93 Days left and I've gotta tell you, today was the first day I had a real hard time writing this blog. I have a giant list of topics I could write about but I'm just not feeling any of them today. And the last thing I want to do is take a good topic and give it a half-hearted write-up.

Solution: I am going to tell you a story and share with you something I wanted to anyway. Are you with me? I promise it is ultimately Barrowman and Torchwood related. I also promise that it is entirely perverted so the punchline is going to be posted by link and I am trusting you only to click fully aware of the mature content. No kiddies!

Did you know that I like John Barrowman? Well, I imagine you do if you're here. Here's some things you should accept in preparation for this story. 1- I like John Barrowman, a lot. 2 - I talk about him, constantly. 3- I miss Ianto in general and in relation to Jack. Ok? Great.

What follows is the story of my night:

I went to my local comic shop where my friend was signing comics he penned. This friend also happens to be a big Doctor Who and Torchwood fan. So it's no surprise we ended up talking about John Barrowman, but it is a bit odd how we got there. When I arrived at the shop he was working on a sketch for a customer. She requested a pink hippo which makes sense in relation to his comic, but is not important for this story.

I am really trying to remember how the conversation veered where it did, but before I knew it my friend had informed me that the pink hippo he was drawing was named Herbert, that he was John Barrowman's pet pink hippo and that he also had a lead role in Torchwood: Miracle Day, the hippo that is.

When he was done with others I asked him for a drawing, he always does a drawing for me and it's always Doctor Who or Torchwood related. In the past he's drawn me anything from a TARDIS to a post COE Ianto.  He loves to make fun of my Ianto sadness, even though deep down he misses Ianto too. When I asked him for a drawing he asked if I wanted a dismembered Ianto head. I told him he was a horrible person and that he should instead draw me John Barrowman and his pet/co-star Hebert the hippo.

Keeping in mind everything I told you and factoring in his very successful attempt to make me blush, if YOU ARE OF AGE, you can see his incredibly wrong sketch. I will mention this is all done in good humor and he's not actually a twisted horrible person. I adore him. I would describe it to you, but i'll let it speak for itself and keep the mature content the description would entail off this blog.

CLICK FOR PICTURE (mature content)

So that's that. I really don't know how to end this with a question. Hmmm here are a few: Will you ever be able to get that image out of your head? Is that funny or just beyond wrong? Should I not have posted this blog? xx

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4/6/2011 10:33:22 pm

I first clicked on the Ianto link...which was funny...Then I spotted an interesting pick of Barrowman and this was my reaction "Hahahahahahahahahahah!!! *breath* Hahahahahahahahaha!!! *breath...wipe eyes* Hahahahaha!!

I so want a copy!

AND I love the blog as much as I love you!!!!!

Mickie x

4/6/2011 10:37:56 pm


I have A - Left a comment on the flikr account and B - This image will be forever burnt on my retinas!!! Hahaha

Love you

Mickie x

4/8/2011 02:45:45 am

@Mickie - I will send you the full scan of the image if you like LOL. It was very funny. I am glad you loved the blog and you BETTER love me! I almost didn't post it, it's a bit...well you know. But as I understand from the comments on twitter it's gone over well.

p.s. I will check the flickr account and me too, I will never forget, Herbert the hippo. Love you too. xx



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