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As with the previous blog and future Miracle Day blogs of a spoilery nature I'm including a 'Read More' break. If you are seeing this on my main blog page you will have to click in. Want to know everything I loved about The New World?  Click in, a picture of my favorite moment and admitted fangirl-telling await you.

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If I were to write a blog about all the things I loved about Torchwood or even about one episode we'd be here for a very long time. For the sake of relative brevity I'm just gonna touch on a few of my favorite things about "The New World", in no particular order:

Brian Guest

Guest star Brian Guest who played Alexander Peterssen is a star! If you don't remember that name he was the fellow from the Governer's office who visits Oswald in prison. I can't say that I've ever seen Brian Guest in his previous roles but I am now a fan for life. In one scene he managed to snag my heart. He has a charisma about him that I cannot get enough of. Add to that that his acting held up opposite Bill Pullman and that he's easy on the eyes and he is firmly a positive factor in this episode. I think he's great, even if we never see him again, he left his imprint on Torchwood, bravo Brian!

Normal life Gwen and her family

I always find I like Gwen more when she's on her off time from Torchwood. My favorite things about the character are her supporting cast. Rhys, baby Anwen and her parents are all great and funny additions to the show. I went into this series a little upset at Gwen, like a certain group of fans I have a hard time with the character. I did however give her a clean slate, I want to like her, Eve Myles is a fantastic actress. Lucky for me with her regular woman moments and her family in tow I can say about 98% of Gwen in this episode had me smiling. I hope this is a trend that continues, domesticated Gwen is a hoot! Also, on a related note a lot of folks were wondering if Gwen's parents this episode were portrayed by the same actors as her parents in Something Borrowed, they were.

The Music

I'm obsessed with Murray Gold. I wrote a whole blog about loving Murray Gold. It pretty difficult to describe why you love music and so I won't try. Murray Gold who is the composer on this series and has worked on the Torchwood series' past is a genius. The music is so suited and well placed. The moments the music stops are just as impactful as the placement of the notes. I was struck as usual by how well done the music was throughout. AND at about my 13th viewing I realized something! Along with many fans I was disappointed that the opening credits didn't have the Torchwood theme we know and love, but I was wrong. If you listen closely, it's soft and slowed down but part of the theme is definitely there! It's subtle but I am grateful to have heard it, it made me smile. Give it a listen.

Bill Pullman/Oswald Daines

Holy cow was he intense! I have been excited about his inclusion in the series since it was announced. I've loved Bill Pullman for a long time. Like most I remember him from Independence Day but to me he'll always be singing reporter Bryan Denton from The Newsies. This guys can act no question and his character in Miracle Day is SO past disturbing. Doubt if we'll see him break into song. I am so excited to see where this character takes the story. Not to mention "she should have run faster" Chills, seriously. Hell of a start for this character.


Everyone looks outstanding! The new coat of course is the topic of many conversations and I love it! Not just that, the whole cast looked sharp. The clothes, the jewelry, the shoes, everything designed or selected by Shawna Trpcic. Massive thumbs up for the crafting, styling all of it. I want literally everything that Esther wore the whole episode, even the impractical shoes.

Alexa Havins

While I am not yet sold on Esther, or against her, I think Alexa Havins is the bees knees. Silly American me again, I've actually known her a long time. She played Arabella 'Babe' Carey Chandler on All My Children a soap opera I watch. She was there for a couple of years until she left the show to be replaced by a wildly  inferior actress. I am a fan, I know we didn't see a lot of what she can do this episode but trust me she's got what it takes to be a part of this cast. Happy to have her back on my TV screen. Thrilled even.

Rex is not Jack lite

From the initial descriptions of the character I have to admit I was worried they were going to make Rex a lot like Jack in Doctor Who and we don't need another Jack. He's nothing like Jack ,thanks God! He's his own character. I don't know how I feel about Rex yet, I like Mekhi, I think there were funny moments but....he's a little bit like Owen gone wrong. He's the loveable asshole, except so far he isn't loveable. I'll give it time.

Kai Owen/Eve Myles/Tom Price - and their characters

I could seriously go on forever about how brilliant everyone in this cast is, but the blog will get very long and you've heard it all before from me. These three who I have dubbed 'Team Wales' are simple but scene stealers. Of course they have to be to compete with the entity that is John Barrowman but really they are all aces. Eve's range of emotions, Kai's comedic timing and charm, Tom's adorable quirk I love it all! The character's are bringing it and the actors are backing it up. Well done 'Team Wales'!

The brief flash-back to Rex and Jack on the plane

I am obsessed with this scene. We see Rex yelling on the phone and then Jack grabs it away and turns it off. Every time I watch it I marvel at the sheer Barrowmness of it all. Not to say that John Barrowman is particularly bitchy, in fact he's the nicest guy ever, but the ay he said "she said to turn off the phone" just has the Barrowman flare about it. I cannot help but smile and think how John always says that there is a lot of him in Jack, I saw it, I welcome it, bring on the Barrowman.

Jack and John Barrowman (oh you knew it was coming)

Jack Harkness is, to me, heads above any other character in this series. Maybe it will get harder to select a favorite as the episodes roll on, I am very fond of Rhys. As it stands Jack is the anchor to the Torchwood we know and he's just spectacular. He's mysterious in this series and I am loving that. He's also out of his element, which means we get to see a vulnerable side of Jack both emotionally and physically. I love that he's mortal, I think it's a brilliant twist with so many possibilities and I think it will be resolved by series end. As for John Barrowman, in case you didn't get the memo, he's my favorite singer, actor, entertainer ever, check the website. Of course I am going to love John Barrowman in this, but I think I am even more impressed than I imagined with what he is bringing to the role. This is the best he's ever been as Jack. Every face he pulls, every move he makes, every cheeky remark is spot on. He's so subtle about some things, the way he quietly reacts to what's going on around him. the way he takes in the realization he's wounded and not healing. Every single thing he did this episode I applaud. I may be biased but I'm not wrong, John Barrowman is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!

I imagine as the series progresses I'll have more to say about the story and praising all the actors will get a bit redundant. The first episode however is the perfect time to focus on the things I will enjoy the whole series. As I said that is just a handful, this episode really was great. I cannot wait for every episode to come, next week's is written by Doris Egan, who is a top notch American writer, as is everyone who is going to be on the series. Not American, top notch. Anyway I have one more moment to share, the best thing without a doubt that this episode gave us. Without further ado I give you...the #BarrowNipple:
It's no secret that John Barrowman is attractive. He knows it, we know it. Let's all just enjoy the show.
I may have made it a wallpaper too. You can download it full size at the link below. You're welcome.
                                          #BarrowNipple Wallpaper

Yea, OK, I'm done. I've had my #BarrowFix for the week. Torchwood is back and I missed it! Are there things about the ways of old I miss? Yup. Do I think I could love this version just as much? Sure do. I hope you all stick with it with me and we can chat about all the developments.

If you haven't seen the Coming Soon Trailer check it out below. It's intense and I have a lot to say about what we see, but I'll save it for those episodes. Happy Miracle Day all!! xx


My Torchwood 4 Blog
7/14/2011 08:01:49 pm

I like your blog so much. And I'm loving to read it, because you describe it, how I feel.

I'm watching Torchwood only since a few weeks, as I saw it in Germany on TV. But now, I'm really addicted to Jack, Gwen and co.. ^^

I hope we are allowed to enjoy many many more episodes and also series in future.

Greetings from a german Torchwood girl

7/15/2011 09:44:30 am

I started watching Torchwood last week from the first season. I really liked the first two season but absolutely LOVED Children of Earth. It's refreshing to see a character like Jack Harkness, who is open about his sexuality. It's refreshing because we don't get so much non-heterosexual characters in sci-fi shows. I was sad when Ianto died, but it kinda fit in nicely with the storyline.

I am a 19 year old gay guy so to finally find a sci-fi show that has such an awesome lead character is just... AMAZING!

Season 4 looks promising so far. The first episode was just an introduction so I can't wait for next eps!

Since I'm new to Torchwood, can you recommend some great fan sites? Thanks!


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