What I have learned over the course of these blogs is that the topic dictates the tone. While sometimes I really like to dig deep into themes and debates with you all, other times like today, I just want to chat fan to fan. Last night I went to a screening of the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day and I promised to tell you a bit about it. Of course I will be very mindful of spoilers, I hate being spoiled myself so feel free to read without hesitation.

Without giving anything away, my reaction to this episode,The New World, was that it was fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Talking with fans since this series was announced I heard a number of concerns. It started with the idea of a UK/US co-production and just exploded at every announcement, rumor or spoiler. Fans as a whole seemed to be on a negative kick expecting mistakes and disappointment.

I was never one of those fans. I always believed that the people involved, especially John Barrowman, wouldn't proceed with Torchwood unless it was the very best version of the show. With every new announcement from casting to creative teams I grew more and more confidant that this was going to be the best series yet. Maybe it's because I was seeing this from the US side and I know that US tv can be very good or because I knew all the names being announced from their previous work. Or maybe I am just an eternal optimist. Whatever the case may be I'm a Torchwood believer and this screening makes me want to shout 'I knew it!'

One thing fans were worried about was the potential 'Americanization' of the show. I don't think anyone need be concerned that the show has sold it's soul to Hollywood. The only thing that made it feel more American was the production value. There was more money behind it and you could tell, but that was a positive change. The show doesn't loose any of it's intrinsic Torchwood-ness by having a boosted budget.

Starz and BBC did a great job of making the story accessible to new fans and appeasing old fans like myself. We got a whole mess of new characters learning alongside the audience everything we already know plus the added bonus of a number of in-jokes thrown in. On more that one occasion they referenced the past in a way that's fun for fans and doesn't alienate those just coming in.

The new characters as well as the old really piqued my interest. We're at a point where we're meeting new players and catching up with old favorites. Time has passed since Children of Earth and you can feel it. I'm a little concerned Torchwood might revisit that old habit of missing scenes. I think we'll have answers by the end of the series but I'd hate it if, once again, the time between episodes or series and the events that lead the characters to where they are was never fully explained.

I can say without details that this episode, unlike Children of Earth, seemed balanced in mood. While the threat of the 'miracle' is real and constant there were lighter moments that cut the tension. I imagine things will get darker as they go on but I'm hopeful that it will be paired with more of the humor and adventure this episode delivered.

Since this is Barrowman Day and it's worth noting, this episode had not enough and  exactly the right amount of Jack in it. How do I explain? If we're counting just minutes on  screen, John Barrowman is seen less than we're used to. That being said, every time he was on  screen he had a purpose and he stole the show. They gave us just enough Jack to make us desperate for more. He will intrigue new viewers and reminded old fans why we love him. I'm not too miffed because I think he had an appropriate sized part for the point of this episode and I don't think it'll be the norm.

I really want to gossip about 'this', 'that' and especially 'the one thing' but I'll save it for another blog once it's aired. I've been sitting on spoilers from sources for months now, another week without specifics of this episode won't do me in. Trust me, I love Torchwood I expect the best from my favorite show and my favorite actor, you won't be disappointed.

I'm going to leave you with a couple of pictures from the screening. No I didn't take pictures of the episode, that would be wrong, these are just a few little somethings. If anyone else saw this episode and wants to say their peace, comment below, but please do not spoil. If you want speak without that restriction I'd be glad to hear from you, email BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk with 'Dana' in the subject line. xx


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"Torchwood: Miracle Day" stress balls they handed out at the end of the screening. Thanks Starz!
"Torchwood" movie ticket and concession stand voucher for the screening.
Me and the heavy board "Torchwood: Miracle Day" poster the Starz representatives were kind enough to let me take home. All I had to do was ask. Well, my friend asked for me. Again, THANKS STARZ!

Thanks for this Dana you wrote it well enough for me to understand without giving anything away, Cant wait to see it now especially JACK LOL Lucky You getting that board to take home you treasure that now SUE XX


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