First of all let me thank you all for taking the time to follow both 'BarrowmanDay' on Twitter and our fansite.   This site was created out of a mutual love and respect for a talented and generous entertainer.  Over the past few months, lord how time passes by, I have been a bit absent from the both the site and Twitter.  I would like to express my apologizes for this absent. Although I am sure that some of you reading this, might not be too sure who I am. That is my own fault due to my absence. If you are interested, you can find out more out about me on the ' Meet The Girls ' page or at Twitter  as  @classic_dame. 

Seeing that tonight is opening night for the 2010 John Barrowman Tour, I thought I would purpose the great mystery question for us all.  " Why Do You Love John Barrowman?"   I invite you all to come forth and share the reasons. Why makes him stand out in your minds and hearts?  I want to know and I am sure  John would be interesting as well.

Let me get the ball going and share with you what make John stand out in my mind. Like many of you my first taste of John was from 'Doctor Who'. The dashing young captain from 1940's, who would not have been a bit curious as to who he was.  As time moved on we were granted  the complete glimpse of 'Captain Jack Harkness' via  'Torchwood'.  Barrowman is the quint essential performer. A bit of an old world charmer as you may say. In a time where most stars are worried about their next big blockbuster, the club they will spotted out  or what designer they are seen wearing , Barrowman is a breath of fresh air. In a world where success usually means you lose sight of who you are, he has held fast to who he is and where he came from. It is when we forget our past, our future becomes cloudy. There are certain people who come along and their honesty can be seen. Barrowman for me is a perfect gentleman to be a role model. He has pushed through the struggles of life, embraced his dream and never forgot or discarded those that helped him along the way. 

If you haven't read  'Anything Goes' or  ' I Am What I am' , I recommend both. If you are in a place in life that you are searching and trying to figure out who you are or if you are struggling to accept and embrace the wonderful creation that is yourself, I recommend that you read them. 

So please comment below and let me know what makes you love John Barrowman. 

With Love, 

10/2/2010 05:36:57 am

Firstly...Thank you Chris for writing this. And that you have been greatly missed! xxx

Wow difficult to add to that Chris you have said so much of what makes him so wonderful.

He has to be one of the most honest of celebrities. He is honest to himself, to his family & friends and too his fans. He isn't afraid to be himself, whether he is sharing things about his life or being naughty. So many celebs try to be naughty and just come across as being rude and vulgar where as John just comes across and cheeky and funny. He is also not afraid of looking silly, no he thrives on it. He is all too happy to make fun of himself. He is never cruel or unkind to people, even if they have to him. He makes time for people and never forgets who has helped him get where he is today. He doesn't use people and use them as stepping stones to push him up the career ladder, no he gives others the push when they need it and asks for nothing back in return.

He's also damned talented and easy on the eye! Hehehe

I have now run out of things...May add more later xxxxx

Mickie xxxx

3/29/2011 10:58:43 pm

I agree I'm American & love Torchwood but yes it is a UK baby, & should be left as such. when I heard Starz was paying for it, my 1st thought was YAY MORE MONEY, but then I thought SHIT! THEY COULD AMERICANIZE IT. like Have Jack more straight, be with Gwen, or just cut out England all together & make it a cliche American scifi show. I have faith because it's all I can have. but I've seen what happens when America wants to take a great show & try to make it more "American" like Couples, Weakest Link, to name a few MY GODS they were awful! lol

3/31/2011 04:58:36 pm

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