Hey #BarrowFans, Dana here, with news of a charity contest that I thought would be REALLY cool for #BarrowFans to try our luck at.  Please read on for more information and how you can help (or at least read the red bits), but the bottom line is if we win we can get a $1000 donation for DogsTrust a charity near and dear to the heart of our favorite John Barrowman.

The contest is called R$NG in the NEW YEAR! and it's put on by an organization I support called 'Maddie's Corner'  a dog loving charity which was founded by Kristin Chenoweth (who I'm sure you all know from 'Glee' and 'Wicked' at the very least) The prize for the contest and the #BarrowRelevance is $1000 donated to your animal loving charity of choice (and cake pops LOL). So when I heard about this contest naturally my first thought was of DogsTrust one of the charities John Barrowman supports that does such great work.  I emailed the folks in charge of the contest and they said DogsTrust certainly qualifies for the prize so if we win it would be something we could do for a very worthwhile organization and something I'm sure would make JB smile. And considering how often he makes us smile wouldn't it be great to repay the favor?

So HOW DO WE WIN? The contest is to see who can get the most people to FOLLOW 'Maddie's Corner' on twitter and LIKE them on Facebook. What YOU all can do is follow @MaddiesCorner on twitter and like Maddie's Corner on Facebook BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. In order for it to count you have to tweet or write on the wall that @BarrowmanDay sent you. You can do both as far as I understand. Here's the details of how to help from the Maddie's Corner site, with addition of our name in the appropriate places:

1. Become a Follower
2.Tweet a variation** of the following: @MaddiesCorner @BARROWMANDAY sent me! #Maddies Corner Contest
**To abide by Twitter guidelines we suggest that you have the followers you are bringing actually tweet a variety of things. Twitter does not like the same thing to be tweeted over and over. The IMPORTANT PART is that no matter what you tweet, be sure to include @MaddiesCorner and @BARROWMANDAY!

1. Become a fan
2. Write on our wall: "BarrowmanDay" suggested I become a fan of Maddie's Corner!

Full contest details

This is a really cool opportunity to help two great organizations spread awareness and raise some funds. So please help if you're so inclined and tell your friends to do the same. The contest ends January 31st so get on it #BarrowBuddies!!

Also, please if you have a free moments take a look at the websites for Maddie's Corner (www.maddiescorner.org) and DogsTrust (www.dogstrust.org.uk) to learn more about the wonderful work they do.

This is just something I thought would be nice for us to do, we're not associated with John Barrowman, DogsTrust or Maddie's Corner in any official capacity. We just  support them all and think you should too!


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