I have now realised another reason why I love JohnBarrowman so much. John and I are the same age. There is almost exactly one month between us and like me, John hasn't grown up. I watched an interview with John at Comic Con in 2009 and he admited to being, in his head, only five. He loves Sci Fi and LOVES toys!!

Well, that's me....If I go to a shop that has a toy department, you'll see me in there. And if my brother is with me, we'll both be in there! lol I love love toys. I am already the proud owner of The Tenth Doctor with a remote control K9. And also Tens Sonic Screwdriver. I have a PS2, DSi and PSP! I watch Anime and read, on occasions, manga (japanese comics). I have fun socks and undies (right now I'm sat on an image of My Little Pony!).

I am hoping, at some point, to buy a Captain Jack Figure. Preferably the Doctor Who one first. And then at some point the Torchwood version. I can't have LOADS of toys as I don't have room..But I do love my toys and it's just ANOTHER thing I love about John...I am not alone with loving toys at 43! lol

Here is something to remember....The worst thing you could do..Is grow up!

~ Mickie x
E.Dickson (aka Time Hound)
11/6/2010 03:35:35 pm

Mickie et al: The reason John has not "grown Up" is he like a lot of us suffers from "Peterpanitus". While this syndrome has no real physical manifestations, one is prone to: giggles, snorts, guffahs, wide-eyeisms, grins & smiles. Everything can be full of wonder, awe, & gosh, golly wow! People who have Peterpanitus, are constantly being pleasantly surprised by what the world & this universe can offer them. Their motto "I won't grow up, no how, not me."


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