Firstly, I am hoping that some nice person posts this show onto YouTube as it was, as always with JB, an excellent show. Loved it heaps!

The lovely Fern Britton hosted the show with guest John Barrowman (well deh! lol), Andy Garcia and Strictly Come Dancing pro-Dancer Brian Fortuna & his girlfriend/actress Ali Bastian.

John was on first and he spoke about DH (he only had a small, well no half a trailer. He said he'd downsized! lol Awwww bless his cotton socks.

He also spoke of the novel, no correction novels he and Carole have been comissoned to write. they have been asked to write 3 sci-fi novels for teens and have already started on the first. Though he gave most of the credit to his big sister who has been known to be sat until 3am on her computer typing! He admited, as we all knew, that he dictates into a ipod and Carole add her wonderful flare and types it up. They've worked on the story between them.
Fern also asked John if he'd watched the new series of Doctor Who. He admited that he'd only seen the first episode, but sue to work he'd not had chance to watch the rest. He also admited to feeling like he was betraying David; this is because David will always be John's Doctor! But he says once he hance the chance he will sit down and watch all of them one after the other.

After Fern had chatted away with Brian and Ali (along with John) they got up to do a Salsa dance, along with John and Fern. John danced with Ali and Brian with Fern. John was being a little naughty (it's a tea time show! lol) with Ali and Fern said to Brian he didn't need to worry as Ali was safe with John. In less than a hart beat Brian said to Fern, "But you're not safe with me!" lol Must be said that John had some lovely moves Mmmmmmmmmmm lovely wiggle!!!

Fern then interviewed Hollywood actor Andy Garcia about his new film 'City Island' that I believe opens in the UK a week this comin Friday. There were some giggles thanks to John, who had puffed up Andy's cushions before he came to sit down. John must admire Andy as he sat next to Andy. But the big giggle was when Fern said to Andy "Make sure you don't sit too close to John or you may need a crowbar to prize you appart!" Andy replied "Why do you think I'm sat at arms length."

Lots of VERY funny things were said by John that (because of brainfart syndrome) I can't remember..There was THAT many!

The final guests were a dance group called 'Recycled Teeenagers.' They are urband/street dancers made up of the more mature members of our population. One lady said she was 72 and didn't look a day over about 55. John, Fern, Brian and Ali got up to join them on the floor and the lead/teacher dancer whent through a dance routine. It involved swinging hips and wriggling your bottom...As you can imagine John had no problems with either of these two movements!

The whole programme was brilliant, loved every minute! And if someone posts it on YouTube, I shall post a link onto here!!!

Here are a couple of links. Hope you can ALL enjoy them!

~ Mickie x

3/14/2011 10:24:12 am

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