Dana's TW4 Blog - Barrowman Day
There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the times and dates Torchwood: Miracle Day will premiere around the world. To help clear things up I thought I would start a list of all the information available so far. The following are confirmed by official sources unless otherwise noted.

United States 
Date: Friday, July 8th
Time: 10pm ET/PT
Network: Starz

United Kingdom 
Date:  Thursday, 14th July
Time: 9pm
Network: BBC One

Date - Saturday, July 9th
Time: 9pm ET
Network: SPACE

Date: Saturday, July 9th
Time: 8:30pm
Network: UKTV

If you know of any other announced dates please let me know either by commenting on this entry or sending an email to BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk. Please include a link to the source of your information. I'll update as more dates come in. Follow @BarrowmanDay on twitter or like BarrowmanDay on Facebook for the latest on this and other Torchwood/Barrowman news.

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