Below is a late night concoction I created to accompany my well wishes for the John Barrowman 2010 concert tour. The words in bold are all John Barrowman song lyrics. It's an address to you all and a plea for a US (L.A. specifically) John Barrowman concert. Enjoy.

Hey World!

What are you thinking of? You know how I feel. John Barrowman, I hope you don't mind all I ask of you. L.A.'s changed a lot over the years, trust in me when I say it's a new day. And some folks believe it's a fantasy, the gap between us is too wide. What I really mean is  c'mon big baby c'mon! I'll dance and I'll sing, I'll do anything for a concert here on Sunset Boulevard!  One night only! Oh there's lots that I can say and I don't wanna push, but what about us American BarrowFans? I know that you're bound to answer when I propose, anything goes. And it's all right with me. 

Yup that was cheesy, but that's just me, hope someone got a laugh out of it! High five to everyone who is going to the tour or who has seen a show already. I cannot wait to see the concert dvd! JB if you read this hope you have a great tour wherever it leads you. You're the Top.


p.s. as stated above all in bold are lyrics to John Barrowman songs and in no way mine, copyright their respective owners no infringement intended.
This is something I put together to send my best wished to John Barrowman on his tour and to let him know his fans in the US are wishing him well. It's a play on the opening of John's show 'Tonight's the Night' but i bet you all knew that.

That IS me in the photo. The photo was taken by my friend Kristine and #BarrowIzed by i4dezign73. I came up with this idea while looking for pose inspiration via John Barrowman concert pictures. The mic is there because I needed to be doing something in the photo and I sing.

If you want to see the full bigger version of this picture and I hope you do you can see it on our TwitPic here:

10/7/2010 06:47:05 am

Ooow this is great!!! The idea of writing that letter with parts of the songs is awesome! And the pic is fantastic, fantastic, FANTASTIC!!! XD

I want a concert in Italy too!!! XD

10/7/2010 07:07:13 am

Thanks sweetie! It was maddening coming up with and I did it in the early hours of the morning so I was going nutty LOL. The pic came out great, my friends really helped out :)

I hope you get a concert in Italy too, Barrowman for all!


10/11/2010 07:40:59 pm

Thats great Dana l like it

10/11/2010 07:46:32 pm

Thanks Tim! :)

3/14/2011 10:47:11 am

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3/17/2011 04:16:37 pm

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