78 Days left and I'm not feeling very wordy. There is something on my mind though and that's art. Today would have been the 40th birthday of my favorite artist Michael Turner and it's got me feeling artsy.

Not sure if you know this about me, but I weaseled my way onto this website by persuading Mickie and Chris that they needed a fan art section and I could run it. When I'm not here I spend a lot of my time working in comics which is how I convinced them I was qualified. So I thought instead of my normal wordy blog today a picture could be worth a thousand words. Here's an art offering. My friend Jeremy drew it and I inked it, cause I'm an Inker. Some of you have seen it but I never posted it on the site, so let's say this counts.

It's John as Jack, which is Torchwood related so it seemed to fit my Torchwood blog.
Since we're talking art I do want to give you all the information about our fan-art section.

If you would like to submit to our site please email your art (in jpeg format) to me at barrowmanday@yahoo.co.uk and write in the subject line 'Dana -Fan Art.' Also give us some details: The name you would like to appear on your art, the title of your piece and the year it was completed. And it doesn't even have to be good, it's just a place for fans to show they love John Barrowman and for you reading Torchwood. We'd love to post your Torchwood art but the one rule is Jack has to be in it, we're still Barrowman Day. And if the art has mature content,  we cannot put it on the site but you're welcome to submit it for our DeviantArt page.

Do any of you have art to share? Have you created or seen anything great that is Torchwood related? Is a picture worth a thousand words or was this a waste of a blog? xx


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4/22/2011 09:02:53 am

My bedroom was the proud sponsor of this drawing/inking. :D

4/22/2011 10:12:57 am

Love that picture!! Oh and HOW did you manage to miss a great pun? I first read it as "but I weeviled my way onto this website..." lol

And you are more than qualified for the jobby lol no weeviling I mean weaseling needed lol

love you

Mickie xxxx


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