Dear Torchwood Fans,

I know a lot of you are excited to be going to see the BFI screening and panel tomorrow. While I am deeply jealous and have plotted all you murders, I am also happy for you, that's great! It's a very cool event and I have a lot of friends who are going. By all means have fun and I'd love to see pictures from the panel or hear about John and the cast. But please, for those who are not going who have yet to pop our Torchwood: Miracle Day cherries please be careful of posting spoilers.

I know if I was going I'd want to shout about it and tweet every exciting moment. But I would resist and so should you! Twitter is a great place to chat with Torchwood fans and if you know about me and Mickie and this site that's our favorite thing to do. We're all about fans getting together and sharing their love and excitement. But twitter is also dangerous. I live in the US so I almost always have a delay between UK broadcasts and when I get to see things. Once a week while Doctor Who is on I have to avoid the internet as a whole until it makes it's way over here. And I know there are fans otherwise outside the UK with similar struggles.

It's a fact that Torchwood: Miracle Day will not be shown at the same time or even the same day at most places. No matter who gets it first I hope they can be thoughtful of the fans who haven't seen it yet and keep their review tweets to a vague "that was amazing" or "gee John Barrowman looks good in a suit".

With this screening happening it's even more tricky because a number of UK fans will be seeing the first episode  a whole 18 days before it's on TV in the US. I am writing this blog to beg you, formally, to not reveal any plot details. As a rule I hate spoilers though I have indulged on the rare occasion. But I also know a lot of people who LIVE for spoilers who will be begging for full details of the first episode. Can I suggest a compromise?

On things like Twitter and Facebook where you can accidentally read something you don't want to know, refrain from spoilers. Then if you want to shout out about how great it is or spill the details post all about it on something like a blog, LiveJournal, even a Facebook note. Something that you have to click into to see and something clearly marked with spoilers. That way those who want to know can click and others won't have the details of the first episode revealed to them.

I really don't want to have to avoid the internet for 2 1/2 weeks or have anyone else have to during their wait depending on where they live. In a perfect world we would all get to watch Torchwood: Miracle Day  on the same day and time and get to talk about it with everyone but it's not a perfect world, there are delays, please respect that issue. xx

6/19/2011 12:46:24

"Gee John Barrowman looks great in a suit?" I'd rather hear how good he looks WITHOUT the suit! Lol Now THAT is one spoiler I wouldn't mind!

6/19/2011 13:17:51

AbsoBarrowlutely right Dana (& Mickie) - spoilers are difficult to void but we m Yust as we must be fair to our fellow fans in the UK. I will do my best not to.

P.s. Just saw the first trailer on Space for TW:MD. It's nothing that hasn't been seen before. But so nice to see it!

6/19/2011 23:05:48

We had the privilege of being invited to the Media Preview of ep 1 Miracle Day, by BBC Worldwide (in Oz), and attended the Melbourne screening on 9 June.

We basically had to agree to a non disclosure agreement, not to divulge the ep details until a certain date - I'm yet to discover this date though ;) And now that BBC UK are doing a fan preview, it really means our non disclosure agreement is pointless as such.

But we were willing to agree to that, because going to the Media Preview was awesome!

And there are some superb little references shoved in here and there (in MD) for all original Torchy fans - you will love it.....

I know what you mean about spoilers not being shared (on Twitter for eg), and we over on TW Australia know we have to keep our mouths shut and yet have seen ep 1 a month before the airing in the US....

Even if we get the go ahead to share the ep details before 8 July, we will be doing it in a spoilered thread on Torchwood Australia, not shouting it out on Twitter....

I've been spoiled enough (inadvertently) on there myself, and it is a tad annoying (to say the least)....

You guys are in for SUCH a treat :D

We really enjoyed ep 1, and can't wait to see it again.


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