38 Days left 'til Torchwood: Miracle Day and it's Tuesday. That means it's time for the Torchwood this week wrap up. Below are this weeks offerings:


'Torchwood' scoop: How Starz handles Capt. Jack's love life (Great article with quotes from John, Eve and RTD, plus a HUGE SPOILER, you've been warned - read my 40 Days blog about it)

Exclusive First Look: Captain Jack's 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Makeover (Including details of the new coat from @Trpcic)

10 Non-Spoilery Thoughts About The First Three Episodes of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' (My 43 Days blog about that)

How Torchwood plans to gross us out by going all Walking Dead (Also a SPOILER in this one)

Torchwood: Miracle Day “Not A Reboot” Says Russell T Davies
(Minor SPOILER included - From a interview in @SFXmagazine 210, out next week)

'Torchwood' creator: 'New series is US/UK clash' (SPOILERS as well, a lot of spoilers this week, some repeating each other)

SPACE Reveals New Series and Anticipated Premieres with Chockablock Summer Schedule (Torchwood Marathon)


IGN.com released 38 NEW Torchwood: Miracle Day Promo stills! (And my 44 Days blog about that - I blog a lot)

Barrowman between takes filming Miracle Day :)

A couple of pics of John from next weeks SFX magazine #210 (go buy it!) via @kerry2611(@BarrowmanDay TwitPic)


Behind-the-scenes video from Starz. US only. Non-US fans can see it on @Torchwood4Fans Facebook

For those outside the US, here's the @GoodniteBurbank segment w/ John Barrowman. (He talks about Torchwood so it counts!)

Torchwood will be included in the following magazines, so try to get them:

June Issue of The Advocate magazine.

Next issue of Doctor Who Magazine (Not sure of the issue number but it's out on 2 June in the UK, may take a week or two longer to get to the US)

SFX magazine #210 (Out next week. It's a UK magazine but it's available in select book stores in the US, Australia and more. Try Barnes and Noble or Borders)


Week 5 Highlights - So You Think You Can Dance 2011(with guest judge John Barrowman - nothing to do with Torchwood, but it's nice)


After much consideration I have decided that for blogs 32-2 (starting Monday 6th June) I am going to do a episode a day of Torchwood there are 31 episodes and I thought it would be cool to watch each of them together as we count down to Torchwood: Miracle Day. Not quite sure how the blogs will go, probably favorite moments, random rants and the like. If you're interested in watching with me and chatting about it by all means. My 1 Day left blog will be reserved for last thoughts and Tuesday's in addition to my episode blog will still include Torchwood this week wrap-ups. Hope that sounds good to all of you, I am excited to watch the whole series from start to finish for the millionth time. It'll be fun. :)

That's it for this week! If you've seen more feel free to post links in the comments below, to tweet them at us @BarrowmanDay or send us an email at BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk. As always, we're not claiming any ownership of the content. Did I miss anything? xx


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39 Days left and I'm thinking about the future. I know, it's a weird notion, that someone writing a countdown blog in anticipation of the future would be thinking about the end of that countdown.  I'm already plotting my Friday nights for the 10 weeks Torchwood: Miracle Day airs and I've already run into a scheduling conflict.

And now you're thinking, Dana, you are clearly obsessed with Torchwood what could possibly be a problem within 10 days of airing? What could potentially keep you from watching an episode as it airs? The answer is Comic-Con. I've been thinking about this and it's really a shitty situation.

Every year I go to Comic-Con because I work in comics. It's something I look forward to but this year I am concerned about that Friday night. It's weird as a Torchwood fan going I am both excited and nervous. I'm excited because I am assuming that Torchwood will have a presence at the convention. At the very least I anticipate a Starz or BBC booth with Torchwood represented in some way.  I actually think it's fair to assume we'll get a Torchwood  panel and that any number of the stars and creative team will be there. And then of course there's this:

@Team_Barrowman  Dont ask Torchwood questions as I cant answer...DUH!!! but get to Comic con if you can.... jb

John Barrowman tweeted that on March 11th. That's not as good as a promise but I think there is a good chance he'll be there. So how could I not be excited? But what about the episode? I am hoping that Starz considers this dilemma and arranges a screening of that weeks episode. Maybe I'll write Starz a letter begging for it. If that happens I have no worries but if it doesn't...

I'm going to be staying in a hotel and there is almost no chance they'll have Starz. I don't really know many people who live in San Diego and who knows if any of them have Starz. I don't want to miss this episode! I can't imagine waiting a weekend to get home and catch up. And there is NO WAY I can be anywhere near the internet without getting spoiled for that long. So here's what I'm thinking. I think we need to come up with a plan should Starz not provide us with a screening. SOMEONE LIVES IN SAN DIEGO AND HAS STARZ! And that someone really wants to invite me over Friday night! Maybe SOMEONE wants to have a Torchwood party and invite all of the fans of the show to watch? I'm accepting invitations now.

I am hoping this will all work out, even if I have to find someone with a webcam to point their camera at their TV so I can watch from my computer. I'll do it, don't underestimate how much I want to see this. Comic-Con aside I plan to watch every episode live, and like my Doctor Who nights I'll have weekly gatherings at my place with my Torchwood pals to watch.  It's just that one week...OH HELL. I AM WRONG! IT'S NOT JUST THAT ONE WEEK!! I just looked over the weeks again. WEEK 9  - falls on one of the nights of Dragon-Con!! I will be in Atlanta Georgia!! I am now planning a way to get to my friends house in Savannah...she has Starz! Jesus if Torchwood could please stop getting in it's own way! I am going to Dragon-Con to go see Gareth David-Lloyd!! Oh hell, I need a screening there too, who has a house and Starz?

I am going to try not to worry about this, but I wish the US was like the UK where they aired the shows online at the same time they aired on TV. I am so bummed, why is this so difficult?! By the way episode 5 airs the day before my birthday and HA episode 7 is on Ianto's birthday!! It's also my friend Jeremy's birthday, but more importantly Ianto's. Ok wait we need to just make a list:

Week 1 - 8 July  (No conflict, fun, can't wait)

Week 2 - 15 July (All clear)

Week 3 -  22 July (Comic-Con Grrr)

Week 4 - 29 July (No Problems)

Week 5 - 5 August (Day before my birthday, count on a Torchwood themed party)

Week 6 - 12 August (Good to watch)

Week 7 - 19 August (Ianto's birthday. And Jeremy's. But Jeremy likes Torchwood so he won't take me away. I HOPE that if Gareth does appear on this new series, it's in this episode. That would be genius. Better yet the show planned that, they are going to have it air on the day it is in the show so the show will acknowledge it's 19 August, Ianto's birthday and Jack is torn up thinking about him and then he comes back. REBORN ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Best...plan...ever. Or at least a "I miss Ianto" flashback. Sounds good, great, glad we agree. Now I want to have a Ianto birthday party for that viewing - and I will.)

Week 8 -26 August (Nothing but Torchwood)

Week 9 - 2 September (Dragon-Con - Gareth David-Lloyd will be there which is Torchwood awesome. But I hope I don't have to miss the episode for it )

Week 10 - 9 September (No one will keep me away from a TV for the finale, try and stop me.)

Of course this is all assuming we get 10 consecutive weeks and something dumb like a holiday doesn't delay things. S'pose we'll see. Oh man this is complicated eh? Planning for the future? What about you guys? Are you all set to watch (assuming the UK has the same air dates)? xx


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40 Days left and I owe you all a blog on an article. 2 days ago EW.com posted a hugely great article about Jack's love life and more, chock full of quotes from John and company. Also a huuuuuuuge spoiler for Torchwood: Miracle Day, a spoiler we'll talk about, but I'll warn you before. You've read these blogs from me before, I'll post snippets and discuss, here we go! Wait, no, read the ARTICLE first...but only if you do not fear that spoiler.

Ok now that we're all read up, or decided against reading let's continue.

...fans worried the show’s immortal bisexual hero, Captain Jack Harkness, would be portrayed differently.

Not me, but in general. This is actually an understatement. Many fans were very vocal about how the US would  water down the character, make him less slutty and more straight, if not completely straight.  Honestly I think this concern was a bit silly but I think British fans have a not quite right opinion of American TV. Not that it matters, because now we have a promise from John Barrowman that that is not the case, which you'll see in the next quote. 

“I knew they would be true to the show and not change drastically,” says star John Barrowman. “If it was watered down, I wouldn’t have done it."

Preach John! I mean really, knowing John, knowing how he cares about the character and knowing the person he is, why did anyone ever doubt he would be involved if it was all wonky? No, I've said it before and I'll say it again, in Barrowman I trust. This show is going to be amazing and I know it because John says so.

As for his character’s love life, Barrowman says Capt. Jack “gets to have full-on boy-sex a couple of times.

First of all ,oh yes, this is exciting. We're all excited, don't act like it's not hot. Also I love, love, love that John said "full on boy sex" that is so cute. Ha, oh John. So yea, I am not concerned the show will be watered down, I think it's going to be revved up if anything. And if it is less than completely...revealing...I think that will have more to do with the BBC restriction as  to what they can air, because the same show has to air on both channels. Just saying.

“The portrayal of gay, bisexual, and lesbian characters [in America] is currently way ahead of Britain,” Davies says.

This part of the article made me stop and think for a while. I think that most American's do think of the UK as being more open to homosexuality in television and movies, but I don't think Davies is wrong. The situation once I step back is this...American TV will push gay character's further and show more explicitly relationships, but British TV has more gay characters. It's more common to have gay characters but you all don't see as much. I don't think this aspect of the show will be something to worry about, as John said, full-on boy sex.

PAUSE: Hey guys, remember I said before I would warn you before the part with the spoiler? Here's me warning you, if you don't want to know, and it is something significant, don't read further.


Yet Captain Jack is – spoiler alert — suddenly mortal, putting himself at risk fighting a sea of enemies who cannot be killed.

For this I want to return us to my 74 Days blog where I discussed what the MDD (Miracle Day Dilemma) would do to Jack's FFP (Fixed Point Predicament) it goes on quite a bit about what could happen but for the sake of this the interesting bit is my thought at the end that "...maybe he doesn't heal and for the first time since that day on Satellite 5 Jack has to be careful with himself." I definitely thought this could be the way they chose to go with it.

I think it's a cool idea but I am wondering how exactly they will explain it and how he knows. How can someone tell they are mortal without dying? Maybe he just doesn't heal as he's used to and assumes, or maybe he just doesn't know and so he's worried? Or maybe, someone tells him he is? It's tough to say but I am excited by this and I think it will be really cool to see Jack deal with it. And I think he'll be back to normal (more or less) by the end of the series and have to deal with going back to being "wrong" at the end of it all.

A lot of people are considering the Face of BOE thing and assuming he has to end up immortal again. But, we don't KNOW he is for a fact the FOB and really the FOB dies at the end of the day so he IS mortal, just long lived. Maybe, just maybe, the MDD changes him fundamentally enough so that Jack is mortal, just long lived. Or maybe Jack always had an eventual end and going back to Jack's normal is still mortal one day.

“You’re going to get a lot into the history of Jack,” Barrowman teases. “You see one of his big relationships that defines a lot about who he is.*

This is the best part of the article for me. The things I love most about Jack are unraveling the mysteries of his character, of his past and his relationship with Ianto. And let's be real, that's what he's talking about. Ianto effected him and 3 days later I am now considering maybe I was wrong. Maybe We'll see Gareth back on the show after all. I don't think that Ianto will be resurrected, I wish, but I could see them doing something like a flash back, maybe even new scenes from the past we've not seen. *Fingers crossed*

“It’s faithful and careful and honest, but at the same time, it’s brand-new for a whole new audience." (RTD)

The article ends on this note from RTD about how the show will only change for the better and keep everything we love about Torchwood as is, with the obvious exception of no longer living characters, unless they resurrect. Honestly guys I just don't know what to expect anymore, the only thing I am sure of is John loves it and I will too. In Barrowman I trust.

So what do you think of the major spoiler? Do you think it's a good idea? How about the full-on boy sex? Do you feel more reassured now that John and co. are saying everything will be alright? xx


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41 Days left and I've got something on my mind. Usually that would mean a lengthy opinionated blog, but not today. Can;t talk about it but it's on my mind and while I did promise you a blog about that article today you'll have to forgive me I'll do my best to blog it tomorrow. But I did promise you a blog, everyday, for 100 days and if you've been following along you'll know sometimes I cheat a bit and post something and make just a few words. Welcome to today's blog.

This is actually something old that I did that very few people have seen. Some Torchwood related art penciled by my good friend Monty Stikkmann and inked by me. Monty you see is someone I worked with on a comic a while back who I still use as an art slave from time to time. So, that in mind, I made him draw me Ianto. Because I wanted it. It's not actually being used for anything. Except this blog, yay for a blog topic.

Now I think it's only fair to say that Monty isn't really a Torchwood fan, so he looked online for reference and of course being a guy found gun toting Ianto from Children of Earth.  Anyway, that's what you get today, hope it's a SUITable  blog replacement. You can also see this on my DeviantArt page a little bigger, which has a link to Monty's DeviantArt page, where you can say nice things to him, if you are so inclined.

Question for the blog...don't you just love Ianto? xx


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42 Days left and I kinda want to write two blogs. There was a tweet this morning that got me in the mood for one blog and then an article in the afternoon that made me want to write another. If I play my cards right I think I can link them and make them one blog. We'll see won't we.


Let's start with the tweet.  Jane Espenson who is of course one of the writers on Torchwood: Miracle Day responded to something a fan said with the following tweet:

@Jane Espenson:

@suedehead81 @pamela_c81 Yes -- I've said that all along. No Ianto in TWMD. But that relationship affected Jack in ways we make explicit.

By the way if you're not following Jane you really should, she's very Torchwood tweety and also has lots of funny/adorable things to share. A+ tweeter and person so do that.

But back to this tweet. There was a lot of discussion amongst fans recently about the possibility of Gareth David-Lloyd making an appearance in TW: MD because of a suspiciously timed visit to the states. As far as I understand, that ended up being a trip to promote his upcoming SyFy channel movie Red Faction Origins. So I was pretty convinced Ianto wouldn't make a recovery or show up in unseen flashbacks.

But what I am wondering and what I am now less worried about is whether or not his presence will be felt at all. Being that this series is meant to be new fan friendly I was concerned that Ianto's existence and death would be something left in the past and ignored.

I am not delusional and we know enough about what happens with Jack in the new series to be aware that Jack is not going to spend all his time mourning and moaning about his long lost love. In all fairness time has passed and it's fair for the character to have healed at least somewhat. I am not anticipating fresh wound Jack. But what I want and what I am happy to hear is likely to happen is for Ianto to have made an impact. For he and Jack's relationship to have mattered and his death to have affected Jack.

In my mind the ideal way this plays out, short of Ianto's resurrection, is something similar to how in Doctor Who we saw the Doctor deal with losing Rose. Even if that's different, for obvious reasons, I liked how they made it matter without having to make it the focus of the show. He didn't go on about her endlessly, he didn't make a big scene, but he had subtle moments that showed he cared. And on more than one occasion he mentioned her and we understood that not having her affected him and he did miss her.

That is all I want. I want Jack to care, I want him to have subtle moments and if he uttered the name Ianto even once, even to a stranger in a bar, it would go a long way towards respecting what Ianto meant to Jack and the fans. And to see Jane tweet that the relationship affected Jack in ways (they) make explicit is incredibly reassuring. The word explicit is in bold and caps in my mind, I think that means they actually address it to some extent. And you know, I've been a fan of Jane's for quite a while and she's yet to steer me wrong. In Jane I trust.

I am looking at this blog now and I have rambled a bit and blog part 2 is also going to be a bit of a ramble so I think I'll actually save it for tomorrow, forgive me. If you want to read the article I am going to be talking about to get ready and also because it's great you can do so here: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/05/27/torchwood-captain-jack/ BUT BE WARNED THERE IS A GIANT SPOILER so read at your own discretion or stop before the part in the article that says *SPOILER*. Then you won't be spoiled. Tomorrow I will address the spoiler but I will have a big red bold face spoiler warning and spoiler space to be safe. Don't worry.

So how do you guys feel about the Ianto thing? Do you think they should acknowledge it and move on? Should they subtly imply for fans in the know? Should Jack actually spend the whole time crying about it? xx


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43 Days left and I just read 10 Non-Spoilery Thoughts About The First Three Episodes of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'. This is one of a few accounts popping up online of episodes of TW: MD from people with press kits. I am so jealous and I am weary of what I read because I hate spoilers. But the title of this one, specifically the 'non-spoilery' bit convinced me to give it a look.

After I read it I was bothered, there was more than one moment that had me scratching my head and I realized I wanted to write this blog, in response to that blog, because I think some things need to be said. So, click the link in the first paragraph, give it a read and prepare to nod in agreement with my commentary.

Below is a point by point of my issues. The bits in red are quotes:

Torchwood famously killed off all of their boring, boring cast members over the course of the run...


Just so I am super clear. So I know I read that right and tell me if I'm hallucinating this but DID THAT JUST CALL TOSH AND OWEN BORING? In what world are Tosh and Owen boring? I have never heard Tosh be called boring. She is sweet and clever and tragic and hopelessly devoted to Owen. The character is layered and endearing and incredibly relatable. I guess that makes her boring? And Owen? Owen is not boring. I have heard criticism, a lot of people consider Owen their least favorite character because he's an ass hat and treat Tosh like crap sometimes. But I love Owen, I loved Owen before they explained what makes him so bitter and my heart broke with his once we found out. Owen is a lot of things and some people might not like him, but boring he is not. This is insanity. I don't understand.

I Hated Torchwood Seasons One and Two, But Loved Children Of Earth. Will I like this series?

I am trying. I am trying to wrap my head around this. I am trying to figure out how in an attempt to create 10 talking points, this author though that this was a question that needed to be answered? What is going on?? Anyone? Someone? Please for the love of Barrowman someone name ONE PERSON who has this concern! WHO EXACTLY hated Torchwood seasons one and two and loved Children of Earth??


Friends, fans, someone explain it to me. I've certainly heard the reverse. There are lots of people who loved seasons one and two but hated Children of Earth. Seriously, just ask around, a large group of fans think COE ruined Torchwood. I don't know who the author was talking to but he/she is in the serious minority with this opinion and making it one of the 10 points of the piece implies he/she thinks it's the popular opinion. Sorry for the he/she business the author is named Alex so I have no clue.

Seasons one and two suffered from being a too Americanized version of a British show...

I don't know where to start. This is the beginning of the answer to the question no one was asking. The entire paragraph is a mind fuck but I'm gonna take it a ridiculous thought at a time. So this first statement. How? HOW?


How is this BRITISH SHOW Americanized? And why would they do that? Torchwood  seasons one and two are British TV by British creators, made for British audiences. The US got to see it but lets be honest about the target. It was created as a spin-off of Doctor Who which is about as British as British television gets. The author goes on to explain that the seasons are trying to push boundaries like a kid sticking his hand closer and closer to a pile of mud. I don't see that at all. The only boundaries Torchwood pushed are maybe those of adult content and even that was not so extreme and I really don't see how that equates to Americanized. I call bullshit.

(In TW:MD) rather than a British series trying to be American, you’ve got an American series that takes on the earnestness of British television.

My brain hurts. I cannot argue the opposite because I have not yet seen Torchwood: Miracle Day but the premises of this statement, shown in the previous point are just unreal. Am I wrong in thinking...NO...I am not asking I am yelling


I am not wrong in thinking that it is chief amongst the concerns of British fans and American fans alike that NOW, THIS SERIES, will be Americanized because it's being co-produced by an American station, with the addition of American creative teams, American actors and aimed at gaining new American viewers. So to say, essentially, that bringing the series over to America, they finally managed to make it more British is hogwash. I am just dumbfounded by this whole line of thinking.

There’s actually way too much plot to waste time on sex scenes. No, I can’t believe I wrote that, either.

Oh, I see. They can't believe they wrote that...


Of everything that was written in that blog THAT is something the author thinks, how unbelievable!? I...don't...know...

...stellar lead performances from John Barrowman and Eve Myles.

Oh looks something that actually makes sense! A positive review for excellent actors. But you know what? After everything else I've read?


I am sorry for all the yell type loyal readers but this blog was a mess of ridiculous. I know, I am certain John and Eve will be as brilliant as always and I have faith in the new cast as well but if I'm just an average reader, reading that blog, horrified as I am by the utter insanity, I would think seriously about whether I trust this persons opinion. Oh well. I feel better having let that out. For the record though I do not have any negative feelings towards this author or wish them ill. I actually think they are a competent blogger but I could find very little to agree with as far as their opinions of the past. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and these are mine. No offense intended.

Speaking of thoughts, how about yours? What did you make of the non-spoilers? Am I reading this wrong or is my understanding of the common fan wrong? Would you like to disagree with me? xx


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44 Days left and we sure got a treat today ! IGN.com posted some gorgeous Torchwood: Miracle Day promo pics! 38 of 77 pictures in their Torchwood gallery are from TW:MD. The rest are good too.

Sitting here, I am trying to find words. Words to describe my thoughts on these pictures. That's a how a blog works really. I make words. Opinion type words. Words, words, words.

Well I posted a picture below. Just one, the awesome team shot, the rest you can see at the source. No, really, go look right now. Go look. Then come back and we'll chat...

My initial thought was, finally! We've been teased about these pictures for quite a while now and I'm glad they released them. I think the whole cast looks great.

There were a few pictures that interested me particularly. I'll break those down.

Jack and his one night stand
Great shot and I'd be lying if I said the scenes we know will follow don't excite me. As much as I love Janto and as ready as I am for Ianto to come back, Jack has needs and I needs to see where this is going. Meaningless sex? Gratuitous nudity? O.K.

Gwen and baby Anwen
This picture is hilarious. I mean, Anwen is the cutest baby ever, the cutest going to be deaf baby ever. I know she's wearing ear-muffs and props to Gwen for even considering the noise of the guns, buuuuut, I'm not sure it would be enough protection. Oh well, cute baby is cute.

Jack and his Vortex Manipulator
Jack in all his Captain Jack glory. Great picture which is particularly cool because there were some question for a while as to whether Jack would still have his Vortex Manipulator. I guess we know now for sure. Also, the blue shirt and red braces...aces.

Rhys and Gwen
This is just cute. I adore Rhys and I'm glad to see Gwen with her eye on the prize. And he is a prize.

Jack in a crowd
This picture is lovely, and downright haunting. I really don't know what to make of it but I like it and I am definitely intrigued.  I think it would make a great wallpaper. Hopefully Starz releases some of these as wallpapers.

Jack and Gwen in...an Office?
This picture is curious. First thing you notice is Gwne on the screen and it's vaguely reminiscent of  Lois from Children of Earth and the Torchwood camera contacts. Maybe they're bringing them back. After you question the obvious you look more closely and you can question the details. One thing I noticed was the circle heater in the center of the room. I think I have that heater. Other than that, I look around the room and, what the hell is that place? it looks like a messy office UNTIL you see the wooden otter statue in the bottom left corner?? Maybe it's a bear?? Either way what the hell? I just don't know what to make of this picture.

That's all I have as far as commentary. What did you think of the pictures? Do you think baby Anwen's hearing will survive? What the hell is that Otter thing?! xx


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45 Days left 'til Torchwood: Miracle Day and it's Tuesday. That means it's time for the Torchwood this week wrap up. Below are this weeks offerings:


Excited for Miracle Day? (Awesome clips of John Barrowman interview on Candian TV 'InnerSPACE' - wrote a whole 49 Days blog about it)

'Torchwood: Miracle Day' casts three more

@DWMtweets The official twitter about of Doctor Who Magazines tweeted a couple of bits of news:

Calling Torchwood fans! We're delighted to say there will be NEW pics and info about Torchwood: Miracle Day in the next DWM, out next week.

@BarrowmanDay Out on 2 June in the UK, may take a week or two longer to get to the US. (Less if you're a subscriber!)

Oh, DWM has some news about Ianto Jones in the next issue too. There. That will no doubt possibly excite some of you.

In other words GET A COPY! I am so bummed I am in the US!

Torchwood Gets a 5th Run?


This is @philfordesq paying his respects... (@scott_handcock yfrog)

This was Gary and Scott paying their respects at the Ianto memorial a little while ago. (@philfordesq Lockerz)

And I dedicate this to all my friend in the US of A!! X Love Ya!! X (@KaiKaiOwen yfrog)

John Barrowman Clipping from The Advocate Magazine
(originally posted at www.johnbarrowman.org & associated tumblr, FB & twitter accounts & is from June's Advocate)

In other words GET A COPY! Again! Yay for Torchwood in Magazines!


Excited for Miracle Day?  (I know I posted it up there, but it's an interview AND a video - imperfect categories)

Below I posted the Official Starz Torchwood Trailer. It's incredible. If you haven't seen it get clicking! The first video is from Starz Official YouTube page (and I suspect is US only). The second one is the same trailer posted by @BBC_Torchwood that can play outside the US as well (So far tested in UK and Canada).


John was on BBC Radio 5 this morning (in the US at least) on Richard Bacon's show talking about the return of Tonight's the Night, but he did mention Torchwood a bit. Also he's just entertaining as hell. For a week you can listen to it on BBC iPlayer (which by the way is not region locked, you can listen from wherever). It's also available for free download on iTunes (at least in the US, I assume UK as well).

That's it for this week! If you've seen more feel free to post links in the comments below, to tweet them at us @BarrowmanDay or send us an email at BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk. As always, we're not claiming any ownership of the content. Did I miss anything? xx


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46 Days left and today AfterElton.com posted their yearly Hot 100 list, a countdown of the 100 hottest men as voted by their readers. There's good news and bad news. The good news is, that the ever HOT John Barrowman ranked #5 in this yeas list. And really, #5 out of a hundred is quite the accomplishment! The bad news is, last year he was ranked #3. What could've caused this slide down the list, I don't really know. Someone miscounted something, clearly.

So why am I bringing this up in my Torchwood blog? Well other than the obvious fact of John Barrowman being in Torchwood there is the fact that I was just a bit bummed that John Barrowman wasn't #1. So, i thought to myself, why don't I make my own list? A list of the hottest Torchwood men and rig the results. No voting, just...John Barrowman wins! So, that's what I decided to do. Sorry to give away the ending but, yea Jack is going to win this one. Below are my Torchwood Hot 10, sure I could've gone for 100 but we would've had to get really random and then include aliens. Top 10 seemed better:

10. Gray (played by Lachlan Nieboer) - Gray made the list but juuuuuuust barely. While the family looks are definitely there you also have to take into account that he's not a particularly nice guy. Some folks like the bad boys, but killing Tosh and Owen...not sexy.

9. Dr. Owen Haper (played by Burn Gorman) - While Owen doesn't have what many people would consider classic good look, in fact a lot of people are downright mean, I think he's...cute. I think there is something endearing about his look and his character. Like Gray he lost rank on the list because he was  mean to Tosh. And I love Tosh.

8. PC Andy Davidson (played by Tom Price) - Andy. Oh Andy. Andy is adorable and Tom Price is sexy and I don't think there is anyone out there who hasn't had a moment when they realized how great Andy is. He's sweet and loyal and quirky. I like Andy.

7. Captain Jack Harkness (the real one - played by Matt Rippy) - After writing about Andy I almost feel bad about putting Jack ahead of him. Almost. But he's a pretty pretty man. And he's a brave leader and good person. He's the guy you'd want to bring home to mum. If he weren't dead.

6. Tommy Brockless (played by Anthony Lewis) - Tommy is Tosh's brave handsome hero and mine. He's, I don't know how do describe him. He's sweet like Andy, he's brave like Jack and I think physically he's a little better off than that pair. That's enough to get him number 6.

5. Rex Matheson (played by Mekhi Phifer) - I know what you're thinking. We know almost nothing about Rex. I'm gonna be honest here. I just think Mekhi Phifer is incredibly sexy. I'm willing to give him number 5 in hopes that his character is half as attractive on the inside as on the out.

4. Rhys Williams (played by Kai Owen) - Rhys is the guy you cannot help but fall in love with. Average looking but he's funny and he loves Gwen. He loves Gwen in  away every girl dreams o being loved and that makes us love him. He's a bit of a pushover at times but when he gets fired up, that's a bonus. And really would you fault him for being too supportive? I won't, he's hot.

3. Captain John Hart (played by James Marsters) - Yes. Everything about this character is sexy. The mystery of he and Jack's past, his many bad habits, and his concealed weapons. Mind out of the gutter people! He's the kind of bad boy that you can get behind. He's maybe too charming and quick and dangerous. Yup, 3 sounds just right.

2. Ianto Jones (played by Gareth David-Lloyd) - I don't, I mean, and then. I could list all the things that make Ianto sexy. I mean, he's gorgeous for starters. He's got that whit about him that is charming and alarming. He's a bit reserved but you know he's got more to him. He's clever and funny in a subtle way as well as sweet and attentive. He's more than just a tea-boy, but that cup of coffee is appealing. The suits and his willingness to take on any opponent head on. He takes care of the team, he takes care of Jack and oh my god that accent. And if we are talking just looks. I might have to give it to Gareth over John. Ok I said it, lets not talk about it again.

1. Captain Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman - who wins) - Jack wins! John Barrowman's Captain Jack is the dashing hero that you cannot help but fall in love with. Everyone he comes in contact with does and he's loved a lot of them back, if you know what I mean. He's a charmer to the extreme with enough charisma to light up the universe. He's a natural leader, brave almost to a fault and he loves his team. And while he has bedded many strangers he's actually very good at monogamy. He may flirt even accept a kiss or two but Jack was always Ianto's. He's the perfect man, he's sooooooo sexy, the body, the face the hair all of it, he's stunning. Fans all over the world have fallen for Torchwood because they fell for Jack,  Oh an then there's that coat...Jack's number 1!

That's my list. Hope you agreed with some of them. I'm sure you don't protest to my number 1. What do you think? Did I leave anyone off? Are they in the right order? What do you think makes each sexy? xx


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47 Days left and we have the first lengthy trailer courtesy of Access Hollywood. I suspect that Starz made a deal with Access Hollywood to give them exclusives as they come out. The only US interviews and footage from Torchwood: Miracle Day are aired on Starz and Access Hollywood. I really should make it a point to watch whenever it's on just in case. Anyway the latest trailer is posted below, give it a watch and then we'll discuss.

The trailer I am writing about on this blog was removed from YouTube by Starz and the official video isn't on the Access Hollywood site that I can find. I will try to find it and add it here. Until then A trailer which had the clips we saw as well as some more has been posted on YouTube BY Starz, so this will take the place.

Now about that trailer. I love it. I love that we finally have more actual scenes and enough to tell quite a bit about what the feel of the show is going to be. It does certainly feel different to the past series but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. My friend Christina (one of the founders of Barrowman Day) said that it seemed the bigger American budget changed the look of the show. Also that Torchwood on the BBC was more dark and gritty like an independent film. This was too clean. I think her point, and this is just me coming off of her comments, is that it loses a bit of the rough around the edge charm that we're used to. It's not necessarily a bad change but it's something that might take some getting used to.

The thing that stuck with me most from these clips is the scene with Esther and Jack in the fountain and all wet. First because, hello, wet Jack, who is going to object? And second because I totally saw them film that scene and I heard the splash. I saw John and Alexa soaked through and in fact that's the night I got to meet John and Alexa. Also known as the best night ever. I think this series of Torchwood will be even more exciting because of those memories.

Watching the trailers and teasers as they come up I think they are doing a good job of making it just the right amount of mysterious. I am confident this will grab new viewers and more people will fall in love with Torchwood and it's incredible cast and production team. From where I'm standing, it looks good (yea, I did quote COE, too easy).

Now that you've seen a good deal more than we've seen before are you more excited or worried? Do you like the different tone this series seems to have? Did you like that bit where John Barrowman was wet? xx


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