74 Days left and I'm still stuck on yesterday. If you read yesterday's blog 75 Days you'll have read about my thought's concerning introducing Jack's FPP (Fixed Point Predicament) to knew viewers. This was an interesting enough topic, but  halfway through the blog I realized something I never considered before, if no one on earth can die, than neither can Jack.

I was talking about all the ways to reveal that Jack revives from death but it occurred to me that there is a pretty solid chance that Jack will also be effected my the MDD (Miracle Day Dilemma - yes I like to make up catchy names) and won't be able to die in the first place. This revelation happened and I just finished the blog stating it but now I've had time to mull it over and what it could mean. And the main point of interest, assuming Jack can't die, will be Jack's expedited healing.

About that, how about we first figure out what the deal with Jack's healing is, shall we? We know Jack is a fixed point in space and time, so, when he dies, he's brought back and is perfectly healthy. That is best shown in "Everything Changes" the very first episode, Jack is shot in the head, dies, stands up and the bullet hole heals in a matter of seconds. There seems to be some disagreement amongst fans as to the extent of his healing ability.

Now of course we know he can come back from anything, he was blown to bits in COE and he just pulled himself together and we're led to believe he can survive anything (face of BOE theories not withstanding). But here's where it get's sketchy. If you ask me, and this blog is my opinion so, let's say you are, Jack only heals any faster than others when killed. If he's not killed he has to heal like everyone else and that is not something everyone in this fandom agrees about.

A lot of people when describing Jack, for instance in fanfic, describe him as unable to get sick and unable to keep an injury or scar. I know it's just fanfic but the reason the stories are written like that is because somewhere along the way people began to see his character that way. Granted we've never seen him sick, but we've also never seen Tosh, Owen, Gwen or Ianto sick. They must all take their vitamins.  So leaving out the question of illness there is the matter of recovery from injuries. Thinking back to episodes of Torchwood I can think of the times Jack has healed immediately and it's all been from fatal blows, the gunshot in "Everything Changes" the Weevil to the neck in "Fragments". But I can also recall times when Jack has had injuries that stay around, specifically I think of Jack's busted lip in "Cyberwoman".

I think, even though it's not expressly stated, that Jack only heals at an accelerated rate when he dies. If this is true and if he can't die, he's like everyone else and he can't heal. Or I'm wrong, he does heal and people notice. Or he's not effected as everyone else is by the MDD and either he can or cannot heal as normal. Did that make sense? My point is depending on whether he can heal or not, whether he's effected by the MDD or retains the properties of his FPP can really determine how the reveal is handled. If he does heal and he's the only one, it can be something they do on the sly, he gets a cut and we don't see it later, something subtle for viewers to pick up. Or maybe he doesn't heal and for the first time since that day on Satellite 5 Jack has to be careful with himself.

A friend said something about the fact of everyone not being able to die but not being able to heal reminding them of how Owen was. A world full of Owen, that would be a mess wouldn't it? I don't have anything deep to say about that, i just thought it was a cool comparison. That's the end of my rant for the day, what do y'all think? Is Jack going to be effected by the MDD? Do you think the character can heal from any injury or does he have to die? Would you like the reveal to be very drawn out and subtle for fans in the know? xx


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*waves hand round excitedly* ooh, ooh, ooh, pick me!

Okay I can explain, I think, the 'Cyberwoman' healing discrepancy. Alright, here goes: Jack let Lisa electrocute him like, what, 3 times AND he gave Ianto a little go-go juice to wake him up, SO when Ianto nails him with the wicked right, he doesn't have enough FPP energy left to heal as rapidly. Sound plausible? If not, I got nuthin'.

And as always, your blog made me think.(that's not nice btw, it hurts...) ;p


I like your thinking Tammy and makes a lot of sense! If you look at Jack in End of Days even when he wakes up it he's not completely recovered as he is normally and that could be down to his FPP being completely sucked from him! So when he wakes up, he's still gathering up his FPP. He looks itred and drawn for a little while, like he did after he woke from being shot several times by Owen. He was drained by that too. Hmmmmm

AS I'm answering this days after it's original posting we now have the updated Starz page and on their it says that even Jack is fighting for his life...so that opens up even more speculation!

Mickie x


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