80 Days left and while I am glad to be closer to our goal, today also marked the loss of Elisabeth Sladen better known as Sarah Jane Smith. What a great loss to the Who-verse. I must admit I have yet to watch the old Doctor Who episodes when she was companion but I have seen her in the more recent episodes as well as select "Sarah jane Adventures" episodes. While this is certainly not the blow to me that it is to long-time fans of her work I did think she was a lovely a vibrant actress and I will miss her contribution to the fandom I am so fond of.  If you have anything to share about her please feel free to post below or join us on @BarrowmanDay where instead of Barrowman Day this week we are having Sarah Jane Day. Just fans getting together and posting lovely thoughts, videos and photos. That will be all day. John actually came online today and tweeted his thoughts about the loss. It was very hard to read that he was taking it so hard so in case you missed it here's what he said:

@Team_Barrowman  Elisabeth Sladen Matriarch of Dr Who I loved my time on the Tardis with her I am proud to have worked with such an icon of the sci fi world

@Team_Barrowman your Dr Who family are very sad and will miss you and your beautiful smile. jb

@Team_Barrowman RTD called me this morning when I woke up. jb

@Team_Barrowman She lived in my Flat in Cardiff when she was filming SJA she was a delight.

@Team_Barrowman Cant tell u how sad I am..

@Team_Barrowman wanted to let you know I got the news as a lot of you were concerned I'm off to chill I hope u understand. Will tweet this weekend in PS. jb

I think a lot of fans really appreciated John coming on and being so candid. It broke my heart to see

But that's not why we're actually here. I  owe you a Torchwood countdown blog and as it's Tuesday I'll be posting the various videos, articles and photos I have found for the week. Honestly I haven't run into much this week but here's what I have found.

This is a short interview with JB, JG & BP from French site


Setting up a shot on the set of #Torchwood:MiracleDay (@ashlanddesantos Plixi)

A day at the office. (@ashlanddesantos Plixi)

Federal agents eat lunch too. #Torchwood #MiracleDay (@ashlanddesantos Plixi)

With the amazing Eve Myles on the set of #Torchwood #MiracleDay  (@ashlanddesantos Plixi)

With the incomparable John Barrowman #CaptJack of #Torchwood (@ashlanddesantos Plixi)

Warner Brothers studio this morning (@JaneEspenson TwitPic)

And that's sort of it. I get a daily update of Torchwood news and I really didn't come across any interesting .  If you've seen more feel free to post links in the comments below, to tweet them at us @BarrowmanDay or send us an email at BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk. As always, we're not claiming any ownership of the content.

Thoughts? Have we missed anything good? Don't you love that picture of John? xx


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4/19/2011 15:50:09

This was a nice wrap tribute Dana. I still ache re Elisabeth. I could hear the pain in John's tweets. Poor lad. I had the opportunity to ask Jon Petwee about Lis, he found her great, bubbly.

It rained when I first heard about it here in Canadaland and when I told hubby it was sunny but it snowed at the same time - coincidence my hubby said - End of a Whovian Era I said - and the heavens are marking it with their own tribute.

4/28/2011 18:35:39

@Time_Hound - It was so sad reading those tweets, poor love :( It is very much the end of a whovian era and she will be missed.



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