Well I am so pleased I was proven wrong when I felt that Children Of Earth was it with regards to our beloved Torchwood and that I would ONLY ever own 3 box sets! Now Startz TV has taken up the reins, along with BBC Wales and BBC Worldwide, who will be making Season 4, due out summer 2011. So I really CANNOT write about Tonights The Night or anything else JB related other than Torchwood...lol

Now all I need to do is get my brain working, I didn't get to bed 'till late watching carefully the RTD interview with BBC News 24! I have read uber amounts of stuff this past 30 odd hours since the announcement. But what I have mostly been reading is fandom stuff on places such as twitter. I think one of the things that made me feel that CoE was IT was how the story had evolved and how it ended, with Jack suffering terribly from both the loss of Ianto and ultimately the loss of his grandson Steven. And so Jack leaving earth, seemingly forever. I imagine that the first episode is going to be powerful and VERY emotional as Jack will still be reeling from all this awful pain and still trying to come to terms with what has happend. But I digress, much like JB does in his books! lol!

What I have seen on Twitter especially is so many people saying they will not watch the new series because Ianto is not it in. Well I say this...Why did you originally decide to tune into this amazing series? Ianto? I think not! Most people, like myself, had seen Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and to see a series following his exploits witn Torchwood seemed too good to miss. I decided to take a look at torchwood BECAUSE of Captain Jack/John Barrowman. The fact that I grew fond of Ianto and their lovely and sweet relationship was a bonus. I loved Ianto wonderful quips and how much he cared for Jack and how much Jack cared for Ianto And I will most deffinately miss that, that cannot and should not be denied. BUT, and as you can see that is most deffinately a massive BUTT, I would not turn away because the writter, wether I agree or not, chose to take away Ianto. To an extent I could see WHY RTD did it. Jack had a terrible choice to make at the end of the story and he needed to be hurt and in pain to make it. Without that awful loss that he felt, that terrible guilt in the pit of his stomach Jack would NEVER have been able to do what he did. And wether we like the result or not, a child HAD to die and Steven was the oly one close to hand. Time was of the essence.

So no amount of "I'm not watching Torchwood unless they bring back Ianto" or "They saved Rhys and the brought back Suzie and Owen, so they can bring back Ianto, it is SciFi after all!"  will change anything. What is the point of killing someone, to bring a dramatic end to only bring them back to life. the only one who can cheat death is Jack and that is by no choice of his. That was the doing of Rose Tyler in S1 of Doctor Who.

Davies has ALWAYS said, and it's been said in TW time and time again, that Torchwood members die young. whats the point in saying this if your going to bring them back?! Owne and suzie came back, but too only die again later and for good. Rhys died, but he wasn't meant too. And technically he wasn't and isn't a member of Torchwood, so he doesn't really count in the "they all die young" thing.

Like I said, to a great extent I didn't like what RTD did, but mostly because of the pain and loss Jack felt when he died in his arms. That sad and heartfelt kiss of life from Jack in the hopes it would once again bring him back, to only wake  at the side of Ianto's body was painfully sad and terribly horrible, more horrible than any monster that Davies or Moffat could conjour up!

But I am, as JB puts it, a true Woody fan, just as much as I am a Whovian fan, and WILL be watching when TW S4 returns in 2011 and the ONLY thing that would stop me is if Jack didn't return because he was why the series was created and so is Torchwood!

Anywhooo...I feel I have gone on way too long and so I shall leave you for now. And next time I will think of something new to talk about with regards to Torchwood. That is unless something new comes up about JB that ISN'T Torchwood related! lol

~ Mickie x

6/20/2010 07:12:31 am

I can't really add anymore to this as it very much covers what I have read in the previous postings.

But thank you for your thoughts and opinions and much of it is the same as my own.

Thank you again!


12/14/2010 11:16:26 am

Nice!I learn a little bit more every week about what being a SAHD means.

12/24/2010 03:09:26 pm

Christmas Eve means safe. When beautiful melody flows in your dream tonight~

12/26/2010 08:41:08 am

Write very well, there are some others that resonate.

12/26/2010 04:07:56 pm

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