82 Days left and I just took a poll! I just voted "yes " on "Will you watch S4 of Torchwood if ianto does not came back?" vote too ➔ http://bit.ly/4Xu9ux

And the poll, led to a mini-twitter rant that went something like this:

@BarrowmanDay  I am just. You guys. Seriously. I love #Ianto, more than most I think, but he's NOT the only good thing about #Torchwood. BARROWMAN <3Dana

@BarrowmanDay There are so many reasons to love #Torchwood, even beyond Barrowman, it makes me sad folks don't want to give it a chance now <3Dana

@BarrowmanDay And for the record, this is gonna surprise you, I would watch #Torchwood even without Barrowman in it. There is more to it than cast! <3Dana

@BarrowmanDay PS I love John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd, please do not take my rant to mean I don't. Oh look a blog topic! <3Dana

And now we're here and I need to write this blog I've had in the back of my mind for a while because I am adequately fired up about the topic. Today I'm going to say my peace about conditional fans. Fans who say things like "I'd watch IF...Ianto came back, they killed Gwen, Jack wasn't such an ass-hat in COE" or fans that didn't like something of the past series (or all of COE) and decided that the show as a whole will always suck.Trust me, I have heard ALL of those complaints and a lot more.

*Get's on soapbox*

I LOVE TORCHWOOD!! I love so many things about Torchwood. I love the past series and I am so excited for the future. I sympathize with the fans who are displeased, who think that some decisions where the wrong ones. I am seriously one of the biggest Ianto fans you will ever come across, I miss him, but, and this is the big but of it all, he was not the only great thing about Torchwood!

Torchwood was and will continue to be the show I love not only because of the past and present cast, but because of the creative team and the general concept of the show. And everyone working on TW:MD is exceptional. If you have not seen the previous works of the writing team or the new cast members let me assure you that I have and we really are getting the best of the best. And it's fine if you don't like Torchwood, the show will evolve and things will undoubtedly change but what I'm hoping is that people will give it a chance.

I'm begging you to think of all the moments that made you love the show and admit that maybe it was more than the presence of one character. Watch the first episode with an open mind and maybe even if Torchwood isn't the same show you loved, it can be a new show you love. Take a look around, you're on the Barrowman Day website, I think it's clear how I feel about John Barrowman and a lot of you may be thinking I will stand up for anything JB does because I am biased and because I adore anything he's in. Let me be clear and honest about this point. I would watch Torchwood even if John Barrowman were no longer on it. I think Torchwood is a brilliant show and if one day Jack managed to stay dead, or inexplicably John Barrowman wanted to do something else, I would still tune in and give it a chance. I think the show could go on without any of the original cast and well after Russel T Davies leaves, as it seems he plans to do. It could also be a complete disaster, but I wouldn't and you shouldn't write it off.

The 21st century is when everything changes and Torchwood is ready.

*Get's off soapbox*

Honestly the original blog I planed was less rant and more thought out but this is where I'm at right now. I just want to say what's on my mind and hear what you have to say. Are you going to continue to watch Torchwood? If not what are your conditions? Do you think I am completely out of line to believe in the future of this show? xx


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4/17/2011 05:41:53

I am insanely excited for the new season of Torchwood. Yes, I cried bitter tears when Owen (both times) and Tosh died, but that's what happens in intense shows like TW. And yes I do wish with all my heart that they hadn't killed Ianto, because he was always my favorite, and in some ways I think it was silly of them to kill him off. But not watching it because he (or any of the other characters are dead) is like not watching Doctor Who anymore because David Tennant has left. The show is about an alien who travels through time and space, and each Doctor is fantastic in their own way. For me that's how Torchwood is. It's a show about humans trying to protect the earth, and as long as they stick to the suspense, character development (no matter who they bring in or kill off) and the overall theme of the show I will be watching.

Whew that was long! XD And you are totally not out of line, Dana. I am just happy they are continuing it!

4/17/2011 05:56:21

Hah! Conditional fan here! *waves*
I will definitely stop watching if Jack ends up permanently dead. Coz once he's gone... who's left? Gah-woman that's who. Can I just say EW? IMO, it doesn't matter how good the show is. If the people in it turn off for me, I'm not gonna torture myself week after week! Hence the no watching reality programming rule!

4/17/2011 08:14:41

*laughing hysterically* ass-hat. whoo. *wipes tears from eyes* wow. love it. You go, stand on your soapbox! LOL

I am in NO way a conditional fan. Yes, I ♥ ♥ ♥ Ianto as a character and Gareth as an actor, and while I would just keel over from sheer joy if they brought him back, it is not a deal-breaker if they don't. (I'm holding out hope for series 5, after all, it IS sci-fi, so there's wiggle room.)

I was one of many NOT happy with choices in COE, however, sometimes people have to die *ducks flying objects* for the benefit of story. I am not going to stop watching, though. I fell for the show before I fell for Ianto ;P I have yet to find an episode as a whole that I can say I don't like. Jack's general *ass-hattery* (new word for you, Dana)and Ianto dying were the only things I have ever outright hated, but it's not good writing if it doesn't get a reaction, even public outcry and shrines!

Now, Dana and I have discussed my concerns for MD being that American hands tend to mess up UK shows. There is a great team working on it and I am cautiously optimistic that MD will prove to be bigger and better than before.

As for characters, I am *impatiently* waiting to see what they have up their sleeve for Alexa, cuz I ♥ her! I liked Mekhi on Lie to Me, so we'll see what he's got!

Once again, great blog! Keeps me busy while waiting for July!!

4/17/2011 09:38:10

I agree with you on many points, I am very excited for the new season of Torchwood and I think they have some really awesome people working on it, like Jane Espenson-whom I adore from Buffy, and Bill Pullman. So I am very optimistic that they will do a good job. I was worried in the beginning because it was going to be on FOX, and I thought that was a mistake b.c I don't think they do a good job with cult shows, like firefly. But now that its a BBC and Starz collaboration I think it has great potential. Although, I was one of those who only started watching Torchwood because I loved Captain Jack (and JB) on Doctor Who and was excited to see his character come back in some shape and form, I fell in love with the other characters like Ianto, Andy, Tosh, Rhys and later seasons Owen.
I still miss Ianto and if they brought him back I would be so happy, it worked for Stargate LOL, but I don't think it will happen and I am kinda used to my fav characters being killed off on other shows. But, I do have to say that as much as I love the show and the concept of it, and I think that show is great, if Jack died I could not watch it with Gwen alone. Everyone has different feelings, but I simply don't like her character. I am watching the new season for Jack, Andy, and Rhys, plus it will be interesting to see the new cast and how they interact. Especially looking forward to scenes with Jack and Oswald, from the interviews it seems like, they will be some amazing scenes between them.

Is it July yet? LOL :)

4/18/2011 02:16:35

Me? Unconditional love.

4/28/2011 17:26:41

@CheloceanJewel - I am so glad you will be sticking with it. Yes I make that point a lot about not watching Doctor Who without David Tennant and you're right there is more to that show that just that actor, every doctor beings something wonderful. Thanks for the comment dear!


4/28/2011 17:28:46

@Jac - LOL I am not surprised that that is your opinion. I think you could like it if you gave it a chance and who knows by the time they permanently killed Jack (if ever) you may be equally attached to any of the new characters and Gwen could be dead, just saying.


4/28/2011 17:36:42

@Tammy - Thanks for the support of both my speech and the term ass hat LOL. I am glad you are sticking around, I am much the same, I would be overjoyed if they just brought him back, I miss him, but I am not conditional at all.

WHAT?! *throws object* LOL I know what you mean though, there are a lot of other great things to the show and there is a lot great to come, even factoring in the Ianto-death and ass-hattery (thanks) it is very well written and effective story telling.

Shhh I told you the "americanized" thing will be it's own topic. No spoilers!

Good that you already have warm feelings towards some of the actors, Alexa is amazing and I really think Mekhi and Bill will be brilliant. Thanks for the comment! :)


4/28/2011 17:54:46

@Sanela - thanks for the comment! Yes! Jane and Bill are amazing. I am a huge Buffy fan so trust me I get that.

The fox rumor stuff was very scary I'm glad they didn't end up there. Barrowman pulls you in and everything else makes it a favorite, I understand that all too well. I cannot argue your reasons, he's phenomenal.

Maybe one day they will play the sci-fi card and bring Ianto back. As for TW without Jack I know a lot who feel that way, don't know if Gwen could hold the show on her own, but I would at least give it a shot.

I cannot wait, I think the new characters are going to be wonderful, it's not July yet, WHY?!


4/28/2011 17:57:27

@Snowebunny - Me? Same.


4/28/2011 18:33:04

I'd watch if she's dead!


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