Hey #BarrowBuddies!!

Let's start out with HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN BARROWMAN!! What a great day, JB's been making the world a happier place to be in for 44 years now!!

Now onto the #TwitterParty! This is going to be pretty much 3 hours of high intensity #BarrowmanDay! The party is going from 7pm-10pm GMT which is 11am-2pm PST (if you're in California like John and I right now). Just follow us @BarrowmanDay on twitter to join in!

We thought a fun way to celebrate would be to make a list of 44 reasons we love John Barrowman. Just 44 of the countless many and they are in no particular order. We'll be tweeting them over the 3 hour, some along with pictures and videos. And when the party is over I will post the completed list here for everyone to see. We'll tag the tweets #Barrow44 so you can check them out there as well.

We'll also be playing a #BarrowGame as per usual, it'll be straight forward but certainly something we can do for 3 hours. Name of the game is #ILoveJBBecause. It's just everyone joining in and adding to the list of reasons. So to play the game tweet something like:

#ILoveJBBecause He's my alarm ringer and it puts me in a good mood all day! @BarrowmanDay (and no that is not on the list but it is one of my reasons! I wake up to "De-Lovely" everyday!)

Remember the #ILoveJBBecause tag and to put @BarrowmanDay at the end so we can read all your tweets. The reasons can be serious or silly, obvious or random. Just any reasons you may have and as many as you want to share. The fun will be as with every #BarrowmanDay all of us fans sharing in conversation about how we adore John!!

One DISCLAIMER, as you know we get a lot of tweets from everyone and it's GREAT, so much fun to hear from all of you and by all means @BarrowmanDay all the time we LOVE to read your thoughts and #BarrowGame posts. BUT it's simply not possible to respond to you all or for each tweet. We'll be talking and RTing as usual but if you don't hear back from us, we HAVE seen your tweet but we are doing our darnedest to avoid #TwitterJail. If we tweet too much they freeze our account and we cannot tweet at all. But if you talk to us on non #BarrowmanDay's we will ALWAYS respond. And we read them all I swear.

I think that'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect for the #TwitterParty hope to see you all there and please enjoy our John Barrowman birthday card that Mickie put together. Isn't it cute? xx


*Update* Complete list of #Barrow44

#1 He's a born entertainer and he ALWAYS keeps it entertaining! http://twt.mx/Rged #Barrow44

#2 If you touch him you'll understand what happiness is. http://twt.mx/Rgee #Barrow44

#3 He has a way with kids. http://twt.mx/Rgef  #Barrow44

#4 He's the single best singer in the universe EVER.  http://twt.mx/Rgeg #Barrow44

#5 The way he says 'Anythin' always leaving off the G #Barrow44

#6 His huggable hands  #Barrow44

#7 The way he works heels and THOSE LEGS! http://twt.mx/Rgeh #Barrow44

#8 He's not afraid to cry. http://twt.mx/Rgej #Barrow44

#9 His range as an actor. The most dashing of heroes & most menacing baddie http://twt.mx/Rgek #Barrow44

#10 He always takes time for his fans. #Barrow44

#11The SPARKLE and BLING  #Barrow44

#12 He encourages a healthy love of Bananas #Barrow44

#13 Every single musical moment and songs he makes us sing. http://twt.mx/Rgep #Barrow44

#14 His incomparable confidence. #Barrow44

#15 HIs tweets and the pictures that accompany them #Barrow44

#16 He looks good in yellow http://twt.mx/Rgeq #Barrow44

#17 His positive attitude, even in the face of hard times. http://twt.mx/Rgem #Barrow44

#18 His QVC obsession  #Barrow44

#19 He smells REALLY GOOD! #Barrow44

#20 He taught us to appreciate cheap hair products  #Barrow44

#21 He inspires us to be proud of who we are  http://twt.mx/Rger #Barrow44

#22 He wears kilts. Kilts are cool.  #Barrow44

#23 He helps us survive being alive, by being alive!  http://twt.mx/Rgeu #Barrow44

#24 He's Cheeky and Cheeky  #Barrow44

#25 His terrible Welsh Accent http://twt.mx/Rgev #Barrow44

#26  He's a fan! http://twt.mx/Rgen #Barrow44

#27 He's naughty and that famous line  http://twt.mx/Rgew #Barrow44

#28 He and Scott makes up believe in true love http://twt.mx/Rgex #Barrow44

#29 His bigger than life personality. #Barrow44

#30 Him undressed we'd like. Anything Goes!! http://twt.mx/Rgey #Barrow44

#31 He always gives us sage advice http://twt.mx/Rgez #Barrow44

#32 His wonderfully expressive face #Barrow44

#33 He's good at EVERYTHING. Every single thing but 1. (see #25) http://twt.mx/RgeA #Barrow44

#34 His giving nature and all the good work he inspires. http://twt.mx/RgeB #Barrow44

#35 His Scottish Accent "He's a bit bilingual" http://twt.mx/RgeC #Barrow44

#36 His years of work as a presenter and Tonight's the Night. #Barrow44

#37 His phenomenally entertaining family and his love for them. http://twt.mx/RgeD #Barrow44

#38 His speaking voice, those audiobooks. #Barrow44

#39 His contagious giggle! When John laughs we laugh. http://twt.mx/RgeE #Barrow44

#40 He's a storyteller - Biographies and Bedtime stories http://twt.mx/RgeF #Barrow44

#41 His curious nature and the courage to follow it where it may take him. http://twt.mx/RgeG #Barrow44

#42 He's a kid inside! And he brings it out in all of us. #Barrow44

#43 He's humble and his heart is bigger on the inside. #Barrow44

#44 He's sublime, he's a turkey dinner - HE'S THE TOP!!  http://twt.mx/RgeH #Barrow44

Paulette dawn thacker
3/11/2011 04:18:00 am

John will make the world a happy place for us all for many many more years yet well he better as i love him and worship him he,s my god and always will be .

3/11/2011 04:23:15 am

john will be there to make us all happy for many many more years to come well he better be because he,s my god and i love him so and he,s the best jb u r great ,gorgeous,handsome,hot and the greatest entertainer ever.xx

Maisie James
3/11/2011 06:44:56 am

Lovely cake that is. he is a very good singer actor and he loves all his fans and even more so his family., He is the best. xxxxxx

3/11/2011 06:49:09 am

John brings people together,entertains us, makes us smile and reminds us that there are still good people around in our often cruel world.
That's why he is loved by so many.xx

3/11/2011 07:01:10 am

Thanks girls this was a lot of work but well done. I hope that he sees this and enjoys it.

I spent time in TwitpicJail tho - had to make comments to twitter proper.

Still - JB is special to all of us in different ways, but it's these differences that brings us together.

3/11/2011 07:16:16 am

@Paulette dawn thacker - Oh yea every year is sure to be #BarrowBetter than the one before :)

3/11/2011 07:18:02 am

@johnbbbabe - I agree! He's the greatest :)

3/11/2011 07:19:31 am

@Maisie James the cake was awesome! And yea I think he's pretty talented too!

3/11/2011 07:20:47 am

@izembard Well said! So great being included in such a great group of fans! xx

3/11/2011 07:22:49 am

@Time_Hound - Glad you enjoyed it! He is undoubtedly special!

3/24/2011 02:28:25 am

@@Paulette dawn thacker - John is amazing and as Dana said he gets #BarrowBetter every year! He always has something special for us all!

Mickie x

3/24/2011 02:29:56 am

@johnbbbabe Hehehe he is the god of Entertainment!Love him to bits #ManCrush

Mickie x

3/24/2011 02:33:34 am

@Maisie James It is an amzing cake..Wish i'd made it myself!! lol Look at his lovely glowing face! lol

Mickie x

3/24/2011 02:35:13 am

@izembard I couldn't agree more! I've made so many new friends both in the genral JB fandom and via our BarrowmanDay page on twitter!

Mickie x

3/24/2011 02:37:35 am

@Time_Hound I'm so glad you enjoyed it, such comments makes it all so very worth it! And it is always a pleasure for the both of us!

All our followers, as well as JB, make runnig BarrowmanDay a complete pleasure!

Mickie x

3/25/2011 07:36:48 pm

That is just a great post, I liked very much to go through it.

3/30/2011 07:03:10 pm

I am also volunteering as the assistant soccer coach at Jefferson High School. It is SUCH a great way to get to know the high school students and staff members. Although we are 0-2 so far, it has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the rest of the season! I'll keep you posted in my next blog...Go Santos!!!

3/24/2012 05:53:14 am

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