Hi #BarrowFans
Mickie here. I said one of us would post a blog about the news! lol And as I already had my little Netbook booted and at the ready I thought that now was a good a time as any! Lol 

As many of you know I am in the UK so with Torchwood starting here etc we UK peeps tend to have a strong opinion on what happens with torchwood, and rightly so, after all it was spawned from our beloved Doctor Who (DW) and for many of us has become more special to our hearts than DW. Not that I am saying our US friends don’t get as upset when someone starts to mess about with TW. When it was first announced that the BBC was looking to the US for funding for the series and so there for a US finger in the TW pie I think the US fans were more worried than the UK fans lol

So to the air date…It’s great that the date is when it is because July wouldn’t clash with my holidays (how selfish lol)…What worries me is that the rumours could be true and that Starz has the upper hand when it comes to airing and we in the UK see it later. Like I said it’s still largely UK owned and so it should be. I’m glad we found someone to put some extra money into it because Torchwood deserves to have money thrown at it.

If I was REALLY honest the fact that Starz has the upper hand when it comes to the money side I am concerned that A: they will put the US stars to the forefront over original cast (except John because he’s their star), as it is Kai (Rhys) and Tom (Sgt Andy)  are rarely mentioned and THEY are original cast members who as important as Jack and Gwen in my opinion. I have, of late, seen Bill Pullman mentioned as the star of the BBC series Torchwood, it hasn’t even aired yet and he’s been put on the same level as the UK original cast. And then there’s B: I’m worried that if it works the US will become the new Torchwood Hub and the UK will be left out in the cold and if RTD does what he said he might who will have control over Starz? All this may seem picky by some, but I live in the UK and I see TW as part of our television history as I do DW! Yes I am being selfish when I see it as ours! But that’s my right as a UK fan and so I worry those things.

I have huge amounts of faith in RTD and of course John, that goes with out saying. And we ALL know how much both Captain Jack and TW means to John! He has turned down other work just so he could be in TW! So I trust in what he says when he says it’s brilliant! It’s the beyond 2011 that worries me some what…

But enough of my moaning lol…Now to the poster! Lol

Well no poster has ever sold me any film or TV show. It’s the content of the show that counts not the art work! Saying that, I have few real feelings for the actual work. As I said to Dana, when I look at it I instantly think Rock poster, not Sci-Fi TV show and I definitely don’t think Torchwood. Someone did mention in a tweet that the font was wrong, but I thought it was familiar, so I had a look around and it’s the same as Torchwood: Children Of Earth. I am disappointed that there are no cast members featured or at least to have Jack on their. But I do know they have been doing the usual cast promo work recently, so that’s something to look forward too. But still the poster leaves me feeling a tad chilly lol

Well I am VERY aware that my blog has become a small essay! Like our lovely John Barrowman, I rarely do things by halves!

Do please let us know what you think of the above subjects!

So this is Mickie signing off…*poof*

Jenni (LilFerret)
3/25/2011 10:13:26 am

Agreed, agreed, and agreed.

3/28/2011 08:58:38 am

Thank you hon for the comment :) xxx

3/28/2011 09:07:54 am

Next time get the F_____rs to hire me :P I'll do em a poster!

Agree with all comments

3/29/2011 08:55:17 pm

@i4dezign73 Hahaha I know you could! You've done some amazing work!

The wallpaper I created was better! lol

Mickie x

3/29/2011 11:00:23 pm

I agree I'm American & love Torchwood but yes it is a UK baby, & should be left as such. when I heard Starz was paying for it, my 1st thought was YAY MORE MONEY, but then I thought SHIT! THEY COULD AMERICANIZE IT. like Have Jack more straight, be with Gwen, or just cut out England all together & make it a cliche American scifi show. I have faith because it's all I can have. but I've seen what happens when America wants to take a great show & try to make it more "American" like Couples, Weakest Link, to name a few MY GODS they were awful! lol

3/29/2011 11:05:31 pm


Thank you for your lovely comment! I must admit that the UK can be as bad when we take American shows and add our own twist. We re-made Law & Order and I feel it lost it's bite!

The latest to get the Hollywood treatment will a re-vamped Miss Marple and will be made by Disney and stary Jennifer Garner!! Ye Gods!

And as you say...we must have faith!

Mickie x

4/8/2011 06:51:50 pm

first I'm french so sorry for the bad english
I have mix feeling about TW4 being a UK/USA collaboration.
- it's good : more money, global impact
- it's not good :
*if TW4 work in USA they can take it and turn it in some sort of spin off and bye bye CJack and what was the base of this serie
*Being a joint venue they should air it at the same time in UK and USA and as far as we know that's not gonna happen
*if TW4 it seems that Russel might not write the 5th serie and let it to another writing group...with everything that can happen ie spin off

I also have to say that I love JB as CJack and I do know how JB love being CJ
BUT I think JB is more than that, and DH show us that he could do a fine job in other role (what a great villain he was) I wish JB will be brave enough to shut the door to TW so we can see him in other roles. jb often says he doesn't want to be in a pigeon hole, I'm afraid that if he continue with TW that's what's going to happen most of all if it always takes 6 months of his time
sorry for the rant :)

4/13/2011 12:52:02 pm

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