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92 days left until Torchwood is back on air! It's been a long time coming and it feels like a long time. Be honest, how may of you thought COE was going to be the end of it all?

Lucky for us Torchwood is back and no longer ends in the most depressing way ever! Well, at least not in that depressing way. If I know Torchwood we can expect a lot of tears along the way and it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume less than "they lived happily ever after" at the end of this series. Now of course, that's not all Torchwood was and will be, we'll surely have laughs along the way but, that's another blog for another day.

Today what's on my mind is that chilling tag line "Death is not an option". As we know Miracle Day is going to tell the story of a day on earth when no one dies and the days that follow without any deaths. Something is hinky and it's up to the now defunct Torchwood to figure out what. The implications such a world has for our handsome hero, Jack "the man who can't die", or stay dead rather, are truly devastating. When I read that line, accompanied by that epic image of Jack it was the first thing that crossed my mind. How does Jack, who has struggled with his immortality deal with a world where he is no longer the only one?  And again, tease that I am, I'll save that for another time. Stay with me I swear I'm going somewhere.

What if that's not what that line is about? Or at least not entirely. What if it's about something, as far as we know, Jack doesn't have to deal with...illness. I took a trip to doctor today and while I was in the waiting room I started to ponder possible blog topics, but all I kept thinking about was being at the doctor. Then I remembered reading something about MD, about the people of earth not being able to die but still getting sick and injured. From there I kept considering what exactly that would mean and I thought about that line again "Death is not an option"...it's not an option for anyone. What occurs to me is we may see a lot of sick and injured people who are suffering, zombie-like falling apart even, and don't have death as an escape. We may see emotionally troubled people, who have to go on living. What a great idea! I would've loved to sit in on the production meeting where they decided just how far to push that. The more I think about Miracle Day, about a world where no one dies, i think of all the horror that could come out of it. What I'm saying is, I bet we're in for another series of what we fans affectionately call "Torturewood". This series is going to test the limits of humanity and I reckon it'll make for some great stories. 10 episodes is not enough!

So what do you all think? What does a world without death imply for humanity? How far should they take it? Am I reading too much into this tag line? xx


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4/7/2011 11:18:57 am

WOW! I don't care if you think you were reading too much into the tagline, cause I actually had this thought to. Imagine people walking round who were supposed to die, people like Oswald or murderers killing again. Well not killing but harming; or people with bullet holes in them.

I actually cannot wait to see how this can get fixed, or how RTD can get an alien into the whole not dying aspect...

4/8/2011 12:53:56 am

Yes, I've thought about it. "Torturewood" is very apt. For example, think about people with terminal cancer. It's devastating to lose someone to that awful disease, but death is a relief after such suffering. The same thing with people affected by illnesses that cause severe dementia. Just lying in bed, can't move, can't go to the bathroom, don't recognize your own children. No quality of life. I've said myself after losing family members that I'll miss them tremendously, but I'm glad they don't have to suffer anymore.

So, actually, a world where death is not an option, is a world where there's a lot of suffering. If those who don't have a cure will just be getting sicker and sicker, just...just clinging, just this side of death. It's pretty awful... And I think MD should show it, and I think they'll do it.

But it's all very interesting, why and how is it happening? We've heard that there'll be an alien, so why would some alien race wish for the humanity not die? What do they want with us? What whatttttt? Oh roll on July!

PS. Loved the pink hippo thing, so wrong but so right!

4/8/2011 02:52:21 am

@KimiiDoodles_ - LOL murderers not killing but harming was funny! but yea I know what you mean and I'm glad I wasn't alone in my notion. I cannot wait either, I have a funny feeling everyone that was supposed to die will all suddenly die at the end when whatever is resolved. Kind of like...if a ghost possessed a person but the person kept on going after being shot, because the ghost is keeping it alive, once the ghost leaves, the person dies. Something like that, but with aliens. I wonder how or if they'll incorporate aliens, I imagine it will be something more to do with an alien device than an invading army but I suppose time will tell. Thanks for the comment.


4/8/2011 03:02:23 am

@Snowebunny - You've exactly hit on what I was saying, all the horrible diseases that effect patients and families in such dark ways, sometimes death really is an escape and to not have that would be devastating. Yes, a world without death is a world FULL of suffering. I think when people first heard the pitch they assumed everyone not dying would be everyone like Jack, but this is a lot more grim. I am sure they will show it and it will be very emotional.

I am getting more and more curious about the source and really that's the thing of the series right? Torchwood has to discover the source and fix it. I think we're in for quite an adventure. As for the alien aspect I was saying before that I think it'll more likely be something like an alien device in the wrong hands than some massive alien take-over or plot. Or maybe I'm wrong and maybe there is a good reason for the aliens to want to keep the children alive. Maybe they are like the 456 in that way, they feed on living energy so they need people alive. Only time will tell. July can not come any soon! Thanks for your comment dear.


4/9/2011 08:30:43 am

I love a good old Zombie film and I think given that people will suffer and not die it would almost be like being zombies. That prospect is scary. As you say falling apart and continully suffering.

The world wide health system would just fall apart. No hospital with it's tired an weary staff could cope. So not dying would ultimately become a curse.

Were as Jack never seems to be ill and he heals quickly. We have litrally seen Jack re-build himself after being blown apart in CoE. So though his continous life is a curse, he does heal, he doesn't live his life as a living and breathing zombie....

And great blog Dana!

Mickie xxx

4/9/2011 02:12:45 pm

@Mickie - I wonder how treatment would work, I wonder if they hospitals would just not bother treating people who can't die, or if they would try to ease peoples suffering and for that matter if the treatments would work! What if they had no effect on them?

Thanks my Mickie.



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