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7 days left and we're continuing on my countdown to Miracle Day, Torchwood re-watch! I'll be watching an episode a day and blogging bits and thoughts. With any luck this is going to read like an episode guide and commentary.

NOTE: Dear blog readers. You know I love you and you know I do to writing this blog but due to a concert I have tickets to I just don't think this blog is going to be up to snuff instead of  rushing through I propose a compromise. I will post what I have of the blog. It's a complete blog outline and I will flush it out when I am home, which may or may not be by midnight. Please please forgive me, I went straight home from work and had to do the re-watch of tomorrows episode and now I have to leave. Here you go.

SPOILER WARNING FOR THIS EPISODE There is some rather big stuff, if you haven't seen it, maybe wait to read this blog.

Episode: Exit Wounds (Series 3 Episode 13)

Written By: Chris Chibnall

Original Air Date: 4 April 2008

Sentence Sum-Up: John Hart  and Jack's brother Grey wage ware on Cardiff and Torchwood.

Notable New Characters:

Gray (Lachlan Nieboer) - Jack's brother. Jack lost him in an alien attack on his home colony and has been looking for him since. John finds him and Gray is looking for revenge against Jack for letting him be lost.

Favorite Quote:

Jack: "Now we carry on."
Gwen: "I don't think I can. Not after this."
Jack: "You can. We all can. The end is where we start from."

Never Noticed:

John had Jack not only hanging but dangling. "Suddenly you're anti-bondage?" The question and the position Jack is in is a nod to "The Year That Never Was". Clever Chris.

It's so obvious on re-watch that John doesn't want to hurt Jack and he's trying to warn him. James is so good at being subtle.

Jack's #003 in the Morgue. I wonder if there is any significance in that number.

Gwen and Jack are sobbing over Tosh's body while Ianto hangs to the side, bracing himself on the medical tray. Somehow even more sad seeing him like that than their obvious displays of emotion.

WTF Moments:

I understand killing Jack to restrain him, but why did John have to do it with such flair?

Ianto and Tosh battle the reapers. What? I mean it was awesome, but, WHAT?!

Simply the chloroform conundrum. So much to say, stay tuned.

Random Rants:

King of the Weevils, best thing ever.

Ha! Ianto takes out the Weevils then aims for John! "If we don't find him I'll kill you, very slowly" Angry Ianto is amazing. Especially when he gets protective.

jack's dramatic entrance when he returns from the past. Knocking. Drums in the deep.  Jack always was one for the theatrical. Like John. There's a lot of John in Jack. *resisting next sentence*

I love the explanation of Naoko's appearance in Doctor Who, I totally thought FanFic made that up. Re-watching is good.

Impossible not to cry! You feel like part of the team and like you've lost a team member. How does Torchwood do that to you!?

MVC (Most Valuable Character):

Owen. If for no other reason than he's King of the Weevils and he stopped a nuclear meltdown from destroying the city. Kind of a big win.

MVA (Most Valuable Actor):

Naoko Mori. She killed it.

Episode Grade:

Near perfection. Minus the shenanigans of the chloroform conundrum. Also, not a favorite or very re-watchable, mostly because it's sad. It's can't get the plus, because it's not happy enough! It's a blog, my opinion.Chris Chibnall stop being so talented. Why didn't her write for Children of Earth or Miracle Day again?

Tomorrow's Episode: Day One (Series 3, Episode 1). We actually already did the live-tweet of that cause of my sticky schedule today. The blog for it will be there tomorrow, which is later today in the UK. Time differences are all very confusing.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my run down. What did you all think of this episode? Did you notice anything new? What grade would you give it? xx


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