Greetings BarrowBuddies

Just a quick note to let you know what's going on with me. Tomorrow I'm going in for a minor operation. Nothing to worry about and I wouldn't even mention it, but my Doctor (not that Doctor) tells me I may not be up to my old self for 3 weeks after and that effects Barrowman Day.

What that means is I'm likely going to be around less for a while but I will do what I can to still hang out and have fun with you all, at the very least on Barrowman Days. It's also entirely possible that I will say pain be damned and join in as usual, I really just don't know how bad it's going to be. I am a pretty big wuss but also a workaholic, could go either way.

Before you ask and to make this blog worth reading I'm having Bum really, I have a messed up Bum and the Doctors are gonna fix me up, you can all laugh now.  It's something I've gone through before so I'm ready with my Bum doughnut, (see picture below). It has art from a mess of my comic book industry friends including a Jack and a TARDIS drawn by Doctor Who comic creators Tony Lee and Richard Starkings. So I'll be riding the TARDIS with Jack as my companion through my recovery. Could be worse right?? xx


I forgot to mention also since I don't know how the recovery will be I may be less able to check out Torchwood filming locations for a while, I will do what I can but please forgive me. Just got home from the Hospital and it went very well, on the mend. Love you all x
2/27/2011 08:31:39 am

N'aww, best of luck Dana... And no doubt we'll be seeing you around soon. Love you (& take care) xx

2/27/2011 08:32:31 am

Don't worry about it honey. Just concentrate on getting well and know our prayers are with you for a super quick recovery.

And bum surgery is NOT funny! I'm glad you're sounding so postive. That'll help. :)


2/27/2011 08:41:20 am

@Kimi - You know me I want to be there and I'll do what I can. Thanks, love you too xx

@Jac -I know you guys won't hold it against me I just wanted to post so I didn't randomly disappear without explanation. Thanks hun I'm hoping to be past it quickly myself. Bum surgery is a little funny LOL. I am a positive person, no use being negative :)

2/27/2011 11:50:27 am

All the best on your surgery Dana. Here's hopping that you will have less pain than usual, and that you will be back to your bouncy self RSN. My prayers for a speedy recovery (w/o pain) go with you. Success girl!

2/27/2011 12:11:42 pm

Thanks a lot dear, hoping to be back and bouncy just as soon as I can :)

2/28/2011 04:30:14 am

Hi Dana take care and well wishes for a speedy recovery. Any surgery is not nice. Have been thinking of you. It is totally understandable if you need to "disappear" for a while.

Take care and speak soon. Love & hugs to you.

2/28/2011 06:33:10 am

Thanks sweetie, i will do what I need to to stay healthy, hoping I don't have to be away too long. Love and hugs back xx

3/1/2011 05:27:39 am

Hey babes

Love the donut! We'll not go into details such as sitting on CJ or the Doctor! lol Not that I think CJ would complain! hahahaha

And if I see you doing ANY work on BD I may have to save up some slaps for later when you're better....I'm putting a wet haddock into the fridge to chill off ready! lol

Love you babes!!! xxxxx

3/1/2011 05:32:52 am

The doughnut is very good :) Hahaha well my cold bum needs a place to rest and it is CJs fault after all!

I am sorry but I have a todo list while I am stuck and home and useless outside my bed and some BD stuff is on it :P

I'll be fine won't push myself too far, I don't want to feel bad any more than I have to.

Love you too Hubby. xxxx

3/1/2011 10:01:03 am

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3/1/2011 07:45:20 pm

oh sh... poor Dana! but - unfortunately I had to giggle about your graphic description of what's gonna happen and I love the doughnut! snicker

now that I've finished that embarrassing bout of the giggles I hope you feel better soon - I'm going to miss you on BarrowmanDay but I hope you recover properly before doing anything strenuous again.
love from Vienna

3/27/2012 05:15:39 am

Great info, thanks


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