70 Days left and I've got something nice to show you. Below is a BBC Original Drama Trailer that popped up online today. I am assuming it also aired on TV in the UK, but I really don't know. The reason we care is there are some short bits of the new series of Torchwood included in it! Start at 45 seconds for Torchwood. What are you waiting for? WATCH!

Now that we've all seen it, let's discuss. What we see is, Gwen and the rocket launcher which we've seen, but we also get 3 new bits:

~Jack walking with a gun and a house exploding. Bravo! I am all for Jack clips, I don't care that it reveals nothing I am all smiles getting to see Jack back in action, as brief as it is.

~ Dichen Lachman's guest spot and an apparent disagreement with Gwen. As far as I am aware we know nothing about Dichen's character but it seems she's going to be a something of a bother to Gwen who feels the need to punch her. I think it would be cool if she played a bitch, she's a great actress with a huge range I hope they use her to her full potential.

~ A shot of a crowd in masks with candles? That is easily the most curious revelation. What the hell is going on there? I have watched it a few times now and I'm trying to make sense of it. The candles seem like a vigil but no one's dying so that makes, no sense. The sad face masks? I really can't think of a single explanation. I am thoroughly dumbfounded by that second or two clip. What? That being said, I am so excited about all the mysteries of Miracle Day everything we find out just raises more questions, this is going to be SO much fun!

So what do you think? Are you happier now that we have actual clips or do they just make you more anxious? Did you see what Jack was wearing? What could those masks possibly mean? xx


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Yeah, the mask thing is wiggin' me out! It's like friggin' Weeping Angels *shudders*

Love Gwennie "I'm Welsh" (cue wicked right)Love that the Welsh seem born with the temper and an impeccable right. *sigh* Ianto in Cyberwoman... But I digress.

Did we notice Jack sans braces?? What?? Sporting a SHORT sleeve button-down?? I hope we haven't lost he trademark 'Uniform'.

Can we get some footage of Alexa? Would it kill ya? Well, no, cuz nobody's dying... hehe.

Great Job, Dana!


Dana - Jack in the forest green polo indicates that he is undercover. He doesn't want anyone to recognize him as Capt. Jack from Torchwood.

As for Gwen - a formidable woman she turned out to be when pushed.

The masks could symbolize their deaths.


Love this preview. YAY for Captain Jack being back. I love JB with a gun :) I love his shirt in this, its nice to see him in something else, although I do love him very much in his blue shirt w/braces.
Nice to see Dichen, Loved her in dollhouse.

I love that "I'm Welsh" LOL that made me laugh.

I am confused about the mask people too, what is up with that?

More previews I see the more and more I get excited for the new season. So glad to have Captain Jack back.


It is a brilliant clip with scary masks! lol as Tammy said very wheeping angels lol

Jacks clothes...very brief moment...at first I thought, god forbid, it was a green tee! lol But it does look like a short sleeved shirt! Lets face it, he could be in a potato sack wealding his weapon...he'd still look good! lol

I love the Gwen with the right hook moment..but I must confess to not realising it was Dichen Lachman's she was thumping. I don't know her work and it was such a brief moment I hadn't realised who it was! But it does seem an indication that there could be tension between these two ladies! lol

Mickie x


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