87 Days left 'til Torchwood: Miracle Day and it's Tuesday. That means it's time for the "Torchwood this week" wrap up, below are this weeks offerings:

Torchwood finds some Space (Torchwood airing in Canada news)

Torchwood Stars, Exec Producer Discuss 'Bold' New Season

Dish Of Salt: Get Ready For The Return Of ‘Torchwood’ ( Eve Myles and Mekhi Phifer - video also posted below this blog)

Pete Townsend loves John Barrowman’s Torchwood!

Second Torchwood: Miracle Day Teaser Comes Out Guns A-Blazin'

'Torchwood' star: 'New series not toned down'

John Barrowman: 'Torchwood is bigger and better'

John Barrowman reveals he was banned from doing stunts on new series of Torchwood


Chatting with Captain Jack (John Barrowman). #Torchwood fans, you have a lot to look forward to. (@craiglmason twitpic)

For my #Torchwood tweeps, here's another pic of JB. (@craiglmason twitpic - and we got a mention)

#deadisdead What is this? Oooohh just you wait...
(via @BBC_Torchwood)

The Torchwood S4 promo poster that will rake in the viewers. (made by a fan) (@Save_IantoJones twitpic)


There is a John Barrowman interview from Cannes in the most recent issue of Hello! Magazine which hit newsstands yesterday.

If you're in the US like me,  " Torchwood: Department X and Ghost Train" are finally available in stores and on-line today. For those who may not know these are audio-exclusive adventures written my James Goss and read by Kai Owen. I'm waiting for my pre-order to come in the mail.

That's it for this week! If you've seen more feel free to post links in the comments below, to tweet them at us @BarrowmanDay or send us an email at BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk. As always, we're not claiming any ownership of the content.

Thoughts? Have we missed anything good? What do you make of that #deadisdead picture? xx


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