98 Days left until Torchwood Miracle Day and know what I've been thinking? "I really hope Jack and Gwen get together in the new series!".

HA! APRIL FOOLS!! Dear god no. Y'know I was thinking about writing a very elaborate blog with that as the content and not even claiming it as an April Fool's hoax but...no, I'm not that good of a liar.

It does bring up an interesting topic though. I had plans to write something else today however my lie has me wandering in a different direction. WARNING: I'm gonna write about plot thoughts so if for some reason you are not up to date on Torchwood and have managed to remain unspoiled, look away.

Let's talk about Jack's love life going forward. At the end of Children of Earth (COE) Jack lost Ianto, ending the only relationship we see him in during the show. Now there were certainly other flirtations, it is Jack after all, and more than one kiss throughout the series, but Ianto was the one in his bed and arguably in his heart. At the end of the day this is not about the past. Maybe another blog will be set aside for questions like "Did Jack love Ianto or was it just sex?" and "Was Ianto his second choice and does he really love Gwen?". No this is about the future aside from what we believe about the past.

So for the sake of looking forward let's assume a couple of things, as close to uncontroversial as possible. Let's assume Jack cared for Ianto, whether or not it was love, he mattered. Let's also assume Jack has feelings for Gwen but won't act on them for any number of reasons (Rhys, RTD saying he won't, etc.).  So if we can agree that he's at least a little sad Ianto died and he's not going to turn to Gwen, where do we go from here?

Here's what we know. Firstly, time has passed, so more than likely the Ianto thing won't be an issue, he'll have had time to get over it, if he was in fact ever...under it. Second, it's been confirmed that Jack will have a one night stand in the course of the new series. What does this all mean for our leading man? I think it means we'll see a bit more of Jack the cad. Not that I imagine he'll revert to the Jack we met in Doctor Who, cause he's certainly grown up since then. Instead, romance will be put on the back-burner and he'll stick to uncomplicated encounters like a one night stand. Not to mention he'll be a bit busy with a world-wide catastrophe it might slow down his social life. Or not. Or maybe there will be a new romantic interest amongst the new US characters? Only time will tell.

My question to you is this: ONLY CONCERNING JACK'S LOVE LIFE AND IN THE SPAN OF MIRACLE DAY, what do you think the future holds? If you were calling the shots how would you write it? Is there any direction you really hope it doesn't go? xx


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4/1/2011 05:54:32 pm

I hope Jack meets someone in Miracle Day. Preferably a dude... leave the het stuff for the other characters. That said, I hope he doesn't get busy with Rex, no offence to the great Mekhi P, because I STILL hate that name! Why didn't they change it??? When I hear Rex, I think dog. Specifically a cute little furball who lived next door when I was a kid.

4/2/2011 02:01:18 am

@Jack LOL!! You are funny. I think it would be lovely to see him with a fella because I would love to see a same-sex pairing with a character who is not gay and who is not defined by his sexuality. US tv has a tendency to make that a characters defining trait and that's not the real world. I also, do not love the name Rex...and Mekhi doesn't look like a Rex to me, but, there are worse things they could do to us than an award name or so.



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