We have 79 Days left and the last 24 hours have been exhausting. Everyone has been upset and crying, tributes and sad songs were everywhere and I think what we need now is something happy.

It's late and I am in no mood to write something serious so this is going to be a silly release and we gonna just be dumb for a bit ok?

I was trying to come up with a topic, just something chipper, so I asked twitter for suggestions. A lot of people came up with some ridiculous stuff to make me smile, but the winning topic comes from my friend Jenni. She tweeted at me simply "Red and Blue" which was in reference to a conversation we had the other day. I am trying to remember the specifics but I was claiming that Jack and Ianto together amounted to the color purple. (LOL the color purple *theatre geek*) Why? Because Jack is obviously blue and Ianto is red, so, y'know purple. The point is we were just having a bit of fun. And in the name of fun I thought today I would blog Torchwood meets Power Rangers. Taking a look at the Torchwood team of the past and the future and assigning them colors. Whether based on what they look good in, or their personality, or something arbitrary, we're giving out colors!

Jack: Jack is blue. Jack is so blue he's a smurf. He's blue because he wears a lot of blue and looks great in blue. He's blue because he is actually blue, the tragic hero he carries a lot of heartache. He's blue because blue is a masculine color and he's all man. And finally I am going to say he's blue because Billy the blue power ranger was super hot and my major crush and well....He's blue ok?

Ianto: Ianto is red. He's red because red is his color and he knows it. He's red because red can be understated and also firey. Red is a strong and warm color and Ianto is both of those things. Red is comforting and somehow red is a little bit funny. Red is Ianto through and through. Also red is hot. They are both hot ok??

Tosh:  Tosh is purple. Tosh is purple because all my favorite outfits she's worn have been purple, especially in "To The Last Man". She's purple because she looks lovely in purple and she's purple because it is cool and elegant like she is. She's purple because purple is associated with psychic energy and well, you know. She's purple because purple has a deep dark sadness that cannot always be explained.  Tosh is purple because she is grape flavored which is important for later. Go with it. She's purple.

Owen: Owen is green. Owen is sour grape green because he's a sour grape. Also since he's a green grape and Tosh is a purple grape (red really but I mean the color LOOKS purple) they are the same in some way and suited for each other. I support the mingling of grapes. Owen is a grape. Green grape.

Gwen: Gwen is white. Gwen is white because she is innocent and naive. She is white because she is represented as good and kind. Gwen is white because she can be boring or plane at times. And Gwen is white because white is all colors and she really is a bit of all over the place. Gwen is white and I am not Gwen bashing, because I made a new years resolution not to. Also, I love Eve Myles and she's white because she's Welsh and pale.

The 2 new members I am color classifying are based on virtually nothing as we really don't know.

Esther: Esther is pink. Esther is pink because she is blonde and gorgeous and I'm into stereotypes today. Esther is pink because she's Torchwood Barbie and it's her signature color. Esther is pink because pink is love and I have a feeling she has a big heart. Esther is pink because she can be soft and light, elegant or she can be vibrant and hot. Esther is pink. PS I love Alexa Havins, that's gonna be a blog one of these days.

Rex - Rex is yellow. Rex is yellow because I am running out of obvious colors and I'd hate to repeat myself. Rex is yellow because he has a smile and charm that can light up a room. Rex is yellow because he's a bit mischievous. Rex is yellow because he's a bit immature and impulsive. Rex is yellow because he's a bit like Jack before he grew up.

That's what I've got for you for today. Hope my silly departure from deep topics was welcomed and please tell me what you think of my assignments. Am I way off base? Are any of those real reasons? What are your color assignments? Does anyone want to draw the Torchwood team as Power Rangers now? xx


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Her Ferretnous

*snorts loudly*

I was rooting for Jack and Ianto at Midieval Times, but Jeff said that they weren't a color. Then you said they were purple, because of red and blue.

The end.


On top of that Torchwood-as-Power-Rangers request, I'm gonna add Torchwood/Power Rangers mashup theme song! SO over the top, it's like awful/so bad it's good anime.

So... people of the world: GO TO!


Nice blog, Dana. It made me smile. :)
I'm glad you went for Power Rangers instead of the Teletubbies. Coz Tosh as the purple one is soooooo wrong! lol
Jack's a smurf? Which one? Vanity? haha He's more like Papa Smurf without the fuzz. Maybe you can do Torchwood Smurfs one day! Is there an annoying Smurf??
Finally... Janto = purple? I LIKE! Purple is one of my favourite colours! Do you know how difficult it is to match purple shoes/boots??? Almost as difficult as finding them!


*snort* ...you're killing me! First 'ass-hat', now 'Torchwood Barbie' you're like our own little Ianto (minus some alliteration maybe)

Thanks for the much needed relief!


Hi Dana loved your blog.
Jack is also blue because of his gorgeous swimming pool blue eyes that you just get lost in. That smile and makes you smile and when he cries I do too.
Agree with Ianto being red. He looks great in red shirts.
Tosh purple yes. My favourite colour.
Owen definitely sour green.
Finally Gwen being White she can take on
any colour.


"Rex is yellow. Rex is yellow because I am running out of obvious colors and I'd hate to repeat myself." Hahahaha!! Bless Rex

For someone who couldn't be bothered to write you have put a lot of thought into this babes!! Did you know that purple if one of my favourite colours as is Blue!!

And red is a colour I NEVER wore, but do now! As is pink!

Also note that both blue AND red are primary colours! And so there for NEEDED to create other colours! As is yellow (indication of major character?)

And white is a lovely simple, but none colour to wear! Not that Gwen is simple...far from it...she is rather complex at times. Ye gods got me at it now!

Yellow...I would never wear...sorry Rex

Really great blog Dana! Love you xxxxx


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