Dana's TW4 Blog - Barrowman Day
Today was Barrowman Day. As in, the day I met John Barrowman! Wow, what a night, I'll never forget it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's the details.

I heard online that there was going to be an on location shoot for Torchwood in downtown LA, specifically at City Hall. Knowing how rare an opportunity to see John Barrowman is, living in the US, I decided I had to at least try or I would regret it.  My friends and I arrived when they were still setting up, this was around 5pm. We saw the film crew and loads of prop vans and trailers. But alas no Barrowman, nor did we glimpse Alexa Havens who we heard would be there and I am  a fan of from her soap opera days.

We DID however get friendly with a number of the folks working on the shoot a prop guy, a few security guards, some lighting technicians, everyone was very nice and didn't mind that fans were around so long as we were quiet for rolling and didn't pummel the talent. We also ran into 2 other BarrowFans and we teamed up for the night.

After the first part of filming, where we were not at an angle to SEE JB or Alexa they moved to a different part of the building. We walked to the new set up and we could plainly see the rehearsing and filming which was such a treat. We were pretty content just getting to see Jack in action but then John Barrowman went above and beyond and acknowledged us!

He was filming then he made his way towards a van and he yelled over to us that he was going to get done up and I yelled back that he looked fabulous to which he responded thank you and that he would come visit us later, bless, what a GEM of a man he is.

He was gone for quite a while actually and when he returned he went back to filming at which point we got chummy with some of the extras, one of which I gladly educated about the phenomenal John Barrowman. Needless to say I saw quite a bit of what was going on a few tidbits about the scenes and effects going into the new series BUT they specifically asked me not to take photos and I got the impression that gossip about details would be frowned upon so for now I'll keep to myself with the promise I will re-blog once the show has aired, sound fair?? I hope you understand I just don't want to step on any toes.

So, after some more filming and minutes after my jaw had a random attack of pain, maybe from smiling too much, we see John and Alexa walking towards us. Which, we were pretty far actually so as to not be in the shot. They came over and greeted us with thanks and hugs. And let me just say, John Barrowman smells 51st century for sure. He hugged me and apologized for getting me wet cause they filmed a wet scene, mind out of the gutters people! He also was kind enough to stay and chat for a few minutes. He signed papers and what we had for everyone and he did so with a Sharpie I produced from my chest, thank you *takes a bow*, best pocket EVER. He did also slip in some kind words about my chest when I produced a small piece of paper I prepared for him out of my bra. I just gave him information about Barrowman Day, you know me ALWAYS at the ready! We didn't get a picture because he wasn't allowed to while it wardrobe but he promised to next time I meet him, should I be so lucky.

So things we talked about…I checked out the coat, got to see and feel it up close and I PROMISE it is nothing to worry about still looks like our hunky Captain. I told him about Barrowman Day and all of us sharing our love for him at least once a week. And I told him about the contest we are trying to win to get $1000 for dogstrust. He was very supportive and said he would try to ReTweet our tweet about it to get the word out, then FOR SURE we would win, by the power of the BarrowFans.I also explained to him that the contest was put on by Kristin Chenoweth's charity and the entire world of everything I love collided and he said OF COURSE he knows who she is and he knows her ex Aaron Sorkin, that's just so neat.  By the way if you haven't had a chance to help us please check out this link to find out how: http://tl.gd/87v32d it's SO easy and takes 2 minutes. I also asked him about when Scott was coming out here and he said he was coming back with him after the Wales shoot in a few weeks. OH! And then he asked me to tweet all of you that I met him and really, who am I to deny Barrowman? So that's where we left off. I don't know, I cannot think of anything else, but we were there and I was scantily clad from 5pm to about 1am so I am exhausted and still freezing. And wow was it worth it, he really is as sweet and good to his fans as everyone says, what a gem. That's when we left the shoot. As I said I don't want to say too much about the filming but everything we saw and heard was amazing, I am POSITIVE Torchwood is gonna be a hit. Love you all, thanks for joining us every week and then some to share in the sheer joy that is John Barrowman.

I am posting a picture of me with the autographed item I got as it's my only proof that this ACTUALLY happened, but you all would take my word right? xx


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