This is a subject I have encountered on numerous occasion with regards to the age and sex of Johns fandom! And it is something I find both annoying and to an extent insulting to myself, fellow fans and John himself.

It is a subject that has been touched upon by fellow tweeters (who I must add I don't follow), bloggers and journalists alike. I am refering to the apprent fact that ALL Johns fans are both female AND of a certain age or 40 plus!

Of course those who follow @BarrowmanDay will know that we don't ALL fall into that supposed catagory at all. We have followers who are in their teens, followers who are male (and not necessarily gay) or both! I myself have a niece who loves him to bits and she's 12 in November! And what about all the children who love Captain Jack from Doctor Who...They ARE children, not 40 plus women! lol

Of course there are women who are of a certain age or who are 40 plus (dare I say it I fall in there! Eeeek), but isn't John (eeeek) also 40 plus? He's not a teeny bopper pop singer! (thank the gods!). He's a fabulously talented mature (I say that with tongue in cheek) entertainer!

What such comments go to show is that these people are incredibly ignorent of A: Who John Barrowman is and B: Who is fan base are! They haven't a clue and don't take the trouble to even look!

John Barrowman is not only talented, but he is able to appeal to a VERY broad spectrum of ages, sexual orientation, religion or what ever you can think of! I like to imagine that there are Aliens out there that love him as much as we do! lol

So you people out there who think John is just for women of a certain age...Try actually looking at his fan base, who they are and stop lazily making ridiculous assumptions and start doing some actual research about his fans before you insult them and him!

~ Mickie x

Here's is one article that triggered this blog. I added a comment under the name Mickie Newton! I even had a reply!  Swindon News
10/11/2010 03:11:42 am

Im 19 years old and i love john, so its intresting when people say that all johns fans are over 40 because its so not true i know many fans of john who are even younger than me :) johns a very special man and he makes every one of his fans feel special. no matter the age or how many times you get to see him. Im very proud to be a johnette :D

10/11/2010 03:14:44 am

Nuhuh. I am a mahoosive JB fan. And I am 18.

It annoys me the way people stereotype John's fans. The amazing thing about him is that he appeals to fans of all ages and sexes.

People say that the audiences of his shows are full of middle-aged women but do these people stop and think who can afford to buy the tickets?! I know I had to save for mine.

It gets on my wick, as it were.

:) ♥

10/11/2010 03:24:02 am


I an proud to say that im a fan of john barrowman and im 13 john is an excelent entertainer and appeals to all ages and genders
but it is wrong when people say hes just for over 40's cause it so not true i know a lot of people who are the same age or just that bit older than me who are his fans!!

10/11/2010 04:28:43 am

Thanks girls for your fabulous comments, they're very much appreaciated!!!

Mickie x

10/11/2010 04:48:37 am


I'm 16 people... this does NOT go down well with my vanity... I look like im 40+? Nothing wrong with being 40+ (obviously) but if I look 40+ I would like to know how! and why?! xD

*breaths heavily*


10/11/2010 05:27:09 am

So with that assumtion us fans who don't fit into that demographic don't count?
John covers everything from 2 to 80+... And yes i know a 2 y.o who likes John :) and an older lady too...
I also know guys who are both gay, straight and bi who love John...

I myself am 18 and have loved John since I was 11... which would have been 2003 right?

Johnettes range and these guys/girls who write these articals should seriously check their facts...

*Rant over....*

@barrowdoodle91 <3

10/11/2010 09:20:07 am

I've been a fan of JB's since the good old days of Live n Kicking. I'm neither in my 40's (not quite anyways - give me 5+yrs before the party!!) or gay. I feel that Mr B has a very wide ranging appeal, My 83yr old gran came to the concert with me last year, and my mum & dad are joining me again this year. When you look round the venues you can see a wide range of folk enjoying our talented JB. Why do journalists feel the need to pidgeon hole us?


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