Hi all our fabulous #BarrowFans

As you may have noticed, I haven't really been around BarrowmanDay (BD) as much as I would be normally. Since myself and Chris started BD almost a year ago now we have gone through many changes and so has my life. With out too much detail my mum isn't in the best of health and is due to have some operations in the coming months. On top of this my 9 year old nephew was hurt and all though it wasn't as serious as it could have been, it is bad enough and he faces months of hospital visits. And thank you ALL for your lovely kind tweets about Robert, he is doing well. In fact right now he's on the PS3! Though the painkillers knock him out for six!

I have always fitted my life around the BarrowmanDay day, and in truth for both myself and Dana it is a very long day, but it has always been a pleasure for us both to do. But in reacents months it has got harder and harder for me to fit my life around it and now something must give and for at least the time being it is the BarrowmanDay day. I cannot and will not give you an indication of how long because I simply don't know. But I will say I am not leaving BD completely, I am still keeping things ticking over as any good leader should (twangs red braces), updating the BD site, and also, when needs be, our YouTube page as well as being able to pop my head round on the day, even if it's via my mobile/cell phone. Making sure MeIanto keeps the coffee going and files are all where they should be and the weevil is fed! As well as the things MeIanto and I don't tell you ;) And I know MeIanto/Dana will continue to keep me a breast (stop it!) on what she plans for BD day!

I will be chatting with Dana in the not so distant future about BD day. So I ask that you all be patient and that we know how supportive and wonderful you all are and we thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

I will add we are not closing BarrowmanDay and Wednesdays BD day will continue and I'll give what support I can to Dana!

So I am going to leave this now as I do have a more cheery blog to post too.

Thank you all again and know that I love you all for being so brilliant and fantastic!!!

Mickie x
5/11/2011 04:53:16 am


I can understand and relate to this as well as you know. Due to my own life and situation that had arisen I had to step down from my post. But I should applaud you both for carrying on in the lack of my strength to. What started out as a pipe dream has grown into something greater than we believed it to be when we started it one late night. You all have opened your thoughts and hearts to us and for that I will always be grateful.

5/11/2011 03:34:51 pm

Hi Mickie

Your family are important and I hope both your
Mum and your Nephew get well soon.

I am thinking of you and send you my love.

Frizzstar (Lorraine) xx


Joy and pain are of their choice, god will not give us happy, also not to give us a pain, it will only give us happiness. You can choose a happy ways to look at it, also can choose a painful perspective on it.


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