First let me say
to all the #BarrowFans around the world! And to those who don't celebrate Christmas, hope your winter holiday or general cold time is fabulous! May 2012 be filled with lots of sparkles, smiles and love!

Now that that's out of the way...

As many of you who talk with me outside of Barrowman Day know, this holiday season has seen me slaving away with a massive stack of greeting cards and home made card stuffers. What you don't know and what I've kept purposely secret (TIL NOW) is the Barrowman aspect of my holiday creation. I can't post the finished stuffer as many haven't received them yet but below is the holiday art work that went on it:
I call it "Janto Xmas" for obvious reasons, a little holiday love from Jack and Ianto (in the style of Peanuts. Made with coloring help from my elf Kristine.
I couldn't resist putting Jack in another iconic coat! And to be very honest I almost put Ianto in an Elf get-up, but I don't think he would - even if Jack asked nicely - not his style. Well, maybe after hours, but that's a VERY different card and this is a family show!

Of course that wasn't the only John Barrowman/ Jack Harness aspect of my holiday plotting...

Some of you have seen some pretty spectacular train wrecks around the holiday time from me - when I try to get creative with food and it's very scary (see my Passover Blog). Well this Christmas season I got creative in the kitchen again. My Christmas Elf Kristine and I decided to make MASSIVE gingerbread men for our friends, all in the likeness of characters from shows and books. This was no easy task. I don't have a scale pic but these cookies are the size of my head! When I got to decorating for my friend Cristina I decided on a Jack cookie. Seriously, cookie decorating, not a talent of mine, you may want to look away...
My attempt at Jack Harkness in MASSIVE gingerbread cookie form...see below for why he's wounded
Take my word, these cookies were an ordeal and every step of the way they got a little uglier! The reason why Jack is bleeding is that the frosting base didn't quite dry right and when I went to draw on him there it started tearing away and he looked chewed up. I figured I would just make him reviving Jack. He clearly just died and that face is him gasping back to life. It WAS a smile originally but it didn't seem right with him bloodied, then again, if anyone would be smiling. Is this cookie very pretty or even close to John Barrowman levels of attractive? No, no it's not. But I tried and the cookies are delicious!

Then of course there is Christmas day. How am I celebrating? Well, first thing is to get in the holiday spirit with some Christmas songs, sung by John Barrowman. Below are a few of my favorite, and you can find more on YouTube, these are from "A Musical Christmas with John Barrowman" a BBC Radio 2 show from 2006. There are a few Christmas Barrowman bits otherwise, a performance here and there as well as appearances on Christmas specials and technically all the Panto clips are Christmas-y . Right, songs, listen:
Honestly, I could listen to John singing "My Grown Up Christmas List" all day. Speaking of singing the holiday through lots of you are going to see, or have seen, John this holiday season in his latest Panto Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates.  I am over the moon happy for all of you that will have that chance! Panto time is super happy fun and if you're going I'm sure you'll have a blast! For those not going, like me, we'll wait for some kind soul to put something on YouTube and you know I'll pass it on when I see it.

There's another part of Christmas that I imagine most of you are looking forward to (or enjoyed already, depending on when this is up and where you live) and that's the Doctor Who Christmas special. You know what would make it really special for me? If Jack turned up. I'm sure it'll be a great episode anyway but I am so desperate to see how Jack would interact with 11 and it hasn't happened yet.

My Christmas wish and New Year prediction (mark my words) is we'll see Jack back on Doctor Who in 2012. I think with the state of limbo Torchwood is in it's unlikely John will be filming that any time soon, which while it breaks my heart, means that he'll free up a little time, maybe he'll only need two clones instead of three. Then MAYBE - he'll have time to film an episode of Doctor Who. For those of us who can't wait to see John Barrowman and Matt Smith together, I'll direct you again to my hideous cookies - Jack and Doctor:
Jack and 11 in cookie form, I hope we get to see them together really - the cookies don't quite cut it.
Finally, I want to remind all US #BarrowFans of a WONDERFUL treat. New Years Day Starz Edge (one of the Starz channels) will be airing a Torchwood: Miracle Day marathon. Starting at 6am and going on past 12am they will air the entire series of TW: MD in order TWICE! This is it, if you haven't seen it - or just need a little more Jack in your life - get watching or set up recording. The second run through of the series starts at 3:14pm, so no excuses about having to wake up early. I'm considering watching it all back-to-back twice.

From myself and the rest of the Barrowman Day gang I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and get lots of awesome Barrowman related gifts! Let me know if you do, I want to see pictures people. xx

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Those cookies...

Delicious messes, all of them!

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Great info, thx


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