76 Days left 'til Torchwood is back on my TV but 0 days left 'til the return of Doctor Who! You guys, I am, freaking out right now. It's 4:07am and I am so past tired but I cannot stop all the excitement going through me because today is Doctor Who day! I cannot imagine what I'll be like closer to Torchwood, I bet I won't sleep for a week. This can't be healthy.

Anyway about the blog, I planned to write at a bit more of a human hour but the topic was always going to be "it's Doctor Who day so let's talk cross-overs". How do we feel about Jack (and co.) appearing in Doctor Who? Or the Doctor popping up in Torchwood?  Here's where I stand. I am totally on board for Jack in Doctor Who. Why? Well obviously I am fond of Jack and so any extra screen time is a bonus, but that's not the only reason. Do you really think I am that shallow? I would love it additionally because Jack got his start on Doctor Who and his relationship with the Doctor is a core part of the character. NOT TO MENTION, the fact that Steven Moffat, the man who gave us Jack is now in charge of the show. it would just be a really cool situation and I'd hope Steven would write the episode(s) with Jack himself.

When they first announced Steven Moffat was taking over as executive producer of Doctor Who my immediate thought was "Yes! We're gonna get more Jack! He's totally going to bring Jack back!". I was so excited because why wouldn't he? He's a great character, John would never turn it down and Torchwood was off-air so it would appease some fans with Jack withdrawals! And then they started airing episodes. There was no word of whether Jack might make an appearance and honestly I was holding up hope that they were just keeping it under wraps and the reveal would come. And I remember the exact moment I realized it wasn't going to happen: John was being interviewed, I think by Access Hollywood, about his role on Desperate Housewives and since they had him, they asked him what he'd thought of the new Doctor and John said, he hadn't seen any of the episodes yet. I was so sad! Even John couldn't fake it that well.

I accepted that it wasn't going to happen that series. But I wondered why. I considered the practical reasons, maybe John had a prior commitment he couldn't get out of, maybe the Moff didn't want to have the focus taken off the new Doctor with the return of such an iconic character, or maybe he didn't think there was time to tell the story and establish the new cast. Then I started considering the impractical and ridiculous reasons, John didn't want to do it, Steven didn't want him to do it, maybe there was a single individual on earth that wouldn't jump for joy if Jack was back on Doctor Who! But no, nothing made sense to me and I simply remained bitter.

Well, sorry to say I don't really have an answer as to why Jack wasn't on series 5 but I do have something I ran into about the possibility of Jack in series 6. A recent interview that Steven Moffat gave shed some light on Jack's potential return to Doctor Who, this is what it said:

Will any of the Russell T. Davies characters, like Jack Harkness [John Barrowman], come back? There's no rule against that. People talk as if somewhere there's been some schism.

Well, you seem to have drawn a line. There isn't an intentional line at all. I do think there's a danger, if you're always harkening back. Are you saying the show used to be better?

No, just some of those characters are ones people are attached to. I mean, Jack, who I wrote in the show, I'd love to have him back. I was thinking he should really be here recently but he's busy [making the next season of the Who spinoff Torchwood for Starz].

And I mean there are references to Davies' characters—we just had a reference to Rose, in fact. In my head there is a continuing story. There's no idea that we're abandoning anything. There is an element that the Doctor moves on from people in a rather scary but inevitable way. He won't be nearby forever.

YES! HALLELUJAH! NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE! It's far from a promise, but hey at least now we know Moffat is open to the idea of bringing Jack back and I for one would LOVE to see Jack interact with the new cast. The idea of Jack and the Doctor's impossibly young regeneration, having a whore off with Amy or messing with Rory, it's all just soaked in potential stories. I want it so bad and I think we have a real shot, if not this series then next, assuming John Barrowman ever takes a break from his insane schedule to squeeze in some Who *fingers crossed*.

Then we have the idea of bringing the Doctor and/or his companions onto Torchwood. I don't think the companions are out of the question, we saw how well it worked bringing Martha in, but honestly, I don't think we need the Doctor in Torchwood. Hear me out though. I love the Doctor and I'm all for more Jack/Doctor stories but Torchwood needs to keep separate to a certain extent. I think the reason why they have not directly shown the Doctor on Torchwood before is because it needs to remain it's own show. If they bring in the Doctor it becomes about the Doctor and Jack is a character that can survive without that connection. I think that's something they had to prove and they did, Jack is enough, we don't need the Doctor coming in and stealing his thunder.

This is the part where I shut up and you come in. Do you like the idea of a Doctor Who/Torchwood cross-over? Do you think Torchwood needs to stay separate? If you were Steven Moffat what would you want to do with Jack? xx


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4/22/2011 10:19:53 pm


Just to be contradictory, I'm gonna say the Doctor needs to make LOTS of appearances in Torchwood, even if it's just to grab a cup of coffee before jumping back into the TARDIS. I'm all for crazy crossovers!!!!

4/22/2011 10:23:48 pm

Hi Dana, great blog as always.

I loved it when Martha appeared in Torchwood she was a strong character and Martha and Jack had a chemistry between them. I am not sure if bringing the new companions of the Doctor's into Torchwood would work, but I could be wrong.

On the other hand I would love to see Jack in Doctor Who and see his reaction to the Doctor's regeneration. It would (I think) also be good to have Jack in an episode of Doctor Who which also has River Song in it to see their reaction to each other.

We will have to keep our fingers crossed that Jack will appear in a future episode of Doctor Who.

4/22/2011 10:30:12 pm

Great topic Dana.

I love love crossovers of any kind, which is why I love reading insane amount of crossover fics LOL. I mean who doesn't want Torchwood/SG1? :)

I would love to see Jack on Doctor Who and vice versa. I think it should be like Buffy/Angel, great separate shows but sometimes its great to see all the characters back together again. I would love for Jack to meet 11 and to see how they react to each other, also Rory and Amy.I would also love Jack and River to meet, although in my head I think they know each other.

I really do hope it happens this season.

4/22/2011 10:52:38 pm

I totally agree with you on all accounts. I love Jack (& JB) and I would LOVE for Jack to an appearance (or 2 or 3 or more) anytime in Doctor Who. It would be so fun to watch Jack with Matt Smith's doctor. Rory & Amy would be a bit of fun too, but I think River Song & Jack would be a HOOT! Maybe they've met or maybe they haven't or maybe they haven't yet...so many possibilities there. I do think Steven will bring Jack back but NOT until he has a proper story to do it with. Steven doesn't do things by half measure & I personally wouldn't want it any other way.

As far as The Doctor visiting Torchwood? You're right - Torchwood isn't right for it (too dark even back in Series 1) & it does need to be off on it's own now. Torchwood is there to handle things when The Doctor isn't there or things that The Doctor won't get involved in...very Harriet Jones of me but there it is. The Sara Jane Adventures lends itself to a visit from The Doctor now & again, (though with the sad news this week of Lis Sladen's passing who knows what is going to happen there). I can see any of the Torchwood characters in Doctor Who or SJA, The Doctor in SJA, but not really any of the SJA characters or The Doctor in Torchwood. Martha coming to Torchwood worked because she had moved on with UNIT & Mickie could work because it's Mickie but other than that, I wouldn't want any other crossover characters in Torchwood and I LOVE crossovers.

4/25/2011 12:04:53 am

Loved reading this whilst on the bus on Saturday...

As for Jack being in Doctor Who...goes without saying! I love to see the DW version of Jack. He's more relaxed and fun lovling, less serious than he is in Torchwood. He has a wonderful freedom in DW that Jack cannot enjoy in TW because he's the leader.

I agree about the Doctor being in Torchwood, I think he'd be some what of a distraction, unless it was brief. But I don't think the Doctor does brief! lol

Saying that when he appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures he never distarcted from our Sarah Jane *sigh* how could he? She was Sarah Jane...and Jack is Jack...So maybe an appeartance in TW would be ok, just as long as it wasn't a regular thing.

But yes, I do think it's time for some JH in DW *blush*

Errrm I think I'll go now before I get in trouble by MeIanto for being rude! lol

Mickie xxx


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