John Barrowman, despite being based in the UK, has fans all over the world. When it comes to the release of albums, dvds, magazines, etc. or the airing of TV shows figuring out the how and where can be a mess. To help clear things up I am starting a as-the-need-arises blog called "BarrowWorld Breakdown". One blog for each substantial release that groups the information we have regarding viewing and buying in any given part of the world. I'll update as often as I get new information and if you have any details we don't have listed please comment below, with a link to the source.

This blog is to track John's upcoming album Tonight's The Night - The Very Best of John Barrowman.

Please note that what is listed is one example of where to purchase and there may be others. Also, some sites allow you to order from out of country. Check the delivery options on the bottom of each country to see where they ship to. Be aware that additional shipping time, charges and taxes may apply when ordering out of country.

United Kingdom 
Release Date:  Monday, 5th September
Price: £8.99
Order/Pre-Order: Amazon UK
Delivery Options: Most countries in the world. Please note that customers in the US and Canada may be restricted to one copy of certain book titles.

United States  **UPDATED**
Release Date:  Tuesday, 13th September
Price: $35.69
Order/Pre-Order: Amazon US
Delivery Options: Almost all destinations outside the U.S.

Release Date:  Tuesday, 13th September
Price: CDN$ 25.99
Order/Pre-Order: Amazon CA
Delivery Options: Most international addresses.

Release Date:  Tuesday, 13th September
Price: Unknown
Order/Pre-Order: Amazon FR (not yet available, but listed)
Delivery Options: Unknown

Release Date:  Tuesday, 13th September
Price: ¥ 2,360
Order/Pre-Order: Amazon JP
Delivery Options: Unknown

For your consideration. In some cases even if the CD is available for purchase in your country it may be more cost effective to order it from another. For example, the case of US purchase, the album is priced at £12.74 or $20.93 more than the UK one. If you are willing to wait longer, even with the additional shipping charges it's likely to be cheaper to order from Amazon UK.

Another option would be to wait for a digital copy to be available through iTunes or something similar. I'm sure that will happen and will likely be cheaper, with immediate digital delivery, but there are no release dates that I am aware of.

I hope this helps, if anyone has further details for other countries please comment below with a link. xx

8/8/2011 09:03:39 pm

Hello, in France, the release date is the tuesday 13th September but no price and no guarantee to buy it : So Amazon UK for me (well, like the other albums, DVDs and books)...

8/8/2011 09:09:11 pm

@Delph - Thank you for the link, I've updated the list. Amazon UK seems to be a good option for many, good luck :)xx


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