90 Days left 'til the beginning of Miracle Day and I'm already thinking about the end. Because I'd like to squeeze this topic for all it's worth, I'm gonna finish up my thoughts that follow the last 2 days of blogs.

For those who haven't read, in 92 Days we talked about the tag-line "Death is not an option" and the implications it had for the people of earth who are sick and injured, who have to go on living. That led to 91 Days where we pondered, the beginning of it all, the cause of the MDD (Miracle Day Dilemma) and what if any alien involvement there would be. Today's topic has to do with a little of both, the sick and injured and the miraculous effect keeping them kicking. 

So if we assume I'm right, and why not, we're gonna see some pretty miserable and beat up people. Something I previously described as zombie-like; people who if the world was right should be dead. So this has me thinking of supernatural situations, similar scenarios when someone lives beyond what should be possible. My first thought was of possession, an outside entity taking control of a body and keeping it alive past it's limits. Or maybe an seperate force that allows for the 'possessed' to retain control, something like Suzie in the episode They Keep Killing Suzie. While sustained by the power of the risen mitten (if you will) she was tethered to the living world. It wasn't until the source of her immortality was destroyed that she could be.

What this has me wondering is, what happens if and when Torchwood saves the day? Without the effect of whatever is keeping people alive will everyone just die? It seems entirely possible that a 'happy ending' for Miracle Day is millions of deaths all at once. Man that is dark. Even by Torchwood standards I think the new series has a lot of heartache in store and I am...happy. Is it bad that that makes me happy? Am I the only one who loves a good tragic story where the only possible outcomes are devastating and end of the world? I love that the resolution, even if things go as best as they can, will be a far cry from a win!

So what's your take? Is the only possible ending to Miracle Day grim? Can the team even fix this? Wouldn't it be awesome if episode 10 was called "they aAre you also hoping for another series of Torturewood? xx


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4/9/2011 10:42:58 am

One of the things I love about Torchwood is it isn't afrfaid to have a grim ending. Life isn't all full of roses, kittens and pretty endings. Life can be very dark and very grim at times and Torchwood reflects that. CoE proved that one wether people liked it or not...people die and sometimes, in order to save hundreds, thousands or even millions, some have to die...I'm going off the track lol

Sorry *slap* My point is..lol...that if your theory is right, and I don't doubt you are too far wrong from the truth, to have those who should have died continue to just live until, in what ever way it is, they are killed again I think would be ilogical and silly. Their life has, in reality, already ended. What ever it is that has caused this has kept them alive beying reality.

Jack is different...I think he is MEANT to be how he is, hence his continuous healing etc...Rose used the TARDIS Vortex to bring him back...but this...this is different, and I think that shows in the fact that poeople's injuries haven't and want heal...it ios NOT meant to be...much like poor Owen also saved by the Risen Mitten lol

I'll stop now! lol

Oh and ANOTHER excellent blog hon!!

Mickie x

4/9/2011 02:18:16 pm

@Mickie - LOL thanks and I love your lengthy responses. We seem to be thinking very similarly. And yea I considered bringing Owen into the blog but I wasn't sure exactly how to work it in. Thanks for reading. xx



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