72 Days left and I'm a busy busy girl today which is why it suits me that I have a video to share to make up for the inevitable brevity of this blog. Today Starz released another Torchwood: Miracle Day teaser and it's, pretty much as amazing as the first one. If they wanted to wet our appetites for the new series, they are doing a hell of a good job. 72 DAYS! How am I going to survive it??

Enough chit-chat watch the video below...(accessible in the US only)

Now a lot folks were let down by this latest teaser and here's the skinny as to why: It's a teaser, so it's not long enough, it completely lacks Jack or Gwen or any Torchwood characters and it reveals absolutely nothing new.

All that being said there are two very good things about this teaser. First, it's a clear introduction to the premise of this series which means it's easy to pass on to people to explain the show to them. Also, there's the fact that it's a TORCHWOOD teaser. Honestly they could have released just the final bit where they flash the series title and play the Torchwood theme and I would have been happy. I just want anything. I am so ready for it to be July 8th that anything they give me is divine. I am super easy to please and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I assume I will be more critical when the actual show airs.

So what do you think? Are you excited by the new Torchwood promos or are you let down at how little they show? Do you think they should show us what we want or is it wise to keep us eager for more? xx


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4/27/2011 06:40:55 pm

Meh. You're right that this is something that explains the concept well enough to anyone that's unfamiliar, but I'm pretty underwhelmed.

It's probably just too early to show much - it's all about building up anticipation!

4/27/2011 07:45:02 pm

*Pouts* I feel cheated!

Where are all the action clips of MD? Where is the footage of our lovely John and Kai? Oh, yeah, Eve too...just kidding, people, I love Eve, she's great!

Yes, it's a teaser trailer to entice new fans, but for established fans, it's more like a torture trailer because we're scrambling for news, clips and photos ANYTHING...they give us nothing. :(

Never a TARDIS when you need one...hurry up July!

5/12/2011 01:17:56 am

Yes it has to be said that the BBC had the One-upmanship on this one with their little clip. When I saw the BBC one it really shocked me...thought we'd have to wait ages before we saw anything. You know, like a week before lol

But as you say...it is but a teaser lol

Mickie x


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