting the hell out of it, and we’ve seen nothing… Not a peep!!! Should have known really how much they cared when it moved from BBC3 to BBC2 and then finally BBC1 and then……..Gone! They haven’t even updated the damn web site…It’s still “They Are Coming”! Hell not only did they come…made a hell of a mess…and gone home!!!

In America they are treating it and it’s fans with the respect it deserves. Here we are being treating like we don’t matter and like the series doesn’t matter! I wouldn’t mind, but it is still, and please my American fans don’t take this the wrong way, a British series, no matter how much cash Starz puts into it. But you wouldn’t think it given how the BBC is treating it!

So come on, give us interviews, clips and most of all and damned start date!!! Is THAT really too much to ask?

Personally I think it will probably be the 9th of July as rationally such programmes are on a Saturday. CoE was the exception because it was only five shows! I’ll keep my thoughts to myself about that possible start date! Love my wifey too much! We both have own opinions on who should see it first! Lol…She’s in the US and I’m in the UK…pretty obvious really lol
And on that note I shall end this very BIG rant!!! So….Am I the ONLY Brit feeling this frustration? Am I the only one disappointed in the BBC at their lack of doing something to promote this wonderful series?

Mickie x

PS: Watch something pop up now I've had my big rant! lol

PPS: I'd like to thank ALL our wonderful American Torchwood fans who have made it possible for all those outside of the US to see these great Starz videos!! Thank you xxx

Tim Griffiths
6/10/2011 02:05:41 am

I totally agree with you thats typical of the BBC in UK If its not going to be promoted they are going to lose viewers big time when it does air.The BBC will make thousands out of this prog and they dont care. We pay our tv license and thats a waste of money 95% of BBC progs are rubbish

6/10/2011 02:34:08 am

@Tim Griffiths

Yes I agree..The BBC risk failing in RTDs aim, where as Starz will hopfully succeed! I watch very little BBC now as I find most of their programmes complete rubbish and a waist of our money! We pay for qaulity and don't always get it.

Like i said...been off the air two years...they really need to get sorted!

Thank you for your comment Tim!

Mickie x

6/10/2011 03:52:33 am

The move from BBC3, to BBC2 to BBC1 shows just how much the Beeb do value TW. That was a huge promotion, to the prime channel at primetime from the much smaller digital channel.

As RTD explained in his interview in the DW Magazine, the BBC never (for any show) promote shows or give out the air date more than about 2-3 weeks in advance. Yes, it's frustrating for fans over here, but it's simply different marketing strategies for different markets. The BBC's marketing has worked brilliantly for Torchwood and for Doctor Who up to now. No reason to believe it won't be successful again. We just have to be patient! Hard, I know, when it's something this exciting....!

The UK fans do of course have the Episode 1 preview at the BFI on 20 June. I don't think the US is doing anything similar. This is only a guess but I suspect that's the point at which we'll see the BBC start more promo of the show on their channels.

6/21/2012 11:23:53 am

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