Gally, Gally, Gally. Galllifrey One is the yearly Los Angeles based Doctor Who convention that makes me happy, happy, happy. This was my 3rd year in attendance and every year I have a lot of the same feelings and experiences coming out of it. First, I am thrilled that such a convention exists at all and that it's so close to where I live. Second, I marvel in the deliciousness of 3 days with like-minded geeks. Third, I enjoy the fantastic programming, guests and yes shopportunities. Finally, I leave the convention realizing something is missing. I've been debating how to best describe my weekend at Gally this year and come to the conclusion that overall it was very similar to my feelings last year. You can read all about last year in my blog Gallifrey One: Confessions of a BarrowFan.

But this was a new year, with lovely new memories to share even if the final word sounds familiar. 

If you live in LA or can get there in February I highly recommend you attend this event. It's pretty rare as a US BarrowFan to get to talk to people about John Barrowman and have them know who you mean. Gallifrey One is primarily a Doctor Who event, but it does include creators and programming pertaining to Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures

My favorite thing to do during the weekend (and this works) is go up to a random stranger and without any introduction or preamble proclaim "I love John Barrowman" because more often than not they will reply "Me too!". Honestly that alone is worth the admission price. For 3 days you are surrounded by die-hard Whovians - and it's a bit like being in a brought to life message board - lots of opinionated fans that want to talk about every little thing to do with Doctor Who, the spinoffs and in fact anything remotely related. It's completely fantastic. 

As if shoving all us fans together wasn't enough, Gallifrey One also provides an opportunity for attendees to meet creators and actors and enjoy and array of celebrity panels, episode screenings and fan discussions. Among the guests this year - and relevant to Torchwood - were MATT RIPPY ( Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood: Series 1: Captain Jack Harkness), JOHN DE LANCIE ( Agent Alan Shapiro, Torchwood: Miracle Day), DANIELE FAVILLI  (Angelo Colasanto, Torchwood: Miracle Day), JANE ESPENSON (Writer, Torchwood: Miracle Day), DORIS EGAN (Writer, Torchwood: Miracle Day), and JOHN SHIBAN (Writer, Torchwood: Miracle Day). We got 3 writers and 3 actors, 2 of whom have kissed John Barrowman, not a bad showing at all. 

I'm sure various bits of panels and convention whatnot will be turning up online for weeks to come - but as for now and this blog, we've reached the recorded memories portion. Below are some enjoyable clips and pictures I collected over the weekend. I'm excited particularly to share a couple video moments with Matt Rippy and Daniele Favilli speaking briefly about working with John, so let's get straight to that!

First was Daneile Favilli who was set up signing in the hallway leading to the dealers room. It's was sort of a blink-and-you-miss him placement but the great thing is you passed him on the way everywhere and he was there most of the weekend. A number of my friends met Daniele previously at the Hub 7 convention and told me how sweet he was and they were so right. He was very friendly and welcoming with all the fans, I really cannot say enough nice things about him. He was kind enough to tell me a story about filming Miracle Day with John so I could share it with you.

There was also a picture with Daniele that I took, he looks adorable and I look a hot mess, so that one is staying in the vault - sorry kids. To soften the blow take a gander at this pretty pic of Daniele planting one on a fan's Ianto bear, what would Jack say? I can already imagine the fanfic to come - please please resist the urge to 'ship Angelo and Ianto Bear. As cute as this is, that's just not OK.
Daniele Favilli and Ianto Bear

Then there was the delightful Matt Rippy. That fellow has quite a smile and I'm not gonna lie I got a little giggly goofy talking to him - he's just so pretty! Enjoy the terrible embarrassment of girly titters accompanying his video about John.

Honestly Matt ended up being the highlight of my convention. I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to see him but I did and he was such a presence. In the same way John has a contagious happiness about him, it's impossible not to smile around Matt. What a darling man, seriously.

As great as the temptation was I resisted the urge to ask either gent about kissing John Barrowman. Why? Because I'm sure they've answered that question 1 million times and I was hoping to get something different out of them. I mean, who thinks it was a great hardship kissing John Barrowman? Matt mentioned it in his video but for those who are a little sad by my lack of inquiry, my friend David asked Danielle about it at the Torchwood panel.

In addition to these videos I got a few pictures - with a shared theme…

I decided to go around to Torchwood creators and cast in my Team Barrowman shirt and get them to swear allegiance…no not really. In a slightly less psychotic request I found Torchwood celebrities to take photos with us pointing at my…Team Barrowman. Cause we're all Team Barrowman, right? (Disclaimer: the pointing of fingers and following captions are not binding and none of these celebrities are officially stating they are Team Barrowman. Also, I mean I am that I am Team Barrowman in the "I support John" way, not that I am in anyway officially affiliated with John's official team - why did the disclaimer feel necessary? Oh well. PICTURES!)

Lets get to the point:
Matt Rippy is Team Barrowman
John de Lancie is Team Barrowman
Daniele Favilli is Team Barrowman
Jane Espenson and Doris Egan are Team Barrowman

I also had a quick chat with Doris Egan about working with John and I got two magical quotes that should be constantly used. She managed in a 5 minute conversation to work in the following two thoughts:

When asked about working with John and writing for Jack she said: 

It's a wonderful character, I was just glad to write ANY part of it. In person I made him look at pictures of my dogs.

While discussing John's singing Doris shared a funny story:

I have at home a Cole Porter CD and there's a part where Kevin Cline sings with someone and every time I would think that person sounds JUST like John Barrowman - it's amazing! It was like a year later when I found out.

Finally for our picture show I have two miscellaneous pictures that just make me smile.
Me with 3 Jacks
STILL needs more Jack. Next year I'm going to do a kick line with many, many Jacks and me in the middle. If I remember. 
Me with the giant Adipose!

If I had one fangirl moment this was it. I was so excited, LOOK, we're holding hands! So cute.

I had a really fabulous weekend but at the end of it all I had a bit of sadness too. Not only the sadness of leaving behind all the fun, but a sadness similar to last years, upon final reflection. There is no question that this is a great event. I will attend them as long as they are around; I already have my ticket for next year. That being said, there was still something missing. Or rather someone I was missing. In a convention filled to the brim with BarrowFans I again felt very little of a Barrowman presence. It's odd, really, there wasn't a total lack of Torchwood representation. As I said there were 6 guests from the show as well as a few panels. But, and it's something really sticking with me, at the end of the weekend I found myself wishing there was more John Barrowman.

I count a total of 4 times I saw John Barrowman (in picture or on screen). The first was at a back-to-back screening of Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth and Journey's End which I specifically attended wanting more Barrowman time. Second was at Daniele Favilli's table, he had his miniature laptop set up playing his episode of Miracle Day. Third was a picture on the wall of Jack that was part of the weekend long scavenger hunt. Finally, they showed The Ballad of Russell & Julie clip at the year in review panel. 

It may seem weird that I remember each instance but I think the fact that I do is an indicator that it was a rare occurrence. I know I may be a bit biased, check the site you're on, and perhaps my Barrowman needs are greater than most, but I just wished for more. I think this year specifically part of the lack of attention had to do with the downplayed role Jack had in Miracle Day - there was simply less to talk about. This is off topic a bit and really a whole separate blog topic but whether you think Jack had a big enough role story wise, as far as actual scenes and screen time are concerned, he simply wasn't as prominent. 

I said last year I would contact those in charge of the convention about doing a John Barrowman panel and I'm an ass-hat for not getting around to it. This year, I'm going to make it a point. I would love to have even a brief time dedicated to John and his fans, like an in-person Barrowman Day. I have a couple of panel topics in mind or just a general BarrowAppreciation panel wouldn't be a bad thing. I'll let you know if that works out. 

I just keep thinking of the opening of "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and Jack's entrance with "Hey Kids, did ya miss me?" and I feel like shouting "YES!". Final analysis: Gallifrey One is a heck of a convention but it needs more Barrowman. xx

Susan Bomkamp
2/22/2012 09:31:37 pm

Amen!!! If you get a Barrowman panel going, I will come to Gally next year. Solemn promise. I need to be with other Barrowpeeps! lol If I can do anything to help (long distance) please let me know! :)

3/7/2012 06:42:33 am


Thanks honey, I'll let you know if it comes together or if I need any help down the line :-)


3/7/2012 06:15:32 am

Dana! Nice blog! I put together this site for Matt ( but I plan on actually putting real content on it and the ability for fans to come up with ways to bring Matt Rippy back to Torchwood. Since you think Matt is a pretty boy (even dudes do as his costars in the Reduced Shakespeare Company call him pretty boy) so if you have access to John Barrowman ask him why the heck he did not hire Matt to be the spokesmodel for his new line of men skin care stuff. Matt would have been perfect for this, and still could be! Oh, and I saw Matt this past Monday in Reston where the RSC performed (brilliantly I might add), he mentioned he will be back in London this summer.

3/7/2012 06:40:41 am

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog!

I will check out your site, Matt is fantastic.

LOL - I don't know for a fact, but I doubt John thought about celebrity endorsements as he's endorsing it himself - he's really his own spokesmodel. Did you get some of his HIM line? How lovely you saw Matt with the RSC I am MASSIVE Shakespeare nerd but the closest he is coming to me is 7 or 8 hours away. I hope he gets a chance to see John in concert (although they haven't announced a tour this year yet), he's a fantastic performer.


3/27/2012 06:46:03 am

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