Dana's TW4 Blog - Barrowman Day
Greetings Barrow Buddies!

Had my first shot at running into John Barrowman this past week (to no avail) when I stopped by an on location shoot for Torchwood. They were filming at a building in downtown Los Angeles which was, as you'd expect, not open to the public. The security guards were all very nice though and they did confirm that Torchwood was filming there. I got a number of responses regarding what time they would start filming so I didn't end up seeing anyone. However, I did get a glimpse inside the building.  The set up looked like a bank with a giant vault. I've heard that other films and shows have been shot there but I am unable to confirm that. It looked really great and while they wouldn't let me in to snap any pictures they were kind enough to let me shoot the backside of the vault...through a scratched up window. I know it's not much  but I thought I would post it anyhow (see picture). Hopefully next time I'll come away with something more. 'Til then. xx


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